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Takes place 2 years after Apocalypse, 1 year after the Phoenix. The mutant problem has grown and a obscure general named William Stryker thinks he has a solution. Has Scott/Jean, Wanda/Kurt, Kitty/...

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Chapter 23: Rescue


The guards at the Watergate hotel in Washington DC had gotten the order that they had been waiting for. As soldiers for the Friends of Humanity, guarding a couple of mutants and keeping them alive seemed downright hypocritical to their doctrine. But now it seemed that their great general had no more use for Xavier in his plan. And if he was a mutant and had no use...Then the Friends of Humanity had only one solution left for such a dilemma.

"All guards and watchmen report to the top floor," ordered the guard leader, "We've just received the order to initiate protocol 626. Switch to specialized ammunition and meet outside Xavier's door. It's time to finally end this."

It was the command that the elite group of Friend's of Humanity soldiers had been waiting for. Now they had the go ahead to finish off what they saw as the mutant race's supreme leader. Once he was gone...The mutant race would be as good as dead. From every floor...From outside and inside...Each soldier prepared their weapons with a special clip of ammo that they had been given for this task. They were special adamantium bullets...Expensive, but capable of doing the job effectively. Even the healing power of Wolverine couldn't hope to survive their wrath. Now, every last soldier of the guard force quickly made their way up the stairs and the elevators to the top floor...Where Professor Charles Xavier awaited them.

Inside the hotel room that Logan and Xavier had been forced to stay in for the better part of two weeks, hope was quickly dwindling. The vast anti-mutant news reports, the imprisonment, and the seemingly irreversible damage done to the cause that the Professor had dedicated his life to had seriously dampened his spirits to the point where he stopped cooperating with the guards and stopped trying to fool himself into thinking that he could somehow make it out of here. Logan had tried many ill-fated escape attempts, only to be dragged back to the room with bullet wounds and sedated with heavy chemicals. But those drugs were having less and less effect on him due to his healing factor compensating. But this didn't change their situation.

"Are you still with me over there Logan?" asked the Professor as he watched Logan groan and stir from the bed the guards had thrown him on after they brought him back.

"Yeah...Just give me a minute," grunted the angry Wolverine as he got up and fiercely rubbed the throbbing feeling in his temples.

The Professor's mood had grown increasingly solemn over the past few days. While Logan barely held on to any hope whatsoever, the Professor had been driven to stay alive for the students that he knew had survived. But even that drive was beginning to wane as no word came from them and massive anti-mutant sentiment portrayed by the media continued to bury his dream. With so much hatred out there now, Professor Charles Xavier was actually beginning to doubt that his dream was even possible anymore. He knew only what the media told him...And most of that was a lie anyhow. He only had the thick file of grim pictures of his beloved students, dead from the attacks. There was little more that could be done at this point now...He was powerless.

"You mustn't keep trying these foolish escape attempts Logan..." said Xavier in a deep monotone voice that he seemed to be stuck using for the past few days now, "You know that they'll all end up the same."

"It's better than waitin' around here doin' nothing," quipped Logan as he took deep breaths and waited for the effects of the sedative to wear off.

"There's little else we can do old friend...Stryker has made sure of that," reminded Xavier.

Logan let out an animalistic growl. Every time he heard that name mentioned it set something off inside him that nearly caused him to lose control. This man...This monster...Had murdered the kids he had vowed to protect. He had destroyed the only place that ever felt like home to him. And for that...He couldn't hold himself back.

"But I ain't gonna just let that fucker get away with what he's done!" grunted the Wolverine as he made powerful fists with his hands, wishing that Stryker was here right now so he could disembowel him for his crimes.

"He is still holding all the cards Logan...You must accept that. I can tell that our use to him is waning with each passing day. He has made sure that we are just pawns in his game...And as of now we cannot change that."

That only made Logan feel angrier inside, for if there was one thing he hated...It was being used.

"Besides...Even if you did get out Logan, where would you go? You wouldn't be able to find Stryker, the whole city is crawling with guards, and you will be an easy target for the mutant weary public. I don't like it any more than you do old friend...But we have to accept that."

Logan didn't respond to Xavier's words. He could hear the fragile sense of hope that the Professor had been holding on to slipping away. And if his hope failed...So did Logan's. There seemed little else left to do at this point. If they were of no more use to Stryker in his little 'game,' then there was probably no reason to even keep them alive. Then...An ominous scent caught Logan's nose.

