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Show No Mercy

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Frank and Gerard go for the first kill.

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"C' mon, Gerard. I think he turned this corner." Frank Iero whispered as we crept stealthily down the alleyway, tight on the trail of our next victim, Brendon Urie.

I stayed silent, but followed my friend. My knife was ready and unsheathed, prepared to attack if anyone dared to come near me.

I saw him across the street, my quick eyes following his every move. He had just parked a car a little ways off from a nearby coffee shop, where I guessed he was going.

As Urie exited his vehicle, I looked to Frank. "Stay here in case I need back up. And don't come to my aid unless I signal for help, or I don't return within the next hour." I ordered.

Frank nodded. That was one of his best qualities: patience.

I proceded to quickly walking across the street, taking on the appearance of a rushed civilian simply getting a coffee before work. When I reached the other side I looked back at Frank; He was standing ready to come to my aid if I needed him. I was sure that I wouldn't though. Brendon Urie was a very weak individual, easily frightened and easy to kill.

I continued my journey in a business-like walk, following my victim as he turned into the said coffee shop. Tucking my knife away in an inside pocket in my coat, I walked in and stood casually, assuming a different identity of a casual customer as I waited for Urie to sit with his order at one of the nearby tables. He was soon sitting with some kind of coffee and I pulled a worried face as I approached him, a plan already in my head.

"Excuse me, sir." I said, easily pulling off my facade as a concerned and helpful citizen. "Would you happen to own a silver car a little ways off?"

Urie nodded in confusion. "Yes, why?"

"I passed by on my way here and someone seems to have had a good time with some spray paint, using your car as a canvas."

Brendon gasped. "In my car?!"

"Yes, sir. I'll show you if you follow me." I was grinning manically on the inside, but faking sympathy on the outside. Oh, how my plan was working!

Urie was infuriated now. "Show me..." was all he could manage out of his anger.

Abandoning his coffee, Urie followed me outside and we began walking down the unusually empty street. I began to pull out my knife as I looked across the street and saw Frank. I pointed to myself, then to Urie, finishing my signal with a few hand gestures that signaled to Frank that I was about to finish the job. Understanding, Frank nodded in return.

As Urie and I passed an alleyway, I turned into it, grabbed my victim by his throat, and slammed him against the brick wall. One of my hands covered his mouth as he tried to scream; He had noticed a trickle of blood trailing from his head from where it had connected so hard with the wall.

"Any last words?" I asked, pressing the knife against his throat.

I didn't feel merciful. I never did. So before Urie could answer, I made a quick incision with my knife and quickly jumped back to avoid the rush of blood as his body fell to the ground.

I began to laugh as I saw his eyes dart around helplessly as he died. He was struggling to speak, to scream, but blood merely gushed from his mouth, rendering him ,literally, speechless.

My mouth twisted into a hate-filled grin as I began to laugh even harder and more wickedly, watching him slowly die. I always did this after a kill, all except one. My brother... he's dead now. But that's the past.

I forced myself to stop laughing when Urie was finally dead, but I couldn't rid myself of my grin. I merely watched as the already large pool of crimson surrounding Urie continued to grow. I watched and grinned until Frank finally came, to see if I needed help. And I still
continued grinning as Frank and I took the body to a hiding place I call the Cavern. A hiding place I just might reveal to you later...


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