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Teen Titans: The Next Generation

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Twelve years after the Teen Titans disbanded, the leadership of the JLU offer the hero formerly known as Beast Boy the chance to revive the team, but is Changeling ready to handle a new group of Ti...

Category: Teen Titans - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Raven, Robin, Superboy, Wondergirl - Published: 2006-03-20 - Updated: 2006-03-20 - 2581 words

Chapter 1: Where Are They Now?

Beast Boy gasped as he hit the ground holding his broken arm with his other. "RAVEN!" He called out once the stares settled out of his vision. They should have known Trigon wasn't done yet. "Raven stop it!" He called again as the red skinned, four eyed girl that was once their teammate ... their friend threw Cyborg toward Robin and Starfire.

"Starfire, stop her!" Robin yelled as he ducked the KO'ed Cyborg his face a mask showing no emotions what so ever.

"But ..." Starfire looked unsure as she hovered in the air.

"Star, don't!" Beast Boy bellowed pulling himself to his feet. "Raven's still in there! I know it!"

"She's going to kill us and then move on to others," Robin yelled, pointing to the sadistically smiling Raven. "Stop her now!"

"Friend Raven did say ... if she lost control not to let her hurt anyone ..." Starfire gulped, her lower lip trembling as she spoke. "It's what she'd want ..."

Garfield/ ... /

"Star! Don't do it! Please ..." Beast Boy begged limping toward them.

"I am sorry ... Beast Boy ... I truly am ..." She said her hands and eyes glowing brighter then they ever had.

"STAR! NO!" Beast Boy screamed out as looked away no long able to look at the Tamaranean's bright light.

Garfield/ ... BB ... help me ... /

Raven's screams echoed across the tattered battle field as Starfire released her full strength blast.

Please ...

"RAVEN!" twenty five year old Garfield Logan gasped sitting up in bed. "I hate this week ... has it really been twelve years, Rave?" Gar asked running a hand over his green skinned face before climbing out of bed scratching his back. He made his way to the bathroom and plugged the sink.

He started running water into the sink while squirting liquid soap into the water. Once he had it filled up and a good temperature he swirled the soap making the surface of the water covered in a nice bubbly film. He hopped into the air, morphed into a ferret, and plunged into the water rolling around in the soapy water. Once he was good and soapy, he unplugging the sink, reaching up turning the water back on and stood under the stream as if it was a shower.

The green ferret climbed out of the sink and changed back into his human form as he fell to the floor. "Ah, nothing like a good morning shower to get a start on the day!"

He dried himself off and dressed in his silver blue trimmed uniform and walked back into the main room of his apartment where his Justice League communicator sat on the night table. "Changeling to Watchtower: beam me up, Scotty!"

In a flash of light Changeling found himself on one of the Justice League Watchtower's teleportation pads.

"There you are, 'Cap'n'," A familiar voice spoke from behind Changeling causing his green face to light up into a smile. "But I swear to you, BB, if you ever call me Scotty again, I'll splice ya teleportin'."

"Would you prefer, O'Brian?" Changeling smirked as he turned to face Cyborg at the control panel.

"Actually, yes," Cyborg smiled at his best friend. "Ol' curly hair could kick the old man's ass any day of the week and twice on Sunday."

"My money's still on Scotty," Changeling said stepping off the platform and walking toward his old friend.

"Yeah, I figured," Cyborg laughed. "You always sucked at gamblin'. By the way, you really need to pass on the dog mantel, the last Lassie movie was kinda beating a lame old dog with a stick ... no pun intended."

"That new director, Joel Schumacher," Beast Boy shrugged, "He likes to slaughter franchises." Changeling looked Cyborg over. With the Justice League's sheer size, the two former Titans seldom saw each other. "How's it going Vic? Weird having us here at the same time."

"Yeah, weird that," Cyborg cleared his throat avoiding eye contact with his little green buddy.

"Something going on, Vic?" Changeling narrowed his eyes.

"Eh, just usual League business," Cyborg lead his old friend out into the hallway of the space station.

"Oh glorious, you've arrived!" another familiar voice chirped once they were outside the teleportation station.

"Kory?" Changeling turned to see the beautiful orange skinned, redheaded alien woman bounding toward him with the usual beaming expression. It had been several months since he had been on the same shift as the former Titan, yet she always greeted him the same way. He closed his eyes waiting for it and wasn't disappointed.

Starfire pulled away from the Tamaranean equivalent of a quick kiss, and smiled at her old friend. "Old time's sake, Gar." She smiled without any sign of embarrassment.

"You know you're married right?" Changeling returned his usual response.