"Someone's coming..."

Xavier barely turned his head as the doors were suddenly forced open and nearly a half dozen heavily armed guards stepped in and surrounded the two mutants. Every last gun was now pointed at them as the leader of the group stepped forwards.

"Come to finally finish the job?" grunted Logan, stumbling to his feet, still under effect from the sedatives.

"By order of General William Stryker...You freaks have officially outgrown your usefulness to us and operation extermination. And if there's no more need for you...Then there's no more reason to keep you both alive anymore."

"Just do what you came here to do..." said Xavier, no longer fearing their actions at this point.

"You asked for it freak...With your deaths then the mutant race will truly perish," said the group leader as he and the rest of the guards took aim, "Just remember...When you get to hell...Tell them the Friends of Humanity sent you!"

Logan unsheathed his claws and prepared to make his last stand despite his weakness from the sedatives. If he was going to go down...He was going to go down fighting. But there were so many guards with fully armed weapons...There really did seem to be no way out this time. Xavier braced himself while Logan struggled to keep his balance. A small grin spread across the lead guard's face as he gave the final order.


The sound of rapid fire machine guns went off and both Logan and Xavier braced themselves...But then, something strange happened and Xavier was suddenly hit with a new psychic presence. Then...Just as the bullets were mere inches away...They stopped in mid air...And hovered motionlessly before the bewildered mutants and guards.

"What the...What trick is this?!" demanded the guard.

They were about to fire again...When suddenly, a loud bang rocked the room and an entire section of the wall outside was shattered to pieces by a mysterious force. The bright afternoon sun shined into the room and a lone figure hovered in to Xavier's aid.

"Magnus..." said Xavier in amazement as he saw his old friend hover into the room.

However, this Magneto was different than before. Xavier couldn't believe his eyes as he took in his new appearance. He no longer wore his helmet to block out his psychic powers, his traditional red and purple outfit was gone now...Replaced by a slightly modified X-men uniform complete with cape and all. It was a sight that Professor Charles Xavier couldn't believe.

"Don't look so surprised Xavier," grinned Eric as he used his powers to guide Charles and Wolverine towards the new opening, "I may be a slow learner...But I always come around when it matters most."

This new presence only caused mass confusion among the guards...Whom for the first time, had no protocols to deal with such a threat. In the midst of this confusion, the usually well organized guards were left to rely on impulse now.


More gunfire echoed through the room...But Magneto merely scoffed as he used his powers to stop the bullets once again and rip the high powered weapons from their hands and crush them like tin cans.

"Adamantium bullets...A rather good conductor wouldn't you say so?" said Magneto in triumph as he sent shards flying back towards the retreating guards as they all quickly made their escape.

Magneto didn't waste any more time. Armed with his powers he levitated Logan, Xavier, and himself and flew them out of the hotel and over the DC skyline. The mass confusion among the guards worked to their advantage as the master of magnetism guided his old friend and associate down towards a rooftop at the other end of the city and gently set him and Wolverine down. Immediately, Logan sprung into action.

"Magneto..." grunted Logan as he unsheathed his claws menacingly, reacting mainly on instinct after years of dealing with this man, "What do you want?! And what's with the new getup?"

"You have an awfully strange way of thanking people Logan...But I suppose I cannot blame you for thinking such things. As for the new look...I feel it was many years overdue...Don't you think so?"

For the first time in what seemed like forever...Charles Xavier let out a laugh. He could sense that something had definitely changed about his old friend. His mind was now unguarded...And a new sense of resolve now dominated his mind. The details were fuzzy...But it didn't matter to Charles...For it felt like the psychic presence of the old friend he had worked with so much all those years ago.

"You never cease to amaze me Magus..." commented Charles.

"No time for catching up now Charles," said Eric, "I must take you and Logan back to the base as soon as possible. I'm sure your students will be very eager to see you again."

"Students?!" said Logan as the mere mention of them seemed to overshadow his aggressive stance towards Magneto, "You know where they are?!"

"Indeed Logan...I led what was left of the X-men and the Brotherhood to an abandoned base in northern Canada where they have been safely living for the past week or so now. They are all alive and well...And have been most worried about the both of you. So let us quickly make our leave before the military seeks us out beforehand."

