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Wake up, my love

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Gerard picked up Franks phone and read the text message. Frank. Im srry. I tried. I rlly did but Lyndz haz already sprd tha news 'bout u 2 on tha net. Every1 noes.

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As the sun shone threw the window in Frank's room, Frank slowly stirred from his sleep. Waking up slowly, he looked up to find Gerard still sleeping peacfully, his chest rising and falling slowly as he breathed in and out. Frank carefully pulled the blankets off him and got out of bed, trying not to disturb Gerard, knowing that Gerard would have a pretty bad hangover. Frank walked quietly to the bathroom and washed his face. He went back into his bedroom and found a shirt and put it on, while walking down stairs. He walked into the kitchen and got out a glass and filled it with water. He put it on the bench and was about to get the panadol out when his mom walked into the kitchen, pulling her hair into a ponytail.

"Frankie dear, I'm working late tonight so you're gonna have to have dinner without me tonight. Think you can manage without burning the kitchen down?" She said with a smile.

"Ha ha ha very funny mom. Don't worry. I'll order pizza again tonight." Frank said

"Oh leftover pizza again Frank? How bout Chinese tonight? Something different." She suggested as she picked up her car keys and headed for the front door, Frank following her closely.

"Alright mom. I'll see you later tonight."

"Oh trust me honey, by the time I get home, you would have retreated to your room."

"So, I'll see you in the morning?"

"See you in the morning." She said, giving Frank a peck on the top of his head and headed to the car and got in.

Frank headed back inside and closed the door quietly, hoping that Gerard hasn't woken up yet. He headed back into the kitchen and got the panadol out of the cupboard, grabbed the glass of water and walked back upstairs and opened his door to find his bedroom empty.

"Gerard?" Frank said quietly. He heard the water running in the bathroom and headed towards it. He knocked on the door.

"Oh God. Come in..." He heard Gerard groan from the other side of the door. He opened it as quietly as possible with the glass of water and panadol ready in hand.

"Enjoying your hangover my love?" Frank asked sarcastically.

"Oh fuck. Are all hangovers this bad?" Gerard asked, taking the panadol and water out of Franks hands.

"Oh only if you drink that much every time. Or more. Then it gets worse." Frank replied, sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

"Oh shut up." Gerard groaned as he swallowed the tablet and a sip of water.

"So. We are going to head back to your place, get you into your school clothes and head to school." Frank said, getting up, taking off his top and switching on the shower.

"Wait, you seriously expect me to go to school with a hangover?" Gerard asked in disbelife.

"Yep! If I can, then you can too. Now, can I please have my shower?" Frank asked. Gerard walked out and back into Frank's bedroom, crashing on Frank's bed again. By the time Frank had showered and gotten dressed, Gerard was fast asleep on his bed again. He sighed and stood over Gerard.

"Man, I'm gonna get soo many letters sent home cause of you aren't I?" Frank asked the sleeping Gerard. He loosened his tie and took his shirt off, lying down next to Gerard and finally fell back asleep himself.



"Hey Frankie?"

*Poke poke

"Frankie, wake up?"

*Poke poke poke poke poke

"Stop friggen poking me." Frank mumbled as he turned over.

"What about school?" Gerard asked, while still continued to poke him.

"Fuck school. You have a hangover. I'm gonna stay home and take care of you okay. Now go back to sleep."

"A-Are you sure?" Gerard asked. "I mean, we have only been to school once this week and..." Gerard was cut of by Franks lips forcfully pushed onto his. Frank pulled away and smirked at the surprised look on Gerards face.

"Don't you remember anything about last night?" Frank asked, with slight dissapointment in his voice.

"Only some things. But even they are a bit blurry." Gerard confessed.

"Well, you kind of, well, kissed me a little rough, then, well, we agreed that we are an official couple. But, I didn't think we would be this morning. I wasn't expecting you to remember that so yeah." Frank explained, his eyes on the floor.

"You thought wrong." Frank heard Gerard say quietly. Gerard walked over to Frank and cupped his face in his hands. "I still want us to be an officiall couple. When I woke up, that was the first thing I remembered. But, I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining it." He finished with a smile, then placing his lips lightly on Franks.

"I love you Gee." Frank whispered as he held onto Gerards hair on the back of his head.

"I love you too Frank. But, can we keep this between us, for now?" Gerard asked.

"Umm, well, that might be a bit of a problem." Frank said.

"Excuse me?" Gerard said stepping back from Frank a bit.

"You told Lynd-z that we kissed and, well, you kinda picked me over her to go home with. Does the name 'Mia' ring a bell?"

"Mia? Mia. It does but I can't remember where from..."

"Mia is my ex. And Lynd-z is her best friend. When she saw me last night, well, lets just say that Newark High now knows about us."

Horror spread quickly across Gerards face as memories of his old school flooded his mind. Seeing pictures of himself and remembering the glares he got from all the other students around him.

"No...No...Not again..." Gerard whispered, his voice trembling and his eyes begining to tear up.

"Nothing is going to happen again. Trust me, I'll take care of it." Frank assured Gerard while pulling out his phone and dialing Jamia's number.


"Mia? It's Frank."

"What the fuck do you want? First you dump me, now I find out you're gay? I don't want to be known as the chick who is the reason her ex is gay." She said coldly.

"Don't worry. You're not the reason I'm gay alright. I figured that out ages after I dumped you so there's no need for concern. It's about my boyfriend."

"What about him?"

"I just...Could you tell Lynd-z not to say anything else to anyone about him? Please?"

"Why should I?"

"Because a shit load of bad things happened to him before I met him and I don't want them to start happening to him again."

"Wait. Isn't your boyfriend that Gerard kid that freaked out and attacked that chick and her boyfriend a couple of years ago?"

"Yeah. He's much better now..."

"What? Now that he's fucking you? I felt heaps good after..."

"Shut the fuck up Jamia."

"Well it's only the truth."

"Are you going to get Lynd-z to stop or what?"

"I guess so." she sighed.

"Thank you."


Frank hung up his phone and walked over to his bed where Gerard had sat down again. Frank wrapped his arm around him and pulled him in close.

"There we go babe. No one at our school is going to know. It's all okay." He said, then planting a soft kiss on Gerard's temple.

"I woke up, morning. I woke up dead today. I aged a thousand years. Or more.I flinch when you are nice. You kill me with a single word. When Angels fuck and Devils kiss..."

Frank picked up his phone and read the text he had just recived. A wave of horror washed over Frank as he dropped his phone on the floor.

"Frankie? Frank, what's wrong?" Gerard said with pure concern. There was no responce from Frank, only a tear, which ran down his cheek. Gerard picked up Franks phone and read the text message.

Frank. Im srry. I tried. I rlly did but Lyndz haz already sprd tha news 'bout u 2 on tha net. Every1 noes.

Okay, don't hate me for making Lynd-z the bad guy but hey, I met her and she was a bitch to me so yeah. She's in the bad books for me ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this one. Don't worry. There will be heaps more to come. And I'll try my best to post them asap, promise. Oh yeah, Frank's message tone is this awesome song called 'Angels Fuck' by Jack-Off Jill. My suggestion, look it up on Youtube and give it a listen. Totally awesome song.

For those reading in America, look out coz Aussie band Guns For Glory are headed your way! You better like them! The bassist is my cousin XD and who knows, I could maybe tagging along with them! Yay!

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