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Info of Future

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Ch. 13
Info of Future
Flowers were set on a grave, Rachel Ann Martin (Summers)
Billy stood up from the tombstone, tears running down his cheeks, “I love you mom. I know you wanted better for me. But I wanted better for you.”
Hilary walked up next to him, “Let’s go dear.” She said grabbing his arm gently
Billy looked at her, “You know I need to see my mom every week.” He looked down and put his hands together, “Rest in peace mother, forever and for always, will I love you.” He looked up at the tombstone
 Hilary looked down at the stone, “I’m really sorry about your mother Billy.”
Billy smiled at her, “Now that I’m married to you Hilary, everything is patching itself up.” He smiled
Hilary smiled and kissed his cheek, “And I will always love you.”
He turned and kissed her on the lips
She returned it wrapping her arms around his neck
“Ok guys! Don’t need a make out scene on your mothers grave sight.”
Billy looked over smiling, “Joel stay out of it.”
Joel stood there smiling, Hannah stood by him. They stood by a black car, Joel had on black sunglasses
Benji started up the hill to Hilary and Billy, “No he’s right. You will be damned to hell if you decide to make out there.” He stopped and held his hand out
Tiffany grabbed his hands, “High heels anyways!” She smiled
Hannah smiled, “Well, lets see sis, you are married, I’m married, and Tiffany is married. So far I don’t see anything wrong with our lives you know.”
Hilary smiled, “If there was anything wrong,” She looked at Billy, “I would kill myself for not having you.”
Billy smiled, “But isn’t the boy supposed to be Super-Man?” He asked
Hilary smiled, “You’re still thinking about that after eight years?” She said laughing, “If it wasn’t for meeting Joel and Benji, we wouldn’t have met their brother and then their brother wouldn’t have found the pages, then you would’ve been in trouble.”
“Ah yes, the Madden’s saved the day.” Billy smiled at Benji and Joel
Benji shrugged, “What else! We are professionals!” He smiled
Joel laughed, “Yeah, real pros!”
Hannah hugged Joel, “Hilary is right. If it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t have done any of this.”
Tiffany giggled, “I’m just here for the ride!”
Hilary smiled, “You just sat back and watched Tiffany!”
Tiffany nodded, “Why would I want to be killed?”
Benji shook his head, “Don’t worry Tiffy, you were all I needed.”
“Aw! Babe, that is so sweet!” She hugged him
Joel looked at Billy, “Ready to go on tour dude?”
Billy smiled, “Depends!” He looked around, “Hilary?”
Hilary looked at him, “Yes?”
“Where’s Brianna?”
Hilary looked around, “Brianna! Come here honey!”
A five year old little girl ran up holding a stuffed bear. She had curly blonde hair with dark blue eyes, like Billy’s eyes, and she was cute. She wore a little baby blue dress with a baby blue flower in her hair. She smiled up at Hilary, “Yes mommy?”
Hilary bent down, “You want to see your Grandma Martin?” She asked
Brianna looked at the grave. She looked at Billy
Billy walked up, “Come here.” He picked her up and walked over to the stone, bending down he smiled, “This is your grandma. She died.”
“By a very mean person.”
“Who is that?”
“He’s nobody.”
“Oh… hi grandma.” She said waving to the stone
Billy kissed her cheek and stood up, “She loves you. And she is very proud of you.”
“She is?”
“Does she watch over me?”
“All the time. She watches over all of us.”
“I bet she misses us.”
“I know she misses us”
Brianna fell quiet
“I love you Brianna.”
“I love you to daddy.” She hugged him
He hugged her
Joel smiled and got into his car, “Come on guys. We better head off. Good Charlotte heads of tomorrow.”
Benji sighed and got on his black motorcycle, “I’m not ready to go Joel.” He smiled
Joel looked back at him, “To bad.”
Billy opened the back door of his black Dodge Viper, and put Brianna in, “Buckle up sweet heart.”
“Ok daddy!” She pulled the seat belt around her and buckled up
Hilary slide into the passengers side
Hannah got into Joel’s car and Tiffany put on her helmet and got on Benji’s bike
Billy got into the drivers side and started the car and looked out his window, “Hey guys!”
They looked at him
Billy smiled, “See you at the finish line!” He got back into the car and stomped on the gas and took off
Joel and Benji speed behind him as they started down the road back to Waldorf
Five years ago Billy ended up living with his Aunt Kelsey and his cousin Nicole, or Nikki. Lucky for Billy his Aunt lived in Waldorf. Hilary and Billy ended up confessing love and went out. Benji and Tiffany ended up hooked and Joel and Hannah ended up together, Josh Madden stayed back in Baltimore. Joel, Benji, and Billy gathered up a band with two others, Paul Thomas and Chris Wilson, and formed Good Charlotte. After Billy and Hilary turned 21, Hilary broke the news to Billy that she was  pregnant with their daughter Brianna May Martin. When Hilary and Billy were 21, Billy popped the question and Hilary and Billy ended up getting married on October 7th  2004. Joel and Benji plan to ask Tiffany and Hannah at the same time. Both asked Hannah and Tiffany and are engaged to this day, planning on getting married November 18th 2005. Brianna was born on July 24th 2005. They have all been having a good life, Billy slowly being cured of his fathers tortures and his mothers death. But he will recover and he will be the best father and husband to Hilary and Brianna forever.
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