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I'll NEVER let them hurt you

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"Hey Gerard?" "Yeah?" "Is it true about you and the Pansy?"

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"Frankie...It's over. My whole life is over." Gerard said while trying to hold back tears threatening to spill down his face like the flow of a raging river.

"No." Frank whispered.

"Yes it is! Don't you understand Frank? If the news about us has leaked to Newark High, then my younger brother is going to find out! And if he finds out, then mom and dad find out! And that means another year of councilling! I can't take anymore of their bullshit!" Gerard yelled at Frank as he started to perdict what will go down after his parents find out that he was gay.

"No. It's not going to happen. We can just tell them that a girl from your school wanted to get revenge on me for dumping her best friend and that she started the rumor." Frank tried to explain a plan that just popped into his head at the last second.

"I...I guess we could give it a try." Gerard replied. Frank walked over to him and wrapped his arms around him.

"Don't worry babe. No one is going to know."

"But what if people find out that we're lying? And then...the beatings..." Gerard trailed off, remembering seeing a gay couple on his way home from school being beaten on the side of the road and no one bothered to help them.

"If people do find out, I'll never let them hurt you. I promise." Frank said, placing a soft kiss of reassurance on Gerards lips.

"You make alot of promises, you know that?"

"And I make sure I keep them." Frank said with a smile.

"Come on. Let's go to school." Gerard said. Frank moaned at the idea of now going to school.


"Mom? Dad? Mikes?" Gerard called out into the hall of his home. When there was no responce, he let himself and Frankie in. As they were heading down to Gerard's room, Gerard heard a door shut quietly behind him.

"Where the hell have you been Gee?" A voice said behind them.

"Ummm, hey Mikes. W-Why aren't you at school?" Gerard asked.

"You know, I could ask you the same thing. But I won't." Mikey said as he followed Gerard and Frank into Gerards bedroom. Once in there, Mikey sat down on Gerards bed.

"But there is something I want to ask you about," Mikey started.

"And what's that?" Gerard asked, pulling out his uniform.

"What's all this about you and Frank here being....together?" Mikey asked unimpressed. Gerard suddenly stiffened. "Well?"

"Where did you hear that?" Frank asked.

"Alicia texted me asking me..." Mikey cut off to pull out his phone and read the message to them. "'Hey Babe. You never told me that your bro is gay! How cute! No wonder he's really antisocial. Is he scared that people will hurt him?'" Mikey finished.

"Now that's a load of bull! Who would he be going out with? Me?!" Frank asked with a slight laugh.

"Well, I thought maybe considering..."

"What!? That he's my only friend!?" Gerard yelled at Mikey.

"Well, yeah. I'm sorry." Mikey apoligised.

"You should be. Now can you get out so I can get changed." Gerard ordered his younger brother out of his room. When Mikey closed the door and they heard Mikey walked further away before they spoke again.

"I feel so bad about lying to him about something like that." Gerard whispered as a wave of guilt covered him as he sat down on his bed.

"Oh babe. It'll be okay. We can just explain to him when you're ready alright?" Gerard nodded as Frank came over and hugged him tightly.

"Just think. If Mikey reacted like this, imaigin how people at school are going to reacted." Gerard commented.

"Wel, if they say anything to us, we'll just tell them that it was a stupid lie some drunk girl started after not getting her way. People would believe that." Frank said with a smile. Gerard smiled back and continued to get ready for school.


"Would you like to explain why you two are so late for school today?" The lady at the front officed asked them.

"We kinda had transport trouble." Frank said.

"Alright then. But this is the last time I'm letting you off the hook Mr Iero. And you Mr Way," she said, turning and pointing a finger to Gerard "Never let this happen again. Now get to class." She said, dissmissing them from her presence.

"What you got now?" Frank asked Gerard.

"Art. You?"

"English. I'll see you later yeah?" Frank asked when they reached the English rooms.

"Yeah sure. At the tree we sat at last time?" Gerard asked

"Yeah. See you at lunch." Frank smiled and looked around to make sure no one was looking when he gave Gerard a quick peck on the cheek. Gerard began to blush as Frank entered his class, leaving Gerard to go to his class alone.

"So you have finally decided to join our art class Gerard." The teacher said as he entered the class room.

"Umm, yeah. Haven't been to well." Gerard said as he sat down at an empty seat. As he got his art book out of his bag, he heard whisperes behind him, then a tap on the shoulder.

"Hey Gerard?" A girl with blonde hair asked.


"Is it true about you and the Pansy?" She asked.

"The what?" Gerard asked back in confusion.

"You know, the Pansy." She said again. Gerard searched his brain to find out where he had heard the term 'Pansy' before. Then it clicked.

"Oh, you mean Frank?"

"Yeah him!"

"What about us?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"It's all over Myspace! This chick sent out these comments telling everyone that you and the Pansy are together. I just wanna know if it's true or not." She explained.

"It's not. Me and Frank are only friends." Gerard made sure to emphasise on the 'only'.

"Then why would someone write that about you two?" She asked, yet again.

"Because the girl who wrote it couldn't get her own...way. If you get what I mean." He explained.


"Besides, I had been drinking and so was she. When I called Frank to come and pick me up and take me home, she got the shits." Gerard couldn't believe how well he was coming up with this.

"Ohh okay. Thanks." she said, turning back to her friends. Gerard turned back to his art book and smiled. He looked around the room for something to draw. Then it came to him. He got a pencil, rubber and sharpener out and began to draw.
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