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My Chemical Romance, The Used and Avenged Sevenfold. I'm not very good at summary's, you'll see...

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Chapter 1

“I don’t belong here. We gotta move on dear. Escape from this afterlife. ‘Cause this time I’m right to move on and on. Far away from here,” I sang in the shower. It was one of my favorite songs of all time. It was called “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold (my brother Zacky’s band). Great band. I kept singing as each bead of warm water sprayed out onto my naked body. I just got finished washing my body with soap and was about to get out when my little brother came pounding on the door yelling, “Sky, hurry up! Damn you take forever!” I’m Skylar not Sky. I’m a girl with a boys name. Well a boys nickname. I have two other brothers. One whose name is Frank, my older brother, and Zacky my smaller brother. They both are in bands and never pay much attention to me. I’m the only girl in a man’s household. My mother died when I was five in a car accident.
Then I heard my dad scream, “Zacky, there will be no fowl mouth in my house!” My dad never liked us to use any bad language around him or to anybody for that matter. Even though he used bad language all the time.
“Fine, I’m coming calm your ass!” I yelled back at my brother turning off the shower and grabbing a clean towel from the closet in the corner of the bathroom.
I dried off my face with it and then wrapped it around my body. It was Wednesday morning and the last week of school till winter break and my dad didn’t want us to be late again. I forgot my clothes in my room so I would have to go out half naked. So I opened the door only to find my brother standing at the door waiting for me to get out. “Gosh.” He scoffed.
“Shut up.” I elbowed him in the stomach. “Just hurry up and we won’t be late for school again. Like we were last time.” He made a face at me, I just ignored his childish personality and walked into my room. My bed was pushed up against the corner in my room and the sheets were tossed on the floor with no care. The window was above my bed and open for the cool air of New Jersey. It was winter and it was fucking cold outside. But I loved it anyway. The floor was covered in clothes and notes for my brother’s music class.
He played the guitar and so did my brother Zacky. But Frank likes to show me what he can do. And I always like to hear.
You could only see parts of my floor but I managed to tip toe without getting anything wet. I walked over to my closet and opened the door. I looked around to find something good to wear, but I had barely anything to wear so I just grabbed a pair of skinny jeans that lay on the floor at my feet and a hot pink tee that said in black letters ‘Frankie Says To Relax’ and on the back ‘Don’t Do It’. I thought it was cute because my big brother’s name was Frank and I call him Frankie. He liked it too but Zacky was jealous. He wanted a shirt that said his name on it. But the tee is a band tee. A band from the 80’s. Frankie says relax, don’t do it.
“Hurry up Sky!” Frank shouted from downstairs. I immediately grabbed my black high top converse and a pair of clean socks from my drawer and put them on my bear feet, put on my black hoodie, picked up my backpack and brushed my hair as fast as I could. It was short but I still took care of it. I had no time to blow-dry my hair but who really cared. I threw my brush on the floor and went out the door. I ran through the hall the shower was still on but I ignored it. “Hurry up or I’m leaving without you Sky!” Frank yelled once again.
“Wait!” I screamed back running down the stairs trying not to fall on my face. I finally got to the bottom of the stairs to see Frank waiting for me.
“Hurry up.” He groaned. I wiped my hair off my face and we went out the door

I hopped into his Mustang and placed my bottom in the passengers seat. Then Frank got in and started the car. “I see you didn’t have time to put on your eyeliner or anything.” He commented.
“No.” I giggled. And he took his right hand off the steering wheel and unzipped his backpack. He stuck his hand in and fumbled around pulling out his black eyeliner.
“Here use mine.” He handed it to me.
“Okay.” I took it and pulled the visor down and opened up the mirror. I placed it on and gave it back to him. “Thanks!” I said.
“No problem dude.” He said back at me taking it from my hand and shoving it back in his backpack. Then we pulled up to our high school. Belleville High. “Hey, why aren’t you in your uniform?” Frank said finally noticing that I did in fact did not have my school uniform on for school. He did though. He looked like such a dork in it.
“Oh I forgot it at my friends house and he is bringing it to me today.” I explained. And it was the truth. I never lied to Frank. Just to Zacky and my dad. But never to Frank.
“Oh okay.” He said sarcastically.
“What?” I questioned his sarcastic response.
“I know you’re lying to me.” He informed me.
“I never lied to you Frank. You have to believe me dude. You’re my big brother and I would never lie to you.” I smiled at what he said. “Only to Zacky.” I grinned wider. “He’s an ass.” I giggled.
“Well he can be but you don’t know him like I do, even though he is your brother. He is actually pretty cool.” He said standing up for Zacky.
“But my question is, do you believe me?” I asked still wanting to know.
“Yes, I believe you.” He laughed.
“Good, ’cause it’s true.” I smiled at him. Then we pulled up in a parking spot I had pointed out for Frank. He parked his car and we both got out. “God, I hate school.” I said to Frank who was locking the car doors.
“C’mon it’s not that bad if you have lots of friends.” He reassured me.
“Which I don’t have.” I responded in a large sigh.
“Sure you do, there’s Kyla and……” He said trying to think of another name of my friends he knew. “Yeah you’re right, you’re a loser.” he laughed at me.
“Shut up.” I hit him with my hand in his stomach.
“Look me and the boys are going to Gerard’s house to practice and it would mean a lot to me and the band if you came and told us what you think about our new song we wrote. And help us with all the tech stuff that you’re good at. So will you come?” He asked me putting his arm around me and making his cute puppy dog face. How could I say no to that? His lips were pursed out and his eyes wide. Awww…he was so cute.
“Fine I’ll go. And where is Gerard’s house?” I asked not sure ’cause I really didn’t know where he lived. But there was a secret crush on his younger brother by me. He was hot. Wait, what am I saying? He was more than hot, he was gorgeous hot. Like flaming hot. HOT CHEETOH HOT!!! I’ve never been to his house for anything. But the only thing wrong was that he never noticed me. EVER! But he was already taken. By non other than Brittany. She was such a slut. She always ended up cheating on all her boyfriends and they eventually found out for themselves. She was a nasty bitch. If she didn’t like you she would start up a nasty rumor about you. Last time she started a rumor that I was pregnant just because she didn’t get the lab partner she wanted I did. Oh, how much I hate her. And of course she was popular. Every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to fuck her. But not my Frankie. He never really went for the popular type. Mostly the ones who sit in the back of the class and are all quiet. I found it a little weird but it’s all good. And he kinda liked them a little nerdy. I found that weird too but I got use to it. I got use to his nerdy dates come over and have dinner with us, the big glasses, braces and all that fun stuff.
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