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Highs and Lows

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Mikey plans a visit, Gerard's softer side is shown, then Gerard's soft moment is over and he proceeds to beating the living fuck out of Frank.

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Now, just for the hopes of a review increase, this chapter is much longer than the last.

WARNING: This chapter contains violence and drug use. (Ha ha, you'll see...)


My eyes grew wide and my body trembled. Could this really be Mikey? "Y-Yes..." my voice shook involuntarily. "W-Who is t-this?"

"It's Mikey. Don't you remember me, Gee?"

My heart seemed to stop. My brother... the one who I though I'd murdered so long ago, was alive. It had been over four years ago. I had been twenty five, him twenty two. I was about twenty nine now. And now, here he was, talking to me over the phone when he was supposed to be dead.

My legs grew weak and I slid to the floor. "M-Mikes...?"

"Yeah, Gee, it's me." his voice was calm, sympathetic even.

I broke down. I let out all of the misery in hellish sobs, the tears poured like they should have when I had first killed them. It was pent up agony being released in violent, spasm-like sobs. I was also vaguely aware of Frank, who was giving me strange, confused looks from the other room.

I tried to speak to Mikey through my sobs. "I'm so sorry, Mikey! Please, please forgive me! I'm so, so fucking sorry!"

"Gee, it's OK. Calm down... It's the past now." Mikey reassured me. Afterwards my sobs were left as only tiny sniffles. "Now," Mikey started. "You're at Frank's, right?"

I nodded, even though he couldn't see it. "Mm-hmm."

"I'll be there soon. OK, Gee?" I could hear a small smile in Mikey's voice.

I smiled too. "OK, Mikes. Thank you,"

"It's OK, Gee. See you soon?"

"Yeah, see you soon." I heard Mikey hang up and I did as well. Smiling still, I stood up and put the phone on the hook. I sniffled again, wiping my eyes as I did.

"G-Gerard? Everything OK?" I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Frank's concerned gaze on me.

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah. Mikey- He's alive. He's coming here."

Frank gasped. "Mikey? As in, your brother Mikey? The one that was kil-"

I cut him off and nodded. "Yes, my brother is alive."

Frank gave me a toothy grin. "Can I go call Toro and Bryar?"

My smiled faded. "No, not yet. Let's wait and see what Mikes has to say." As much as I loved Ray Toro and Bob Bryar, my closest friends other than my brother and Frank, I needed to hear Mikey's story first. They would know about his miracle survival soon enough.

Frank nodded, still smiling, somehow unfazed. "'Kay! Is Mikey on his way?" Frank was now jumping up and down lightly, his brown-black fringe blown out of place and hazel eyes sparkling in excitement. Frank had his hyper and somewhat spazztic moments. He used to always be like this, so happy and energetic, but then there was an accident that destroyed him somewhat. I suppose you'll know sooner or later. Better later than now.

My smiled returned and I nodded. "Yeah, now calm down, Frankie!" I laughed as he stopped jumping but continued to bite his lip eagerly.

It was times like these that I adored and cherished. Times where I don't have to worry about a "case" or whether or not the cops found a corpse. Times where I'm with close friends (or a bit more than close in Frank's case) and laughing at some of the stupidest things. Sure, I love to kill. It's my passion. But I also love moments with family and friends where it seems like none of those killings ever existed. And by the look in Frank's eyes, that's the way he felt too.

"How long?" Frank asked, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"How long for what?" I raised an eyebrow as he started jumping up and down once more, his small, tattooed arms clasped around himself in the way a mad person would.

"How long 'til Mikey gets here, you dummy!" he said in, for some reason, an incredibly cute, stubborn way.

I put my hand on his head to stop him from jumping. "Soon, now settle down!" I laughed again.

"I wanna call wiL!" Frank screamed randomly.

"wiL Francis?" I inquired. wiL Francis was a friend who helped me with my "cases" and with names to be added to the Kill Book. "And tell him what?"

"That I forgot how to work the microwave!" Frank pulled the hood of his plain black hoody over his head and ran into the kitchen. He shut the door and I heard a click, which meant that he had locked the door.

Shit... I thought. If there was one thing I knew about Frank, it was that when he got too far in a hyper mood, he'd want to increase it. And to do that, he went to cocaine. Frank loved to be happy. I mean, everyone does, but Frank found that if he wasn't happy, he was sad. Emotions change all the time. Well, for everyone but Frank. It seemed his emotions were stuck between either happy or sad.

I felt a pinch of anger bubble up in me. I hated it when Frank used drugs. It was if that part of me that felt something for him wanted to end Frank's drug problem.

I walked up to the kitchen door and knocked loudly with the side of my fist. "Frank, open the fucking door!"

After a bit of scuffling I heard a click and the door opened, revealing Frank, eyes bloodshot and small arms once again wrapped around himself tightly.

I growled and shoved Frank to the floor, the rage in me coming out of my supposed "love" for Frank. "Damn it, Frank. Did you forget that Mikey's coming?" I reached over to the table and grabbed the nearest object, a knife unfortunately in Frank's case, and threw it straight at Frank. It jabbed into the wall, missing Frank's head by inches.

Frank merely shrugged, too wound up on drugs to even notice the knife. "N-Nope, Gee. I fergot. S-Sorry." Frank looked at me as if pondering something. "Hmm... Gee-Gee looks pretty today. Not Frankie. Nuh-uh." he smiled in what I guessed was admiration. "Pretty, pretty Gee-Gee. Ugly, ugly Frankie..." Frankie began to tremble, his once sparkling eyes now looking dull and empty. "D-Damn..." he mumbled.

I growled again and kicked him hard in the stomach. He began laughing and that only fueled my anger. I pulled him up by his hoody and held him in front of me. He continued laughing as I pulled my fist back, and he stopped when it connected with his face.

Then I slammed him against the wall, now punching him repeatedly with both my fists, the force of the blows somehow keeping his standing. After a final punch after the barrage, I let him fall to the ground, now unconscious. Blood was trickling from his nose, his face was a bruised mess.

I ran a hand through my hair. "Damn it, Frank..." I mumbled under my breath. I picked Frank's now limp body up with ease and sighed as I prepared to haul my unconscious, cocaine- addicted little bit more than a friend known as Frank Iero upstairs to his room, angry with myself for have ever done this to him in the first place.

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I know not much is known about the gang yet, but that's all in good time. A bit is going to be revealed next chapter, and all is revealed the chapter after that. Just stay tuned.
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