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left alone

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So what are the lives of the characters of narnia after they come back. Seen from the view of my favorite character.

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Disclaimer:This story is mearly fiction and I do not own any origanal narnian characters that C.S. Lewis wrote about. I do not wish to ruin the name of Narnia but instead put my ideas of what happen to certian characters.

"As she peered up into his brown eyes, she could feel a tear fall onto her cheek.
Feeling a sense of regret she slowly backed away from the young man then turned towards her family.
Suddenly feeling a rushing impolse she looked back then ran to the boy giving him a slight kiss on the lips which soon turned into a tight imbrase.
Her face went pale and here emotions couldnt be more out in the open. She then knew it was time and agian stepped back her hand still in his. She looked into his eyes one last time then joined her siblings up to the open arch way tree."

"Oh child I do wish you wouldnt talk such nonsense while you are with me" said a bitter old woman to her granddaughter.

The old woman sat in a big brown chair in the middle of her small living room which went right along with her cramped little apartment in the heart of london. Her only grandchild sat at the foot of the chair twisting the hair of her doll around her tiny fingers.

"but grandmama they are such lovely stories. with adventure and wit and romance. I wish the stories were real" proclaimed the girl.

"Oh do you. Im sure if the stories were real wich they are not it would be a far to dangerous world to live in now wouldnt it? With all the witches and animals and such" the old woman snickerd as she pat the top of her granddaughters head.
But at that moment she looked quickly over to her small bookshelf were a blue box sat on the fourth shelf.

A small frown came upon the womans face as memories rushed back to her. she made a small sharp painful sound.

"Grandma is every thing all right" the little girl speadily stood up and turned to her grandmother.

"Oh yes dear im fine sorry if i startled you" she answered when suddenly at the door there came a load...

BANG! on the door. The old woman startled stood up rather fast, for a woman of her age. The noise came agian as the woman stood looking down the hall at the large brown door. The woman's mind went back in her memory almost fifty-five year earlier when a loud knock came from behind her door in her house in Finchley.

"GRANDMA! do you want me to answer the door" came the little girl with the sound of banging going on behind her. The woman suddenly shook her head as if to get rid of a bug, then noded slwly to her granddaughter.

The girl slowly walked down the hall to were the front door stood. As she reached for the handle another loud bang burst.
She slowly grabbed the nob and turned it. Pulling the door towards her she heard a slight sigh then a foot step behind it. Then the silliowet of a tall woman appeard from behind the door.

"MUM!" sang the little girl.

"hello dear did you behave for grandma?" said the woman as she gave the grl a big hug.
"Oh yes mum we had lots of fun didnt we grandma" she answered as the two walked back into the living room were the old woman still stood thinking.

"Yes lots of fun" the woman said as she looked up into the tall womans eyes.
"honey why dont you go get all your things together. Im sure grandma would like to have her house to her self for a while" the woman said as she patted her daughter off.
"thanks for watching her mum. I hope she wasnt a bother" and she gave the old woman a kiss on her old wrinkled cheek. but as she did the old woman whispered into her ear "please ive told you not to tell her those stupid stories i use to tell you and your brother".

" But mum you used to love.." the woman started as she was interupted.
"please for me i dont want to here those stories" and that was all she had to say about that as she sat back down into her big brown chair.
the little girl came running into the room with all her things and rushed up to her grandmother gave her a big hug then walked back to the front door with her mother.

"good bye grandma" and she stepped out the door.
"Good bye... Lucy" said the old woman.

Tell me what you think and i'll keep writing.(sry for all the typos and mess ups)
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