Magneto then used his powers to take several old cars lying at the side of the road below to make one big metal sphere as transport for the two men. But ass he raised the newly formed object up to the roof and set it down...Xavier stepped in.

"No...I'm not leaving," said Xavier sternly.

Both Logan and Magneto looked at him utterly bewildered by his words.

"Uh...Come again Chuck?" said Logan, who was not at all liking the situation thus far with Magneto being their savior and Xavier now no longer wanting to leave DC.

"I said I'm not leaving...I refuse to leave Washington and simply run off while things for mutants everywhere just keep getting worse."

"You may worry about that later Charles," said Eric, not wanting to stay in this dangerous city a moment longer than he had to, "Right now...Your students need you!"

"Which is exactly why I must stay..." quipped the Professor as he held in his hand the folder full of pictures that William Stryker had used to gloat his triumph, "A great injustice has been done not to just mutants...But the world as a whole. And I will not let such injustice go unanswered. I owe my students as much to stop the forces that caused these heinous atrocities in the first place. And I will do so as long as there is a breath in my body..."

Eric couldn't help but admire his friend for such determination...As foolish as it seemed. However, many times in the past...Eric had seen Xavier's actions. To him, they seemed somewhat fool hardy...But his intentions were noble and just...Something that he could truly never boast in his long life. Even though he was a man confined to a wheelchair...Charles was still driven in a way that few people could ever hope to be.

"Chuck...Listen to yourself!" urged Logan, "If you stay here...Anybody with a gun will kill you the first chance they get! We don't have anything to use against this guy!"

"No Logan...We have plenty to use. And ironically...It is William Stryker who has given us the resources we need to take him and the Friends of Humanity down."

Then, Xavier showed Logan the folder with the pictures in them. And suddenly...A hint of understanding came over the Wolverine and he saw what Xavier planned to do.

"The pictures...You're gonna use them aren't you? But what makes you think the world will see things any differently whether or not they see them?"

"Well...I guess we'll just have to find out," said Xavier as he held on to the folder with the grim pictures firmly.

Xavier now had a plan...But unlike before, he now had the means to carry it out. There was now actually a way to fight back instead of run. Eric looked at the folder...Then back at his friend who seemed adamant about his decision and would not be dissuaded by anything that either he or Logan could say.

"If you're staying Charles...Then so am I," said Magneto.

"I had a feeling you would old friend," replied Xavier with a smile.

"And so am I!" said Logan sternly as he still gave Magneto a rather nasty look.

"No Logan...You must return to the children," said the Professor, "They need you there more than we need you here."

"No way! I don't care if he did save us...I'm not gonna let him outta my sight if he's stickin' around with you!"

"Logan...Please," said Xavier, "Don't worry about me."

"Listen to Charles, Logan," said Eric despite the gaze the former weapon X warrior, "I will make sure that no harm will come to the Professor. You have my word."

Logan's stanch gaze did not change. But once again, the image of the kids he had failed to protect flashed before him and being around them to protect them soon became a much higher priority than striking Magneto. The shadow of William Stryker's words on how he preached the inherent violence and arrogance in mutants hung strong. He remembered sinister grin on the madman's face as he boasted how he had killed dozens of innocent kids...HIS kids. While he still didn't trust Magneto in the slightest...The thought of seeing those that were still alive overshadowed that one obstacle.

"Okay..." he finally said after a prolonged silence, "But if I find out that this is a trick..."

"It is not a trick Logan," said Eric quickly as he cut the Wolverine off, "But if in the end you see it that way...I understand what you will do to me...And I will not stop you."

That was all he needed to hear. And with one last glimpse at the Professor, he finally made his way into the metal sphere.

"Take care old friend..." said Xavier, "And say hello to the kids for me once you see them."

"Sure thing Chuck..."

And with that, the sphere closed and Magneto sent it off into the air and towards the north. This left just him and his old associate here on the top of a roof with an utterly daunting task ahead of them.

"So what do you plan to do now Charles? How do you plan to stop whoever is behind all this?"

"Simple Magnus...By telling the whole world the truth."


The Pentagon had been getting frantic emergency phone calls for the last 15 minutes. The communications officers and combat officials were being swamped with reports from the Watergate hotel task force and they scrambled to find their general, not looking forward to giving him the news. He had been busy on the phone with Canadian officials trying to get clearance to send his troops in to take down the remaining mutant survivors and at the moment, he was close...Very close. But his task was soon interrupted by a frantic voice.