"Has that mattered in the past, BB?" Starfire winked her bright green eyes.

"Um, what's up?" Changeling asked, scratching the back of his head. "Mar'i doing ok?"

"She's doing wonderfully, BB," Starfire beamed, placing an arm around his shoulder as she and Cyborg started leading him away from the lounge and toward the Founding Members' meeting room. "She misses her Gar-gar though; you need to visit more often. And don't say it's because of distant, JLU teleporters can take you anywhere on the planet."

"I figured you'd be living on Tamaran with your husband ..." Changeling said causing Starfire to snort and glance away. He finally took in his surroundings as he glanced around noticing they weren't heading toward his usual duty station. "Um ... why are we going to the meeting room, have I gotten in trouble or something?"

"No you silly Garthock," Starfire chuckled. "Superman wanted you to join us for this meeting."

"Us?" Changeling blinked.

"The Founders of the League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkgirl, and also Cyborg, Myself and ..." Starfire drifted off at the warning gaze from Cyborg. "I think that's it."

"Ok ..." Changeling drawled as Cyborg stepped forward to open the door to the meeting room where all before mentioned Leaguers were present with the addition of ...

A green tiger shot through the air toward Nightwing with his claws and fangs poised only to be caught in a bear hug by Starfire. "Calm yourself, Garfield," Starfire whispered into the tiger's ear as she brought him back down to the opposite side of the table.

"Excuse him, they have a history," Cyborg said as Changeling shifted back into human form, yet stayed in Starfire's arms.

"It's been a long time, Beast Boy," Nightwing's growling voice spoke, staring at the angered Changeling.

"Not long enough," Changeling shot back.

"Well, since we all know each other ..." Green Lantern started sarcastically.

Superman shot him an annoyed glance before turning to the former Teen Titans. "I'm sure you're wondering why we brought you here, Changeling," the Man of Steel spoke up, "We have a proposition to make."

"I'm listening, sir," Changeling said respectfully toward the Man of Steel, causing a snort to originate from Nightwing.

"I'll make this short and sweet, the younger heroes are getting a bit restless," Superman said, resting his arms on the table.

"Younger heroes?" Changeling tilted his head.

"The sidekicks," Flash shrugged, "They think they have a chance with the big leagues."

"The /younger heroes /all have shown interest in joining the League, but we don't think they're properly prepared for the type of team-based missions the League takes part in. That's what we would like to talk to you about." Superman said staring right into Changeling's eyes. "We would like you to head up and mentor a new Teen Titans team."

"WHAT?!" Nightwing and Changeling bellowed at the same time.

"Beast Boy? Mentoring? You have to be joking!" Nightwing pointed dramatically at the equally stunned Changeling.

"His name is Changeling, Nightwing, or if you prefer to play this game, Robin," Batman growled, before dropping a file in front of Nightwing. "And we are not joking."

"This is a mistake," Nightwing shook his head, "I can understand the Titans being put back together... Robin would make a good leader, but Beast ... Changeling?"

"We've been considering this and looking at all angles for some time now," Wonder Woman spoke up motioning toward the file. "We've discussed potential members to offer to join the team, and looked very hard at potential mentors. From his file from the Doom Patrol, Teen Titans, and Justice League, plus commendations from fellow Leaguers present and otherwise have led us to the agreement Changeling would fill the leadership position well."

"Commendations? Who would suggest ... HIM? He barely kept from getting in the way!" Nightwing growled.

"Now you're getting out of line," Batman narrowed his eyes.

"I don't think so, Bruce," Nightwing shot, "Tell me who would possible think of putting this clown in charge of kids?" Nightwing crossed his arms staring back at Batman.

"Ok, Dick," Batman growled back, grabbing the file. "Starfire, Cyborg, Star Girl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Booster Gold, Zatanna, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawk, Dove, Fire, Ice, Vigilante, J'onn, Shinning Knight, Question, Supergirl, Steel, and ... a previous report from Robin ... you."

"But ..."

"It's not your decision, Nightwing," Batman said before the group present turned their attention to Changeling. "Will you take the job?"

"Me?" Changeling squeaked, still in shock and if it wasn't for Starfire and Cyborg he'd be in the floor. "You want me?"

"You've been an excellent addition to the Justice League, Changeling," Superman smiled. "You want the job you can have it."

Changeling glanced around the table before nodding. "Ok ... then ... who do you have in mind for Titans?"

Keystone City

/When there's trouble, you know who to call/

"Faster!" A thug called from the back seat of a sports car as it drove at neck break speeds through the city with four squad cars in hot pursuit.

