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I'm Sorry (s/b after Being A Friend)

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Bob and Gerard come to some kind of peace. How long will it last?

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I woke to the soft sobs beside me. I wrapped my arms around Alyssa and held her as she cried. Cried for someone that wasn’t me.

“He hates me I know he does,” she said through her tears.

“Shhhhh, no he doesn’t.”

“But my phone hasn’t rang since I left.”

Even through her tears I could see her exhaustion emotionally and physically. Soon the tears subsided and were replaced by shallow breathing and soft snoring. I knew what I needed to do.

Gerard’s POV

I knew ten minutes after she left I fucked up. I’ve trying calling her like a hundred times and must have left like fifty messages begging for her forgiveness, but she wasn’t answering. I don’t blame her. I should have been supportive instead of caring that she didn’t tell me. It didn’t matter to me that she was HIV positive, it saddened me to know our days were numbered. It killed me that she couldn’t confide in me with all that we had been through.

Ray and Christa are here for support, Mikey is waiting at Alyssa’s house, while Matt was driving up to Katherine’s house and Frankie is checking some of our old haunts. These truly are my best friends. I have called area hospitals twice, I have called the police at least three times. They wanted me to wait a little while as we had a fight however they said they would be on the look out for her, whatever that means.

I sat there staring at my cell willing for it to ring, so I jumped when the land line rung. I looked at the caller ID, ‘Great just what I needed right now, Bryar.’ I just let it ring, the last thing he needed to know was that Alyssa and I had a huge fight and I asked her to leave. He’d be all over her in a second. He has a reputation of sleeping around not caring about the other person’s feelings or anything. I’ve heard so many stories of his one night stands and I know he wants to add Alyssa to that list again.

I heard Ray’s cell ring and stood there nervously.

“Hey Bob I can’t really talk right now.” Doesn’t that fuckhead ever give up?

“He’s right here.” Shit why the fuck does he want me.

“What?” I looked at Ray’s shocked face. Was this about the band? Who cares I just want to find Alyssa.

Ray handed his cell to me, I heard on the other end Bryar’s voice, “Lose something Way?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Alyssa’s here with me.”

“What?” My heart sank, she ran to Bob. He better had not laid a hand on her.

“She’s sleeping now.”

“What the fuck is going on.”

“She sound asleep in my arms, you know she had a long hard night. I gave her what you wouldn’t.”

“Fuck you Bryar. How could you, you fucking asshole.”

“Calm yourself down Way. I gave her someone to talk to. Besides I’m not the fucking low life that threw her out after she told you she had an incurable disease.”

“So you convinced her not to take any of my calls?”

“Her phone was dead dumbass. Why the fuck she loves you so much I’ll never know. But it would do her a world of good if when she woke up, you were here.”

“Why are you doing this Bryar?”

“I hate seeing her upset.”

Ray and Christa looked at me as I pressed the key that hung up the phone.

“So what’s going on?”

“I’m going up to Bryar’s, I want to be there when she wakes up.”

“Does she even want to talk to you?”

“According to Bryar she does. Can you call everyone and tell them that we found her.”

“Sure. Call me and let me know how she is.”

I got in my car and drove as fast as I could. I was there in forty-five minutes. I parked my shabby old Saab behind Bob’s brand new Jeep. I made my way to the front door and knocked. It was the first time I was ever in his house. I was shocked how neat everything was, he must be hiring a cleaning service to keep it that way.

He led me to the kitchen and finally spoke, “You look like hell Way.”

“I was up all night looking for Alyssa.”

“Want some coffee?”

“There’s no poison in it?”

“You have it wrong Way, I never hated you. It was always the other way around. I fucking never did a goddamn thing to you and you made my life a living hell.”

“You stole my best friend, and asked out my girl.”

“Listen to yourself? When I asked Alyssa out I just met her. I had no fucking idea she had a boyfriend. As far as Patrick goes he loved you, he wanted us all to be friends. But you were so fucking drunk and drugged up, you wouldn’t listen when he begged you to get help. He missed you. His last words were ‘Tell Gee I still love him.’”

