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Chapter 28

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-Holly- R&R Pleease? x

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-Holly’s POV-

GAH! Something was up between Evie and Brendon, and it wasn’t good! She’s staying on bus FOB! She’d stay with Brendon if something wasn’t up. I decided to get the skinny.

What’s up with Evie and Bren? She won’t tell me anything! –Hollz

Idk, Bren won’t talk 2 any1. –Ry

Gah! U work on Bren, I’ll work on Evie, and we’ll compare notes at the hotel? –Hollz

It’s a mission. Insert spy music here. –Ry.

I snapped my phone shut and sat down on the couch next to Patrick before my phone buzzed again.

Miss you already. : ( -Billvy

Aw, I miss you 2. –Hollz

So, I’m thinking about something… -Billvy

Texting me? –Hollz

What those kisses earlier were leading too…-Billvy

Okay, it’s a little early for that.-Hollz

No it’s not. Never is.-Billvy

Oh yes it is, when I’m sitting next to Trick. –Hollz


I laughed and shut my phone, slipping it back into my pocket and leaning on Patrick.

“Hey Holly-bear.” He said, putting his arm around me. “Did you miss your big brother?”

“Yesh.” I said. “You smell better than you did when you had a van.”

“Thanks.” Patrick said. “I need to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“First: Pete. You need to at least act civil to him. I don’t want any animosity on this bus. You know how I get.” I nodded. “Secondly: Evie. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. I’m going to work on it.” I said. “Speaking of which, where is Pete?”

“Bunks.” Patrick said. “Trying to get some sleep. Evie?”

“Back lounge.” I said, sitting up. “I’m going to talk to her later.” Patrick nodded and flipped on the TV as my phone buzzed.

Not working. Bren won’t talk. –Ry

Neither will Evie. I have a plan. I’ll tell you @ the hotel. –Hollz

Kay. –Ry

I kicked back, and stretched out, earning a laugh from Patrick.

“Why does everyone laugh when I stretch?!” I asked.

“Because it’s funny, and Bill probably just laughs because he gets aroused.” Pete said, coming from the bunks. I rolled my eyes.

“Pete, you’re a dick. Case closed.” I spat as he tried to sit next to me. “I’m going to check on Evie, I’ll be back.” I stood up and went through the door to the bunks. I made mine up, sticking pictures of Bill and the guys and a bunch of other stuff up, my stuffed Kangaroo from Michael, and my blankets and pillows. I changed into purple pyjama pants, and a tank top, slipping into Bill’s hoodie. His scent overcame me and I fell fast asleep.

“Holly, wake up.” I heard a voice say as the curtain on my bunk was pulled back.

“Mmm.” I said. “No.”

“Mhmm, yes!” Patrick said, pulling me out of my bunk and lifting me up.

“No moving.” I said, still partially asleep. “Bill can do it.”

“No, Bill’s not here. It’s just us and Panic, right now.” Patrick said.

“Is something wrong with her?” I heard someone, I think Jon ask.

“Nah, she’s half-asleep. It’ll take forever to wake her up, only Bill can do that immediately.” I heard him scoff and I pinched his shoulder. “Oww! Don’t do that.”

“Don’t make fun of me and Bill.” I mumbled. He adjusted me in his arms and then shook me a bit. “What?”

“Come on, we’re going into the hotel, and I’m not carrying you all the way up the stairs, nor in the elevator.”

“Fine!” I wiggled and he let me down. “Evie!” I called.

“I’m right here babe.” She said, I was still a bit hazy from sleep.

“Oh, yes, are we rooming together?” I asked.

“Seeming as there’s no one else I’d rather room with, yes.” She laughed.

“I need coffee.” I muttered, putting my hands in my hoodie pocket. I felt my sidekick and flipped it open, reading three texts from Bill.

1. ‘I love you and miss you, and am writing a song about you :)’
2. ‘are you sleeping? I’m sorry!!’And…..
3. ‘should I dry-clean my socks? I mean, I know they're socks, but they kinda smell…’

I smiled and shook my head, texting him back as we all walked inside.

I love and miss you too, and the song thing makes me giddy. Definite points. Yes I was sleeping, but you didn’t bug me. And no, don’t dry-clean your socks. That’s a waste of money. Have your mom wash them.’ I sent it and stuffed it and my hands back in my pocket.

“Here are your room keys.” Patrick said, handing Evie and I the cards. “Have a good sleep.”

“Meh.” I stuck out my tongue as he walked away, and spotted Ryan a few feet away. “I’ll be right back.” I pocketed my key card and went over to him, and gently pulled him away from the group.

“Hey.” He said. “Brendon’s being an ass.”

“Evie’s being the silent, strong type.” I agreed. “But I have an idea. We’re locking them in.”

“What?” He asked confused.

“Excuse is, we’re going to the pool, bring Brendon, tell him something about hot girls in bikinis, I don’t know. Meet us at our room, and I’ll let you two in, and then you and I will leave and stay outside the door until they talk.” He nodded.

