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The Prisoner

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All about a prisioner at an alternate ending of the Rebellion, it can relate to two different characters and it is up for you to decide who it is. It has been Revamped, Revised and Renamed

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I have sat in this cell for so long, unable to count the days as no light reaches here.

I no longer notice the damp and cold for I have been imprisoned here for so long.

I sit quietly in the darkness awaiting my fate, they should come for me soon.

I hear footsteps, they are coming.

I once tried to destroy them but now they shall destroy me, it is ironic that I shall fall at their feet as I have tried to make them do so many times before.

The door opens and they step in, I slowly stand hoping that by co-operating I shall not be treated roughly.

They watch me suspicious a why I am co-operating so I put my hands behind my head to show my submission to them.

They roughly grab me by my shoulders and push me forward, showing that they are in control and I am powerless to do anything.

They escort me to a large door way and stop me just before I reach the light, one of them uses a radio to contact their leader.

After they contact him I am savagely pushed forward into the bright light, the sudden light blinds me and I stumble falling to my knees.

My escorts grab me under my arms and pull me to my feet, it takes awhile for my eyes to adjust and even then I can not see clearly.

An arena is packed with people who are my judge and jury, the trial is over quick and my fate is sealed in one word.


Others that were on my side were allowed to live but not me, I am the one who poses the most threat out of my whole side.

I am put up against wall and tied to a metal ring that is attached to it, I look to those that shall carry out my sentence and hope that their aim won't be poor.

My prayer of them having good aim was answered ,one shot and it was over.
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