"Don't worry, they aren't catching this baby!" the driver laughed as he kept the peddle to the floor.

"Hey, that as fast as you can go?" A voice spoke from just outside the driver's side window.

The men glanced to the side to see a fourteen year old boy running lazily beside the sports car running just under 120 miles an hour and keeping up with ease. The boy was in a red and yellow lightening bolt themed costume with a goggled mask over his face and his unruly brown hair blowing in the wind. "Pull over or give me a challenge, what ya say?"

From their tower, they can see it all

"IT'S THE FLASH'S BRAT SIDEKICK!" The driver screamed cutting the wheel too fast and slamming into a light pole.

"I'm not a side kick," The young speeder said coming to a stop beside them, "And the name's Impulse!"

Gotham City

When there's evil on the attack

"You best be quiet little girl," A masked thug growled holding the blond headed teenaged girl to him with a gun to her head.

"Don't hurt me ..." She whimpered, yelping when he clicked the hammer back.

"I told you to shut up," He growled back.

You can rest knowing they got your back

"The girl said not to hurt her," a young growling voice spoke from the shadows as a pair of white eyes opened to stare darkly into the man's eyes.

"Back off, or I'll blow her brains out!" The man back stepped, dragging the girl with her.

"Last warning before you hit the ground, let her go." The fifteen year old boy said stepping out of the shadows, dressed in a red and black costume with a long jagged ended, yellow trimmed cape draped over his shoulders and a black domino mask over his eyes. "Now."

'Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol

"I warned YOU," the thug said pulling the trigged, but an R shaped throwing star pinned the hammer back. The thug hesitated in surprise only to be sent flying away from the girl from the impact of the boy's boot slamming into his face.

"Go to the police," the boy growled standing over the KO'ed thug. The girl didn't need to be told twice. The boy pulled a small communication device from his belt. "Robin to Batgirl; call a pick up at my location."


With their super powers, they unite

"Listen Wanna-be, I'm here to deal with the real one, not you," Cheetah growled as jumped through traffic down Main Street Manhattan.

"Tough crap, spots," A girl in a black "Wonder Woman" tank top, red caprice pants, and a black wig held to her head by a pair of goggles snapped back.

Never met a villain that they liked

The wigged girl flew toward her at inhuman speed connecting her gloved fist with the villain's jaw, sending her flying backward into a brick building's wall. "Still wanna play?" Wondergirl asked, a confident smirk playing on her lips as Cheetah slumped into the hole she made in the wall.


"Keep a watch out, Mike," one of two men said as they hold up the 7/11 store just outside St. Elias School for Girls. "Mike?" He asked turning to see his friend pinned to the wall with multiple arrows at every corner of his clothing.

They got the bad guys on the run

"Green Arrow?" the robber asked turning in the other direction to see a girl in a white skirt, red sleeveless top and matching half mask with her long blond hair tied in a high ponytail.

"Do you see any green anywhere here, big guy?" the girl asked, pulling an arrow from her quiver and placing it on her longbow. "This range, I can't miss, as if I couldn't anyway. So wanna try your luck?"

"I give!" he said quickly, dropping his gun.

"Thanks, Arrowette," the clerk smiled at the local teen hero.

"No big."


A sixteen year old boy hummed to himself as he held the metallic object with one hand the other held out in the other direction as he flew through the air at ease. He was dressed in red and blue tights with a diamond shaped S symbol on his chest, a leather jacket with the same "Superman" symbol patched on the back, and a pair of sunglasses on his face. His slightly spiked hair waved in the wind as he acted as a substitute engine for the 747 that was approaching the Metropolis airport.

They never stop until the job gets done

The orchestrated Superman theme made popular many years before sounded from the boy's jacket pocket. He pulled the cell phone out and flipped it open as he brought it to his ear. "Speak to me." He breathed into the receiver. "Hi, Aunt Martha. Sure that's no prob... bread and milk got it. Awe ... Meatloaf again? Ok, be home after I get this plane landed. Bye, love ya too Aunt Martha, say hi to Uncle John. Buh Bye."

The boy helped the plane land and accepted a thankful handshake from the plane's captain. "Thank you so much, Superboy!" The captain said overjoyed.

"Not a problem, Cap, one thing though, name's SuperMAN, M-A-N, MA-AN, ya know, I ain't no boy." Superboy winked over his sunglasses before giving a mock-salute and took to the air.

'Cause when the world is losing all control

JLU Watchtower

Changeling read over the files of the chosen invitees and closed it before glancing around at his friends, the founding members and 'him' and smiled. "Well I can only think of one thing left to say at this point..."


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