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Bathroom break?

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What happens when Patrick sneaks off?

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“Guys?” Patrick whispers echoed quietly through the room, bouncing off the walls. Every eye turned to him, he had finally moved away from his laptop long enough to change into a different outfit which pretty much didn’t look too much different from his last, long enough to pick up his guitar and get ready to go out and entertain the crowd.

“Yeah Trick?” Pete whispered back.

“I think we should run out of here.” Patrick answered back. Joe shook his head, hair flying all around. Andy just shrugged, playing with his drumsticks. Pete shook his head, agreeing with Joe, and fixed his eyeliner in the mirror. “Why are you two idiots shaking your heads? You don’t think we should sneak away?”

“What happens if we get caught?” Joe asked in a small voice, Patrick chuckled.

“We fight?”

“They’re girls dude, I’m not fighting a girl.” Pete answered back.

“You dress like a girl, so really I don’t think it matters if you fight them.” Andy muttered quietly, Pete glared over at him. Andy just shrugged again. “Just the truth dude.”

“Whatever; you guys can stay here and continue to be violated by creepy fangirls, but I’m leaving.” Patrick shot at his three friends who looked a little too comfortable for a bunch of guys that were just kidnapped and told that they were being forced to play a private show. His eyes searched for an escape.

“But Trick, you can’t leave.”

“And why can’t I Pete?” He asked out of annoyance and pain, ripping the faux sideburns off the side of his face. Pete couldn’t come up with a reasonable come back to answer back with, so he kept his mouth shut and watched as his best friend hopped onto a chair and opened up the vent on the ceiling which had just conveniently happened to be there, and Patrick conveniently knew how to open even though he’s never done it before. In hard times, things like that just come natural. Slowly, bit by bit, Patrick had disappeared in the very small, and dusty vent.

A sigh escaped from Pete’s lips as he looked around the room in a panic. “Guy’s, what are we going to do now? Not only will we probably get in trouble for Patrick disappearing, but we don’t have a singer.” Joe twisted his expression to his ‘thinking face’ as he contemplated ideas. Andy just shrugged again. He really had nothing to say about any of this, he was too upset about the bacon that was now beginning to digest in his poor little vegan stomach.

“Um,” Joe hummed, thinking up ideas. “Why don’t you sing? They are you’re words.”

“That is true. Ohmegosh! If I can sing by myself we wont ever need Patrick again.”

“Okay; don’t go that far dude.” Andy said, crushing Pete’s dreams of taking over the spotlight completely.

“Sorry, I got a little carried away, didn’t I?” He asked; Andy and Joe both answering with a nod. “Okay; but do you guys think I could pull it off? What are we going to tell the girls?”

“That Patrick took a bathroom break?” Joe suggested, Pete chuckled at the idea and then nodded.

“Good idea.”

“I know right?” Joe smiled, “I’m more then just a pretty face you know.” He said cause both Pete and Andy to laugh.

“No one said you were a pretty face in the first place dude,” Andy joked, and ducked so that the unknown object missed his head.

“Lets go do this show!” Pete sounded a little more enthusiastic then he probably should have, but it had caused the excitement to boil in Joe and Andy’s blood. “Lets go!” they agreed as they piled out of the door and through the light hallway to the next room where the two fangirls had multiplied into ten. This was going to be an interesting show.
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