"General! General!" exclaimed one of the subordinate Friends of Humanity officers who was given the grim task of informing their leader of the failure, "I have some grave news!"

"Calm down lieutenant," said Stryker in a collected voice, "Just tell me what happened."

"It's Xavier sir! The team was just about to execute him and the badger like you said...But at the last second...Magneto stormed the building! Nobody saw him coming. Nobody was prepared. Those soldiers were helpless and he extracted Xavier and Wolverine before we could even begin to track them."

Stryker paused for a minute to take in this new development. While Magnum looked the same and didn't seem fazed in the slightest, the general was left to ponder the ramifications of this stunning event.

"Were any soldiers hurt in the extraction?" asked the general, not at all sounding too angry.

"No sir...None of them were hurt at all."

"Well that's something to relish given the usual cruelty of Magneto. And you say that we have no word on their new location?"

"None sir," confirmed the officer.

Stryker then contemplated his next move. Like always, he was very calm about this and went about it logically. While this was something that nobody had foreseen, to the general it would not alter the outcome of this operation for him.

"Well order ground crews and satellite tracking to be on the lookout for magnetic spikes now. Now that Magneto has come into play, we'll at least know what to look for. The man is stealthy to say the least, but he shouldn't be a problem in the end."

"But what about Xavier sir? What are your orders on him?" asked the lieutenant, ready to carry out his next assignment.

"He's probably with Magneto now, that I'm sure of. I've researched those two and they used to be quite good friends. And now that they're working side by side that will make them difficult to attack, but no worries...They are a mere nuisance, not a setback. So for now, order all elite guard from Watergate to rearm themselves with anti-magnetic weaponry and redeploy in and around the boundaries of the city. I have a strong feeling that Xavier will want to stay in Washington...For he still has the foolish idea that there is hope against me and my plans."


Logan sat in the cold, metal sphere for god knows how long as it streaked through the sky at great speed. Part of him was weary that Magneto might have just been leading him on and he was about to drop him in some inhospitable arctic wasteland or some arid, lifeless desert where he had little hope of surviving for very long. But another part of him saw something different in the old master of magnetism. Why he had arrived wearing an X-men uniform and why he hadn't gone on to kill those guards like he would have suspected were actions he would never have thought to have come from Magneto. But he was going with his gut instinct here. Xavier was quick to trust him...But Logan was never a man who was quick to trust anyone. But, lingering feelings aside, he was still eager to see the kids again...Or at the most, what was left of them.

Finally, he felt the large metal orb touch down on solid ground and the sliding doors automatically opened. Quickly, Logan stepped out to find himself near a lake before a large mound of earth. So it wasn't a desert or tundra, but he still didn't see any of the kids. Then...A familiar scent filled the air and he heard the shrill of a familiar voice.

"MR. LOGAN!!!"

It was the unmistakable voice of young Kitty Pryde coming from the opening of the hanger. Logan quickly turned and saw the ecstatic eyes of the young girl as she ran towards him and threw her arms around his strong neck.

"You're okay!" she squealed as she tightened her hold on him.

"Glad to see you too half pint...But you mind lettin' me breathe?" struggled Logan, surprised at the young petite girl's strength.

Blushing, she let go and others soon joined her. Kurt, Scott, and Jean quickly ran up to their long time teacher and friend to greet him, happy to see him again after being so unsure of whether or not he and the Professor were alive or dead.

"Still Logan I see..." said Scott with a grin as everybody took turns hugging the grumpy mutant, "It's great to see you again."

"Likewise Cyke. Oh, and the Prof says hi."

"You mean he's okay too?" said Jean eagerly, "Where is he now? Why didn't he come with you?"

"Don't worry Red, the Prof is fine. But he chose to stay in Washington and so did Magneto."

Upon hearing about this, both Kitty and Scott couldn't help but smile...For it helped confirm that they had managed to get through to the distraught master of magnetism in his darkest hour and he was now seeing things differently.

"Yeah...I had a feeling he would," commented Kitty.

"Why's that? What the hell happened with him? Has the old man finally lost it?" asked Logan curiously.

"It's a long story Logan...But we've got time," said Scott with a smile.

"Well fill me in later...I just gotta have some time to make sense out of all this," grunted Logan as he and his four surviving students led him into their makeshift home.

