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"I'm not taking it back."

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Chapter 3

We hold our hearts, the sword and the faith. Swelled up from the rain, clouds move like a wraith. Well after all, we’ll lie another day. And through it all we’ll find some other way to carry on through cartilage and fluid. And did you come to stare, or wash away the blood? Well tonight, well tonight, will it ever come? Spend the rest of your days rockin’ out just for the dead. Well tonight, will it ever come? I can see you awake anytime, in my head. Did we all fall down? Did we all fall down? Did we all fall down? Did we all fall down? From the lights to the pavement. From the van to the floor. From the earth to morgue. Morgue, morgue, morgue. Well tonight, well tonight, will it ever come? Spend the rest of your days rockin’ out just for the dead. Well tonight, will it ever come? I can see you awake anytime, in my head. All fall down. Well after all…

I was shocked at what I just heard. An angels voice singing a holy hymn. A small slice of heaven rested in my ears and in my mind. So ugly in the most beautiful way. His scratchy voice filled the song out very nice. Every crack in his voice was used wisely. Someone insane would not love this song. Then my thoughts were cut off by Frank’s voice asking, “So, what did you think Sky?” I heard him but did not pay any ounce of attention to his annoying voice. “Hello? Sky?” Frank said waving his huge hand in my face.
“What?” I asked plainly. I saw everyone looking at me and laughing.
“Hello? What did you think?” He repeated.
“Oh, it’s was awesome. Like a slice of sweet heaven was placed in your ears and mind. So pure.” I replied.
“Really?” Gerard asked in disbelief.
“Yeah. I’ve heard many of your songs Frank recorded it’s like:
Every note Gerard sings.
Every beat Bob plays.
Every solo Ray has puts his heart into.
Every note Mikey hits.
Every rhythm that came out of Frank’s guitar.
Can save the lives of thousands who didn’t think they could make it.”
I said so dramatically. They all just dropped their jaws to the floor and they just nodded in agreement.
“So, what does that mean?” Ray asked.
“What?” Gerard asked in disbelief that Ray didn’t know what it meant. “What the hell do you mean what does it mean? It means that were gooder than good.” Gerard a little yelled at him.
“God Ray.” Frank scoffed. An then everyone looked back and hit him whispering something to themselves.
“Wait, that is what it means right?” Gerard asked concerned. Then everyone snapped back at me. Their eyes all on me waiting for an answer.
“Of course it does. With your music you guys can do anything. That’s how strong your lyrics are guys.” I said reassuring them completely. They all looked around at each other and grinned from ear to ear. I know now they felt confident. I could see it in their eyes.
“So, we are good?” Mikey asked still wondering.
“Yes Mikey.” I giggled. Then he laughed. His laugh was so cute. Right now I just want to kiss him but I can’t. It’s too public. And he already has a girlfriend. Too bad for me. I never get what I want. And when I almost do something always gets in the way.
Me and Mikey just stared into each others eyes for a few seconds and the guys were just staring at us. Something right there clicked into place. At that very moment. Frank just stared at Mikey then me back and forth trying to figure out why we were staring at one another. “Hello, peoples?” Gerard waved his hand in between our eye contact with one another.
“Huh?” We both asked Gerard at the same time shaking our heads.
“Are you guys okay?” Ray asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said realizing what just happened.
“You Mikes?” Gerard asked looking at him then everyone looked over in his direction putting him on the spot.
“Uh…psh, yeah.” He responded acting like nothing happened. Then the bell rang which startled me and the guys.
“Okay guys let’s go. And you should get going too Sky. Or else you’ll be late for class again and get another detention and you know dad hates when you are late.” He informed me with a worried face. He knew what dad did to me when he found out I was late to school or class. He locked me in my room and didn’t let me eat dinner that night. But that was nothing major to worry too much about. I was kind of use to it. He sometimes would ground me but that’s all.
I sighed, “Fine. See ya guys.” I waved goodbye and went off to my locker to meet Bert and Kyla and get my books. But on my way Mikey caught up to me and asked, “Are you coming to our house later today to watch us play?”
“Yeah, why?” I asked confused. Why did he even care?
“I’m just asking. I didn’t know if you were or not.” He shrugged. Then his girlfriend came up and interrupted us.
“Hey babe. What are you doing?” She asked. Her name was Brittany or Britt for short. She was wearing the school uniform slutty style. The skirt was pulled up to her mid thy and they are suppose to be knee length. Her shirt is unbuttoned from the top a few holes showing some cleavage. She wore tights with high pumps; she wore a button on her blazer saying angel with a halo on top of the word. Her hair was put down and flat ironed. In her hair were small pink bows. And she wore too much make-up for her age. And too much glitter. She looked like a brand new Barbie doll. I wanted to vomit all over her every time I saw her. Gross!
“Oh just talking to a friend. Sky this is Brittany my girlfriend. Brittany this is Sky my friends little sis.” He explained to her wrapping his arm around her waist. “Brittany is my little angel!” He squealed like a girl.
“Wow, it’s hard to find angels in hell.” I said putting out my hand for her to shake which she didn’t. I found that a little offensive. In Japan the people bow to show honor and respect, and if you don’t it’s a sign of disrespect. And in America it’s like not shaking someone’s hand.
Then she said, “I would shake your hand but I just got a manicure.” And she held up her hand to her face facing her nails towards me. French tip, of course.
“Oh.” I nodded in agreement.
“So, have you heard Mikey’s band? They are awesome.” She asked hugging him tight to her body.
“Yeah I have. They are good.” I nodded.
“I’m just wondering, what did you mean when you said it’s hard to find angels in hell?” She asked waiting anxious for an answer.
“Well Mikey says you’re an angel and this is hell.” I explained.
“Oh. Was that a compliment?” She asked in confusion to what it meant.
“Yeah. You could say that.” I shrugged. Then there was an awkward silence. “Well, I better get going. I can’t be late for class.” I waved bye walking to my locker.
“Okay, see ya Sky!” Mikey yelled back waving to me as I walked to my locker.
Once I reached only a few feet away from my locker neither Bert nor Kyla was there. But Mikey stood there waiting for me. “What the hell?” I asked myself. I didn’t stop just kept on walking to my locker in confusion and surprise. When I finally reached my locker I asked him, “What are you doing here?”
“I didn’t buy your answer on Britt’s question when she asked what ‘it’s hard to find angels in hell’ and that you said I thought she was an angel and this was hell.” He said to me leaning against my locker.
“That’s what you came here for?” I asked shocked at why he came.
“Yeah. I think what you said was fake.” He stated his opinion.
“Yeah. Can you move from my locker?” I asked pushing him lightly with my hand.
“Oh right.” He remembered and moved off to the side.
“So, you think the answer I gave was fake?” I asked again just to be sure that’s why he came here.
“Yeah. Then she asked you if it was a compliment and you just said ’yeah you could say that’.” He imitated my voice in the best possibly way.
“Oh yeah, you see what I really meant was that it’s not hard to find bitches in hell.” I said. I opened my locker wide almost hitting him in his face, but he caught it. He moved it and all I could see was his jaw drop and hear him scoff. And then I looked at him and his jaw was still dropped to the floor and his nose was cringed. He looked funny. I just laughed at his shocked face.
“Take that back.” He demanded.
“Damn, you’re pushy.” I said sarcastically.
“Just take it back and I will forgive you.” He tried to compromised with me.
“I’m not taking it back and I wasn’t asking you for forgiveness.” I explained. “So, just deal with it.” Then his face returned to shock. He just stormed off. He looked kind of gay if you asked me. The bell rang again and I got to class on time.
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