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Unpleasant Memories

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A strange bit of Gerard's past returns... but is it real?

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Disclaimer: Didn't own them last time, sure as hell still don't this time.

Thanks for your reviews, everyone! They make writing this fic worthwhile.
Anyways, I got really bored so I decided to update.

"Gerard, please don't. Stop." A thin brown-haired boy with glasses begged me as he crawled backwards on the hard, cold alleyway asphalt, trying desperately to escape me.

Slash, unsheathed and ready, sparkled in my hand as if laughing at the fact that my little brother was about to die at my own hand.

"Mikey, you know I must." my voice sounded dead and lifeless even to me as I advanced on Mikey. I didn't want to kill my little brother, he was dear to me, but I needed the money that would come out of it more.

Tears streamed down his face as he backed into a wall, ending the alleyway; he was trapped. "Please, Gee, I'm your brother! P-please..." He let out a choked sob.

"I'm sorry, Mikes." I pulled him up by the collar of his shirt. His eyes were wide with fear and tears were still streaming from them in large gushes. "I'm so, so sorry..." I plunged the knife into his abdomen.

Mikey screamed, the most horrible sound I've ever had to hear.

I woke up with the sound of my brother's scream echoing in my ears. Tears were wet on my cheeks and sweat dribbled down the side of my face. I sat up shakily, trying my hardest to shake away the image of Mikey's terrified face from my mind.

Gazing around, I realized I was in Frank's house, in his bedroom, wearing only my boxers and my undershirt. The other side of the bed was empty, so I supposed he had already gone downstairs.

Frank and I were fairly unusual friends. We treated each other more like one another's spouse than friend. We more often than not slept in each others' beds, or shared each other's food.

I wasn't entirely sure what I felt toward Frank. I knew it was more than brotherly love, but not quite full blown true love either, just somewhere in the middle.

Shrugging off the thoughts of Frank, I forced myself to get up out of bed. I saw my jacket laying over a chair in the corner. I walked over to it and fished the Kill Book out of the pocket along with a pen. I opened its black cover and flipped towards the most recently used page.
Grinning slightly, I crossed out the name Brendon Urie. I replaced the items and decided that it would be best to head downstairs.

I reached the bottom of the staircase in the hallway and saw Frank standing by the phone hook, holding the actual phone up to his ear with his shoulder as he twirled the cord absentmindedly.

"Yeah, here he is." Frank took the phone in his hand and held it away from his mouth, hazel eyes full of confusion. "This guy... He says he's your brother..."

I snatched the phone away from Frank in anger and put it next to my ear. "Who the fuck is this?!" I practically screamed.

A familiar, weak voice answered me. "Gee?"

DUN DUN DUN! Who could it be even though I made it really obvious?!
I luffles your reviews so much, for they make me feel as if my writing isn't too bad. I hope I get some more. -hinthint-
By the way, sorry that this chapter wasn't too long. It was actually gonna be shorter but I pitied my own writing, so I added a wee bit more. I promise I'll try and make the next one longer.
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