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Where's Patrick?

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Where oh where could Patrick be?

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[ NOTE:: ] this story is just off the top of my head, and sounds fricken loco. I swear I am not this little crazy person that belongs in an asylum. lol. Seriously, I was just reading a story like this earlier and idk this story kind of broke my writers block. It sounds stalker-ish, cause it is lmao. But yeah; here we go ...... [ / NOTE ]

Where's Patrick?

“Um, guys? Where are we?” A rather confused Pete asked, searching around the empty brown room. Andy had himself curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth in the corner, Patrick was hunched over his laptop with wide eyes, and faux hair glued to the side of his face where his old side burns were, and Joe was fast asleep, legs spread out and all.

“They. Made. Me. Eat. Bacon.” Was all Andy could say as he continued to rock back and forth. Pete’s eyes went wide and he gasped. “Oh no! Who Andy? Who did it?” He asked, but Andy couldn’t answer. He was too shell shocked. Pete shook his head and went over to him, rubbing his back. Joe sat up with a yawn and stretched, while stretching, he felt something in his huge Jew fro.

“What the hell?” He pulled it out, it was a ring. “Guys, what the hell is this?”

“Your fro’s wedding ring.” Patrick answered without looking up.

“Wedding ring?”

“Yeah; they married your fro.”

“Who?” Pete asked, getting a little mad now. Patrick just shrugged. “No! My fro!” Pete shouted like a little kid, pouting.

“What the hell, its my fro!”

“No!” Pete whined.

“Yes! Its on my head!”


“Guys, shut the fuck up before they hear us and come back.” Patrick said, still looking at his wonderful Macbook.

“Good point, what the fuck are you doing though? Wait! They did something to all of you, did they do something to me? Was it was hair? Oh no! They didn’t touch the swoosh did they? Or the eyeliner, please tell me they didn’t mess up the eyeliner!” Pete began freaking out and started rocking back and forth like Andy.

“No, don’t worry, they just got you drunk and dragged you out of the room for a few hours. No ones quite too sure what happened to you. They brought you back in here while you were asleep.” Joe answered as if there was nothing wrong with that, and feeling up his fro to make sure every hair was in place.

“Oh good.” Pete replied relieved.

“They’re crazy!” Patrick exclaimed, Joe tilted his head to the side. “I think one of them was sexy.”

“Who are they though?” Pete asked yet again for what seemed like the millionth time.

“Who are we?” came a voice from the door. Everyone froze, even Andy stopped rocking and shaking. “You’re telling me you don’t remember my name?”

Pete felt like a little kid again, like when he got in trouble for jumping off the roof with an umbrella and crushed his mother’s flower garden. He just nodded. He couldn’t remember anything except the fact that he was now feeling violated of his rights and still a little upset that whoever this was speaking to him had married Joe’s hair before he could.

“I told you my name last night though.”

“I can’t- I can’t remember last night.” He stuttered. Why was he stuttering? He wondered. He wasn’t scared or anything, well, only a little. the authority that this girl held frightened him a bit. He didn’t want to say anything to upset her, seeing as she could probably do anything to him. Like mess up the swoosh, or smudge his eyeliner. And he loved his swoosh and eyeliner.

“Hmm, that’s a shame. I can.” She beamed. “Now you guys should probably go get showered and get dressed, you have a show to do.”

“You’re really letting us leave?” Patrick asked, looking up from his laptop.

“Not exactly. I’m bringing you guys and making sure you don’t leave us. You don’t really want to leave us do you?”

“Who is us?” Pete asked.

“Myself, and my partner. She’s at work right now.”


“So get to it.”

[ ANOTHER NOTE :: ] See? Stalkerish? I know =) I would seriously marry Joe's Jew Fro if I could. He has amazing hair lol. Anyways; this is only the beginning. I obviously don't own Fall Out Boy. & I will bring you guys a serious story later on when I get back from my job interview. I just needed to write some nonsense first lmao [ / NOTE ]
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