"Ah...So it is true! You did miss us!" exclaimed Kurt in an overly dramatic tone.

"Don't push it elf..."

Then, Logan was led into the hanger where he saw more of the survivors standing by. Colossus was there, so was Scott's brother Alex, and Wanda Maximoff.

"What're they doin' here?" grunted the Wolverine towards Wanda and Piotr, not at all accepting of their presence at first.

"Take it easy man...They're one of us now," said Kurt.

Logan turned to face him curiously. It looked like it was somewhat hard to believe since part of his brain was telling him that these were technically enemies. Then Scott stepped in.

"It's true Logan...They're okay now," assured Scott, knowing Logan still probably hadn't lost his apprehensive nature.

Logan just let out a sigh, for he didn't have the strength to start more fights. He just shot Wanda and Piotr a menacing look as if to say 'don't try anything.' As Scott, Jean, Alex, and Kitty led Logan to the elevator, Kurt stayed behind to reassure his new friends.

"Don't vorry...Logan's a little rough around the edges, but he's really a nice guy once you get to know him."

"I guess I'll have to take your word for it comrade," said Piotr, remembering the nature of Wolverine during some of their old encounters.

Wanda, however, was a bit wearier than her strong Russian friend.

"Are you kidding? That guy gave me a look as though he was going to butcher me in my sleep!" said the Scarlet Witch.

"Vanda he vould never do that," assured Kurt as he place a gentle hand on her shoulders, "Logan's just...Protective of us all. As long as you don't give him a reason to hate you, he can be the best friend you could ask for."

Wanda was still somewhat skeptical, but Kurt was determined to keep things peaceful here on the base even with somebody like Wolverine here now.

"Come on Wanda...Have I ever lied to you since ve met?" coaxed Kurt.

This helped calm her down and caused her to give him an assuring smile that made his heart rate go up every time he saw it. But he shook it off for the time being and his blush as the three of them followed the others back down into the base. In seeing this, Piotr had to hold back his comments and his laugh as he saw Kurt and Wanda interact.

As the elevator door opened on the second level, Logan couldn't help but marvel at this concealed dwelling.

"So this place is a former SHIELD base?" asked Logan as he took in his new surroundings.

"Yeah, from what we gathered it is. At first we fled to that cave we stayed at before after the sentinel incident, but the military found us there too and we were forced to flee," explained Scott, "Then Magneto stepped in and helped us get away and led us here where we've been staying for the better part of a week now."

"This place isn't so bad," added Jean, "It's got everything we need to survive. There's enough food for a hundred people to last a year and plenty of rooms to spare. Not to mention it's safely concealed and not on any maps since it's a SHIELD base."

As Scott, Jean, Alex, and Kitty led Logan down into the main living quarters, the overall curiosity from the younger mutants got the better of them as they bombarded Logan with questions on what had happened in Washington. They had been in the dark for so long now over what was going on and why this was happening. They hoped that Logan would have some answers, but he was tired and exhausted and he didn't want to go over the grim details. Then...As the others told him a little more about the base, a sudden idea came to him.

"Tell me...If this is a former SHIELD base, then do ya know if they have a bunch of computer terminals, intelligence databases, and shit like that?" asked Logan.

"Yeah, on the bottom third level. Why man?" asked Alex who was casually eating an apple he had gotten from the kitchen.

Upon hearing this, Logan quickly turned to Scott and Jean.

"You two...You think you could turn all those little gizmos on and do a search through the web?"

"Well...Yeah, we should be able to. But why?" asked Jean, not knowing what he was getting at.

Logan didn't answer her question, he just continued to give orders.

"Then I want you both to go down there and do a search and find out everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, on a guy named Stryker...William Stryker."

"William Stryker?" asked Scott curiously, "Why? Who's he?"

Logan's expression grew more serious.

"He's the reason why so many of our friends are dead now..."

That was all the information that Scott and Jean needed to hear and they quickly understood what Logan was getting at.

"Okay...We'll get right on it," said Scott as he and Jean wasted no more time and quickly ran off towards the elevator to find out for themselves just who the mastermind behind all this carnage was.

Kurt, Kitty, and Alex only looked back at Logan somewhat strangely upon hearing him give those orders, but for whatever reason he did...They knew it had to be a good one.

