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The Desert Song

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"Hey, here is your uniform." My best guy friend Bert...

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Chapter 2

“Hey, here is your uniform.” My best guy friend Bert said jogging to me from behind me and handing the nerdy school uniform over my shoulder. I was slightly embarrassed ’cause Frank was still holding me.
“Who is this?” Frank asked suspicious. He looked over at Bert. He had the stupid uniform on with his tie hanging loosely from his collar. His hair messy as usual.
“Uh, Frank this is Bert my friend.” I said as innocent as possibly.
“Can I talk to you privately Sky?” Frank asked pulling me away from Bert’s sight and to the entrance of the school.
“Who is he? And tell me the truth.” He demanded.
“He is my friend. Gosh Frank. I thought you trusted me? I wouldn’t lie to you. We just discussed this. I told you.” I answered not lying.
“Then tell me why he gave you your clothes and not Kyla?” He asked.
“’Cause.” I only managed to say.
“’Cause why?” He asked intensely grabbing my arm and squeezing it tight. I looked over at Bert in the parking lot waiting next to the car. “Look at me! Tell me why.” He demanded once again this time shaking me harshly.
“I went over to his house after school to finish our project in science we had together. And we were drinking coffee and I spilt it on my uniform so he said I could borrow some of his clothes. And when I left I forgot them on the couch. And he called me and told me that he would wash them and give them back to me at school.” I explained. I wasn’t lying. I swear. Then suddenly I remembered.

I had a mug of hot coffee in my hands. It had just been made and I was waiting it to cool off. We were pasting pictures on our poster board on DNA for science. Pictures of the double helix in various colors. Then the cup cooled down a bit and I placed my lips to the rim of the mug and slowly tipped it toward me. Feeling the warm coffee wet my top lip, then I opened my mouth to swallow the warm sensation. After me and Bert were finished with the poster we just talked about my brothers and their bands and him and his band. It was called The Used. They were good as well. Then he tried to touch my hair while I was drinking my coffee but he moved too fast and his arm collided with the bottom of my coffee mug and the coffee from within sprayed up in my face and I was surprised that I dropped my mug onto my lap. The coffee spilling onto my school uniform. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry Sky.” Bert apologized to me.
“It’s okay Bert. It was an accident and accidents happen. Don’t sweat it.” I reassured him. Then he got up and grabbed a towel from the hall closet. Running over to help clean up the mess.

End of Flashback

“You swear?” He questioned.
“I fucking swear. I’m telling you the damn truth. Pinkie swear.” I answered and held out my pinkie for him to return to make the swear. He returned it, of course. It was our little secret.
“I believe you, but next time tell me, okay?” He asked.
“Yeah I will. Can you let me go now?” I asked a little embarrassed ’cause people were beginning to stare.
“Oh yeah, right.” He said removing his grip on me and clearing his throat. “So, do you like him?” He asked smiling.
“No. Hell no!” I shook my vigorously.
“Okay. I’m just asking. I’m your big brother you know I have to protect you from a-holes and things like that. That’s my part to play.” He laughed and hugged me pushing me back to the car toward Bert.
When we finally got to the car I said, “So, Bert thanks for washing and brining my clothes for me.”
“No problem.” He shrugged.
“Okay Sky get to class before you’re late. You too Bert.” Frank told us.
“It was nice to meet you Frank.” Bert said extending his hand and so did Frank and they shook hands firmly. Honestly, if Frank shook my hand like that he would have ripped it off by now.
“Same here Bert.” He replied with a grin. “Okay you guys get to class.” Frank said to us before he walked away toward the entrance where I saw Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob standing at the curb waiting for Frank. They were all in the band and constantly hung out together. They all basically had every class together. The only class I had with them was math and science with Mikey, art with Gerard, PE and history with Ray and language arts with Bob.
“So, let’s follow your brothers perfect example and get to class.” Bert nudged me that broke my stare at them.
“Yeah, let’s.” I nodded in agreement and we both started walking toward the school prepared for another day at the most shittiest school ever.
A few moments later.
“Hey guys!” Kyla ran up from behind me and Bert nearly jumping over us as we walked in the crowded halls outside the school.
“What the hell Kyla?” I asked giggling a little.
“So, are you ready to enter hell?” She asked deepening her voice like a guy.
“I’m never ready.” I sighed. Bert and Kyla just smiled and laughed.
“Hey, Sky, why aren’t you wearing your uniform?” Kyla asked.
“I forgot to put in on this morning so I brought it so I could change in the bathroom.” I lied.
“Oh, okay.” She said grabbing a hold of my backpack and pulling me into the girls bathroom. “Hurry up and change before you get detention.” She demanded pushing me into a stall.
“Okay, gosh kill me why don’t you.” I whined.
“Just hurry the hell up.” She demanded raising her voice a little.
So I did as she said ’cause if I didn’t and got another detention my dad would ground me forever and I wouldn’t see Bert or Kyla or Mikey. He treated the boys like gods and me like shit ’cause I was the only girl.
I finished and packed my other clothes in my backpack struggling to zip but managed to cram it all in. I fixed my tie and tucked in my shirt and put on the hideous blue blazer. I came out and Kyla picking at her nails which irritated the shit out of me.
“Okay, let’s go.” I said fixing my skirt from the top.
“Finally. You take forever.” She said rolling her eyes.
We exited the girls room to find Bert waiting leaning against the wall and Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Bob and Ray sitting on a table. Ray playing his electric guitar and Frank on his acoustic guitar. Bob giving them a beat on the table with his drum sticks and Mikey playing his bass, and Gerard adding vocals. They were good even without the amps and wires.
Then I saw Frank spot me and yelled, “Sky, come over and tell us what you think!”
I shrugged and walked over to them telling Bert and Kyla that I would meet them at my locker in 20 or more, 20 tops; promise. I finally got to the guys and Frank said, “Guys, this is my little sis Skylar or Sky for short. Sky this is My Chemical Romance. Gerard, the best singer in the whole fucking world,” and he pointed to a handsome guy with short black and heavy eyeliner. “And Bob, the awesomest drummer in the universe,” he said pointing over to a guy with gold blonde hair in a small mohawk. “Ray, the best fucking lead guitarist ever,” he smiled pointing to a guy with crazy bushy hair. “And Mikey, the most outstanding bassist in the world.” he said pointing at devilishly gorgeous man. He was so hot. He had rectangular glasses and flat brown hair. I already knew their names ’cause Frank would go on talking about them and their new songs they wrote. I really didn’t know what they looked like but I imagined. They all waved and grinned at me as Frank introduced them. Except for Mikey. He outstretched his arm and shook my hand violently. It felt like my arm was, at any, moment about to fall off. “So, tell us what you think, okay?” Frank told me as he nodded to them to play.
“This is called The Desert Song.” Gerard said clearing his throat getting ready to sing.
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