“Okay.” He smiled. “Let’s do this!” We walked back over to the group with our secret plans. I linked arms with Evie and we stepped into an elevator, going to our floor with our bags, which mine, she had packed. I noticed she had the bags I gave her and smiled.

“Did you look?”

“No, actually, I’m terrified of what I’m going to find.” She said honestly.

“Nothing bad!” I insisted. “Trust me, okay? I know how to shop; who do you think dressed Bill?” She laughed and shook her head. We exited the elevator and went down the hall, counting numbers on doors until we got ours. I unlocked it and opened the door, flipping on the light.

“Ugh! I’m so tired!” I whined, collapsing onto one of the beds. Evie laughed and put her bags down, sitting on the edge of her bed. “Let’s go swimming!”

“Shouldn’t we get settled in?” Evie asked.

“By the time it takes me to put my waterproof make-up on, everyone else will be ready!” I said, opening my bag and pulling out the bikini. Ahh, yes, Bill obviously helped me pack. It was purple, and both our favourites. Mine for the colour and fit, his for the fit and lack of material. I shook my head and went in the bathroom and changed, washed my face and did my waterproof make-up.

I left the bathroom and let Evie in and texted Ryan while I waited. They were just down the hall. I waited impatiently for the knock, and Evie was just coming out of the bathroom when they did finally knock. I jumped up and slid past her, opening the door to Ryan’s smiling face and Brendon’s slightly moody one.

“Hey guys!” I said naturally. “Just hang on a minute; I have to grab a thing or two. I pulled on some short-shorts and tank top. I slipped my phone into the pocket of my shorts and nodded to Ryan, who slightly pushed Brendon in as I moved to the door.

“Sorry, can I use the bathroom for a minute? I’ve got the bladder of an old geezer!” Ryan said, and Evie and Brendon were pushed more into the room. Once we were comfortable with the distance they were from the door, we ran out, slamming it shut and holding the handle with all our might.

Let us out!” Evie shouted, pounding on the door.

“No! Not until you two talk!” Ryan said.

“Trust us babe, we know what’s good for you two!” I said. It took a few more minutes for the struggling to cease and Ryan and I sat back against the door. They didn’t talk for a while, so Ryan and I started to get to know each other.

“So, you’re boyfriend’s band is really cool.” Ryan said, smiling. “And they’re all tall!”

“Well, thanks, first of all, and I guess, yeah, they’re really tall.” I giggled softly. We were keeping our voices down so we could hear if they started talking. While we waited, we began talking about music, and different types, what we could achieve if we became a band and played the didgeridoo and a bagpipe. Finally we heard whispers from behind the door and we quieted down and listened in. We couldn’t hear anything so we decided to sneak away and go down to the pool.

I could see why Evie and Ryan were so close. He was really nice, and sweet, and genuine. We went to the pool, were everyone else was. Patrick got up and stood by me.

“Hey, are you swimming or not?” He asked curiously. “Cause I know how you feel about Jon and what happened and I’m assuming Bill only packed your purple bikini…”

“I’m fine. I’ve been around people in my bikini that I don’t exactly care for.” I shrugged. “Just stay by me, okay? I’m not swimming for a while, but I’m getting out of these cotton clothes.” I fanned myself with my hand in the humid pool air. He nodded and sat in the lounge chair next to mine. I pulled off my shorts and tank top and sat down on the chair, settling back, waiting for Evie and Brendon, just chilling. I snapped a quick picture and sent it to Bill. Within seconds I got a text reply along with a picture.

baby, don’t tease!’ and a perfect ‘stunned’ face. I smiled and shook my head, texting him back. Sometimes we did that. Had picture fights over our phones. He’d send one, then I’d send one in a reply to his face, and they got funny, fast! Pete plopped down on the chair next to me.

“Hey, looking good.” He said. I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks.” I said monotone.

“Listen, I need your help.” He said in a lowered voice. I sat up and looked at him. Pete Wentz needed my help? Pete “I’m-the-best-fucking-thing-out-there” Wentz.

“What with?” I asked warily.

“Listen, Clandestine is doing a clothing ad, and we need a model. You’re the only model-worthy girl I can find last minute.” He sighed. I shook my head.

“Really Pete?” I asked. “That’s so flattering, next why don’t you tell me I’m anorexic?” I spat, relaxing in my chair.

“Please Holly?” I looked at him and saw he really needed my help.

“Fine!” I said. “But first, I’m talking it over with Bill, Patrick, and I want details, no skimping, omitting, or lying!”

“Done! Thank you so much Holly!” He tried to hug me, but I glared and he backed away, going around my chair and into the pool with Joe and a few others. The door to the pool opened and Evie and Brendon walked in, hand in hand. I smiled giddily.

“Are you two back together?!” I asked when they sat down. Evie blushed and nodded.

“Yay!!” I said. “RYYYYYYYYYYAN!!!!!!!!” I called. He hoisted himself from the pool and walked over.

“They back together?” He asked. I nodded and he smiled brightly. “PARTY!” He grabbed all three of us and dragged us to the pool. We all held hands and counted to three before jumping into the deep part like the fools were are.

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