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King Drama

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Jon is prone to over reacting but it's all in good fun. Vic goes to pick up Jon.

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A/N-I am merely a fan of Panic At The Disco’s music. I know close to nothing about their personal lives. Because I’m not interested. For me it’s all about the music. So as you read you will find some things are incorrect, but this is MY story from MY imagination and things will go MY way. And this is nothing but figments of MY imagination and no I do not own Panic At The Disco blah, blah, blah, bubble gum and gumdrops you know the drill.
I’m sitting on the middle step resting my back against the top step while spinning the blue basketball Jon gave me right before he stepped on the bus to leave for the band’s first headlining tour. I remember it as if it was yesterday. Jon begins to step on the bus but then turns around tosses me the ball and says “hey practice you need it.” Before I could respond with some smart ass remake the door had closed and they were off. Well that was then about a year ago and this is now. I heard the door open and a high pitched voice say “well then be safe” with out look up or breaking my concentration I knew that voice it had to be Mary Walker. Jon’s mom and a complete sweetheart. I heard the door slam but before I could turn around to greet Jon properly the ball was grabbed from my hands.

JON-Too slow

VIC-Oh yeah. I attempt to slap the ball out of Jon’s hands but I miss.

JON-Yeah like I said too slow. But that’s ok (grabs me into a one arm hug seeing as he still has the ball.) Jonnyboy has love for the slow. I mean look who my friends are.(both break out in laughter he then throws me the ball) But I must admit you’ve got some great balancing skills. Now if only you could incorporate some of that onto the court. I’d have so real completion. Oh well some people have it (points to himself) and some don’t (mixes together a fake cough and my name).

VIC-Oh shut it.

JON-What I can’t help it I need a cough drop or a hard candy I have this little tickle in my throat?

VIC-You're such a drama queen. Come on we got to get the others.

JON-Then we’re off to the home of Sir innocent but deadly. (we toss the ball back and forth as we walk down the street.)

Can you guess who sir innocent but deadly is.
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