I was fuming at this point, “How come you never fucking told me?”

“When the fuck was I supposed to tell you Way?” When you were pounding my face in at Patrick’s wake and then had me arrested for starting it. I fucking missed his funeral because of that. When Way? I tried staying as far away from you and your gang as much as possible, you and Pelissier were always beating the shit out of me and taunting me. Yeah I really felt like telling you what Patrick said after all that.”

The coffee finished brewing and Bob just gave me a mug and placed the sugar and milk in front of me. I took the mug of my steaming salvation. I fixed it with milk and sugar and as I was stirring it I thought about everything that was just said. Was I really that horrible to him? The bigger question was why? That’s an easy one actually I was jealous, and I still am. I think now is the time to put the past behind us we have a common goal, to reunite Alyssa and her daughter.

I looked up at him, “I’m sorry. I was a jerk and I blamed you for something that wasn’t your fault.”

“Way don’t say it if you don’t mean it.”

“No, you were right I was an ass in school. I was an ass last night. I want to put it behind us, we both have the same goal. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure Way.”

“Besides I can’t tease you and call you fatty anymore. You look great by the way. Exactly how much weight did you lose?”

“About a hundred and twenty.”

“Wow.” I knew he lost a lot of weight but that was a fucking person. I never realized how big he was. I was such an ass for teasing him.

For the first time in our lives we were talking like human beings. I found out we like the same music, hated the same teachers and he told me of Patrick’s last days and how much he missed hanging out with us. He felt he couldn’t anymore because of what we were doing, just like Ray said. Despite our openness on the subject I could feel that he wasn’t telling me something, something important.

I was about to ask him when out of the corner of my eye I caught the face of a shocked Alyssa. I walked up to her and looked her straight in the eyes. “I’m sorry,” I said with tears running down my cheeks. She put her arms around me and we both started crying in each other arms. Soon our lips met and we were kissing like we hadn’t seen each other for awhile.

Alyssa’s POV

As Gerard and I were kissing I couldn’t help but notice the sadness in Bob’s eyes as he left the room.

“How did you know to find me?” I asked.

“Bob called,” he said. My jaw dropped and Gee must have noticed.

“I was just as shocked that he called,” he said.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” I said, “the fact that you just called him Bob is what shocked me.”

“We have an understanding now. I mean we’re not best friends by any means, but things are better.”

I smiled at him, this was turning out to be a better morning then I thought it would be.

He stepped back and looked at me. “Nice shirt, Bryars I mean Bobs?”

“Yeah, he did give me a pair of sweats but they just didn’t fit.” I was waiting for the fat joke but it never came. Maybe they finally are putting the past behind them.

“Well I’m sure it never looked better.” I smiled as I remembered Bob said something similar. “Why don’t you get changed so we can get out of here and talk, amongst other things,” he winked at me. My heart went soaring knowing that he still wanted me.

“Okay.” I started to turn around but he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him and he kissed me again, this time ending it with whispering “I love you” in my ear. I rushed to where my clothes were. When I got out Bob was standing there.

I looked up at him, “Thank you.” I softly kissed his lips. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me harder, soon his tongue was begging for entrance, which I allowed. I knew I should have stopped it long before but here we stood outside the room I stayed in, with our lips locked and our tongue doing a delicate dance. My eyes were closed I suddenly my tongue felt lonely and my lips cold. I opened my eyes, and he stood before me shameful.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I kissed you back.”

“It was probably out of gratitude.”

We just stood there looking at each other when Gerard appeared.

“We ready to go?”

“I was just thanking Bob,” I smiled at Gerard. As we walked out the door I took one last look back, and smiled weakly at Bob.

Gerard drove back to Jersey, holding my hand and telling me what he went through to find me. Honestly most of it was going in one ear and out the other all I could think of was that kiss with Bob.
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