"Vhat vas that all about?" said Kurt to Alex as Logan collapsed on a chair in the kitchen.

"Beats me dude," shrugged Alex, "But if it leads to some answers about this whole thing...Then I'm all for it."

"Definitely," agreed Kitty.

Just then, Mystique entered the kitchen after her shift of watching Pietro ended. But she was very shocked to say the least to find Logan sitting there in the kitchen looking as grumpy as he usually did. In one brief instant, Logan made eye contact with the blue shape shifter and sprung into action with his claws drawn.

"Mystique!" bellowed the angry Wolverine as he let his defensive instincts cloud the more rational part of his mind yet again.

"WAIT! LOGAN NO!" exclaimed Kurt as he quickly teleported in front of his mother and stood between them, "Don't hurt my mother!"

Logan was still on attack mode when Alex and Kitty quickly grabbed him from behind and held him back.

"Like, don't do it Mr. Logan!" urged Kitty as she tried to calm the Wolverine down, "Raven's okay now...She's a friend."

Kurt still stood in front of his mother, not wanting let Logan's killer instincts get the better of him. He hadn't been with them these past few weeks and he had no way of knowing about Mystique's change. For that he didn't blame him, but he still didn't like the fact he had been so quick to try and attack the only family he had left now that Rogue was gone.

Mystique, on the other hand, hadn't reacted much at all to this new development. She was not surprised that Logan still had a desire to play acupuncture with those claws of his, but she was surprised at her son's quick actions to protect her...An act which only a few weeks ago she had never imagined. It helped her realize for the first time that maybe she had salvaged a relationship with her son despite the past.

Finally, Logan managed to calm down and withdrew his claws into his knuckles. He had seen enough bloodshed with the pictures he had been forced to look at for the past couple of weeks and the side of him that wanted to witness no more finally seemed to win out. While he still didn't like Mystique in the slightest, Kurt's stance in protection of his mother, whom he also had to acknowledge as Rogue's mother, finally solidified his choice.

"Fine..." grunted the Wolverine as he shook Kitty and Alex off, "But if I sense for one second that she's full of shit like she usually is...She answers to me! Got it!"

And with that Logan stormed off, leaving an anxious, yet relieved, group of mutants behind him.

"Well...Guess he hasn't changed all that much. He's still the same Logan," commented Kitty.

"Yeah...No kidding," agreed Alex.

Kurt then felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to face his mother.

"Thank you Kurt," said Raven gratefully, "I didn't expect anybody to stick up for me like that."

"Hey, no big deal Mother," replied Kurt, "You're part of the family now. And family look out for each other."


It was a word that seemed downright alien to Mystique after having thrown it all away so much in the past. For so long now, she had always considered herself a loner and that family would only make her weaker. Yet after Kurt stood up for her in a way she never expected, it felt as though family had made her stronger despite struggling with so many things in recent times.

"Just...Don't vorry about Logan," assured Kurt, "He may seem a little temperamental, but that's because he's just a bit protective over all of us. I'm sure if you get to know him, he'll accept you in the same way the rest of us has."

"Getting you and the others to accept me is one thing...But Logan?" scoffed Mystique unbelievingly, "Something tells me I should sleep with the lights on for a while...That is, if I actually slept."


Outside the base, X23 still remained in the shadows as she had for over two weeks now. She had set up a makeshift camp in a tree and had been living like she always had, but in addition to all her usual survival habits, watching the new arrivals at the lake had become her primary focus now. But today...Something major happened that changed everything. HE had arrived.

His smell was unmistakable...She knew it so well that she didn't even have to think about it. Her suspicions over these intruders upon her solitude finally seemed justified as the angry former weapon within her began to simmer like a boiling pot of water beneath her skin. What was he doing here? Why couldn't he and the rest of the world just leave her alone? Years of living in the wild had blurred the line between the animal and the human within the teenage girl. Now...The man she blamed so much of her suffering on was so close. Two years ago...She had tried to exact her revenge on him...Only to end up crying in his arms. It was an act that brought out so many pent up emotions that she still struggled with to this day. She was just so confused now that any rational judgment pretty much went out the window as her old resolve once again took her over.

"Wolverine...I know it's you. I know you've come for me...But I won't let you, or anybody else for that matter, take me. I swear...I will destroy you. I will make you pay for all the pain you have made me feel!"


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