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"Show off." He whispered.

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Chapter 4

Fourth Period: Math
“Okay class I need you students to open your math books to warm-up 8.1 on page 101 and get started.” Ms. George instructed sitting down at her desk grading papers as we came in.
I sat next to Mikey in math which was not good right now. Then he whispered, “Take it back.”
“Oh my god,” I moaned. “Just let it go already.” I whispered back.
“No, I won’t let it go.” He whispered to me.
“I’m trying to work and get good grades so I can keep my dad off my ass okay, so shut up.” I whispered back trying to do my work and ignore Mikey.
“Fine, but you’re still not forgiven.” He said looking up from his paper for a second to glance at me.
“Oh my god.” I groaned to myself.
Everything was quiet till Ms. George said, “Okay class let’s review the warm-up. Okay number one, who has an answer?” She asked looking around the room for hands to call on. “Anyone?” She continued to look around. “I know you guys all did your warm-up’s and that everyone has an answer. So someone raise their hand and tell me the answer or I’m randomly calling on people.” She informed us trying to push us to raise our hands. I know it wasn’t working though. I just sat there looking around to see if anyone would raise there hand. I looked up back at the teacher only to see her looking at Mikey who was drawing this robot thing on his paper. “Mikey, how about you? What did you get for number one?” She asked. I saw his eyes shoot up in surprise.
“Um..” He said looking at her. Then he looked back down at his paper. He hadn’t done any of the problems in the book. “What was number one again?” He asked stupidly. The book was right in front of him, he couldn’t look at it?
“It was the principal is 5,000, the rate is 9% and the time is 2 years find the interest.” She read from the book.
“Uhh….” He just stared blankly into space.
“Mikey why don’t you come and do it on the board?” She suggested.
Then I raised my hand. “Yes Sky?” She asked.
“Can I do it?” I asked. I was saving Mikey’s ass of embarrassment.
“Sure you can.” She handed me the chalk as I got up from my seat. Mikey just sat their shocked. I went up and started to write something on the board. I=5,000 x 0.09 x 2. “Why don’t you explain Sky?” She demanded.
“Um, okay. I stands for interest, 5,000 is the principal, the 9% turned into a decimal, 0.9, stands for the rate and the 2 is for time. The formula is I=PxRxT. So if you are trying to find the interest this is the equation to use. So times 5,000, 0.09 and 2 and you’ll get your answer. And now solve it, it’s 900 dollars.” I wrote on the board big and bold.
“Great.” She complimented me with a small applaud. “Finally someone who knows what they are doing. Did you all copy that down students.” She instructed. Then everyone took out their notebooks and copied it down. “Thank you Sky. That was today’s lesson for so now that we got the formula let’s do problem two and three and we will move on to your assignment.” She spoke walking around. I went to go back and sit down and I saw Mikey’s face and he was still shocked.
“Show off.” He whispered.
“Hey, Bert,” I said catching up to him tapping him on the shoulder on our way to lunch. “I’m sorry for not showing up at my locker.” I apologized. “It’s just Frank wanted me to hear his band’s song and see what I think about it.” I explained.
“Oh, it’s okay. I understand.” He said with much understanding to my situation.
“Okay. Thank you. So, where’s Kyla?” I asked looking around hoping to find her in the sea of people.
“Oh, she was going back to her locker ’cause she forgot her sack lunch.” He explained.
“Oh.” I sighed slightly.
“So, where are we gonna sit?” He asked looking around the cafeteria. Then I heard a voice call, “Sky!” I turned around to see who it was. It was Gerard. He was sitting at a table in the corner with Ray and Bob. Frank and Mikey weren’t their yet. They must be getting their lunches still.
“Oh hey!” I yelled back. Then he waved his hand to come and sit with them. “C’mon.” I nudged Bert and walked over to the table. “Hey, what’s up?” I asked taking a seat next to Gerard and with Bert sitting next to me.
“Nothing much.” Gerard shrugged. Then he glanced at Bert and asked, “Who’s that?”
“Oh. This is Bert, Bert this is Gerard.” I introduced them.
“Hi.” Gerard greeted leaning over me to shake Bert’s hand.
“Nice to meet you.” Bert smiled. After they greeted each other Bert blurted out, “So, I hear you’re in a band.”
“Oh yeah. We’re okay I guess.” Gerard shrugged like he wasn’t proud of it.
“Cool.” Bert said opening his tuna casserole and picking at it. “I’m in a band too.” He bobbed his head.
“Really?” Gerard questioned. “So, what is your guys’ name?” He asked very curious.
“Oh. We’re called ’The Used’.” He said triumphantly. “What’s your band called?” He asked.
“My Chemical Romance.” He said a little nervous of what Bert might say.
“That’s a nice name. At least it’s better than ’The Used’.” Bert quoted as he came to The Used. “So, what do you play?” He asked.
“Oh, I don’t play anything. I’m lead vocals.” Gerard said plainly.
“Really?” Bert looked surprised. “Me too.” Bert pointed at himself.
“Wow. Many similarities.” Gerard looked shocked as he took a bit of his cheeseburger. It was awkward for me just sitting there in between them listening to their conversation. Then Mikey came to the table. Oh, great. Just what I needed.
“Hey guys.” He said smiling and waving with his lunch tray in the other hand. Then once he saw me his smile faded. “Oh, you’re here.” He said with much anger. I could see his jaw tighten.
“Yeah, she’s here and if you have a problem with it you can just go.” Gerard said before I could say anything.
“No. I have no problem.” He shook his head and took a seat across from me. “So, are we still going to have practice after school?” He asked. So fake.
“Hell yeah we are.” Frank smiled approaching Mikey from behind. Mikey pushed his glasses more up the bridge of his nose and turned back to see Frank.
“Cool man.” Ray smiled also coming up from behind Mikey.
“What?” Bob asked also coming to the table. We all laughed. “What?” Bob begged to be in what was going on.
“Nothing Bob.” I laughed. “Sit down guys.” I suggested to Frank, Ray, and Bob who were still standing holding their trays in their hands and laughing. Still. And they took a seat next to Mikey.
A few minutes later I finished my lunch and so did Gerard, Bert, Ray and Frank. Then I remembered Kyla. I wondered where she was. She was suppose to meet us at the lunch table, but she wasn’t even in the cafeteria. Where the hell was she? I looked around to see if I could see her but Mikey’s big head was in the way. “What the hell is wrong with you Sky?” Mikey asked noticing me trying to look over his head.
“Oh, nothing. I’m fine. I’m totally cool.” I shook my head. “Why would anything be wrong?” I asked him. He just looked at me like I was a freak or something. He shook his head and whispered something to himself but I couldn’t make it out. I kept on looking, but she was nowhere in sight. I nudged Bert who was talking to Frank about bands and music they had in common.
“What?” He asked a little annoyed.
“Where is Kyla? She was suppose to meet us and I can’t find her anywhere.” I explained still searching around for her.
“I don’t know.” He said and shrugged innocently.
“I’m gonna go and look for her.” I said getting up. I was about to walk and go look for her, but then Bert grabbed me and said, “You can’t. You’ll get caught. You know we can’t just walk around freely in the hall without a pass.”
“Fine. But I’m gonna look for her after.” I said taking my seat again.
“Yeah, but you can’t be late to class.” He informed me turning back to Frank. I sighed. Why didn’t she show? Where was she? She never missed lunch. Then the bell rang. Time for fifth period.
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