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Imagination is a girl's best friend

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Five reasons one irls imagination will give four guys the time of their lives. this is just an intro

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A seventeen year old high school student who gets fair grades. Grades good enough to keep her on the track team. Track there’s something she more than fair at running away from it all, all her problems that is. Weather it’s her parents fighting or her teachers complaining over her grades telling her she’s not working up to her full potential. Track is the best and easiest thing for her to do. Or should I say for me to do. Hello my is Aleeza Grant and that seventeen year old high school student who doesn’t seem to enjoy anything in life but track is me. I’m about five eleven and I have long straight jet black hair. I have plain old blue eyes nothing special. And since I run track I have a pretty toned body flat tummy tight bum but no chest to save my life. But I have killer legs. Anyway when I said the only thing in the world I enjoyed was track I was not being entirely sincere there is another thing that I’m great at doing and love to do that is use my imagination I must say I do get carried away with it sometimes or should I say it carries me away. And it usually starts like this.
I come home from school no ones home no big surprise there no one is ever home. Oh well this gives me time to take a hot bath and get lost in my imagination. Oh the places I’ll go and the people I’ll meet and best of all the mischief I’ll cause. While I’m gathering all the things I’ll need for my hot relaxing bath I notice my panic at the disco cd and I immediately know the who, what, when, where and why of my imagination induced dream I invite you to come along but be warned my imagination has no boundaries and knows no limits. So buckle up and hold on tight. As I dive in to this hot bath filled with way too many bubbles I embark on a dream that is starring Who you ask none other than those fine talented young lads of panic at the disco and of course me. But I’m not me I’m not Aleeza Grant anymore. I’m Victoria Oceans. I’m five seven dark brown hair big brown eyes I’m the complete opposite of Aleeza I’m really good in school and I sort of suck at sports. What will you and the boys of panic be doing you ask just hanging and having fun. No music will be involved. Just hanging out like friends. Where is all this going to take place you ask a little bit of every where? Any place you think of as fun that’s where you’ll find me and the boys. When is all this suppose to be taking place you ask well the boy have just got done touring and before they get started recording the new album they want to spend some time with an old friend. Me or should I say Victoria. She means a lot to them. Well Why panic at the disco is the last question I’m sure your asking your self’s. Who doesn’t want a little panic in there life? Now that you know the who what when where and why I hope you are ready cause here goes…
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