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Hello Angel tell me where are you?

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Gerard stared up at Lynd-z, then at Frank, who was looking at Gerard with pleading eyes. "Can you take me home now..." Lynd-z smirked as Gerard stared up at her.

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"Oh thanks a fucking heap Lynd-z!" Frank screamed at her as a smirk crossed her face.

"W-What is she talking about Frank?" Gerard asked Frank innocently.

"Mia was my girlfriend. I broke up with her a week before I met you Gerard I promise." Frank said, slowly walking towards Gerard and Lynd-z.

"Oh bullshit Iero! You talk to Mia every night!" Lynd-z screamed back at Frank while getting to her feet.

"Why are you trying to sabotage my life Lynd-z! Just because I dumped your best friend and told her to stay out of my life doesn't give you the right to come into mine and take my boy..." Frank stopped hiimself by biting his tounge.

"I'm not your boyfriend Frank, remember? We're taking it slow for now." Gerard reminded him.

"See? He's fair game. I can have him if I want." Lynd-z said in a 'matter-of-fact' tone.

"Well it doesn't matter if you want him, but does he want you?" Frank asked trying to outsmart her.

"Well, do you want me Gerard?" Lynd-z asked in a stern voice, staring down at Gerard.

"Or, do you, maybe, want to be with me?" Frank asked in a sympathetic tone and getting down to the same level as Gerard. Gerard stared up at Lynd-z, then at Frank, who was looking at Gerard with pleading eyes.

"Can you take me home now..." Lynd-z smirked as Gerard stared up at her. "I'm sorry Lynd-z." Gerard looked at Frank and smiled at him, putting his hand ontop of Franks which was sitting beside him. Frank looked at Gerard in shock.

He chose me over her. Frank thought to himelf.

"Alright Gee. Let's get you home." Frank lifted Gerard up by under his arms and placed one of Gerards arms over his shoulder.

"Are we goin' to yoouurr house Frankk?" Gerard slurred. Frank stared at the man holding on to him. He didn't know whether to take him back to his place or not.

"D-Do you want to come back to my place?" He asked Gerard.

"Look at the pretty starrssss. They twinkle pretty-ly-like huh Frankie?" Gerard asked before almost passing out and hitting the ground. Frank quickly possitioned himself underneath him, ready to catch him. Frank then decided that going to Gerards house might be a bit of a bad idea. So he decided to go back to his place, only because it was closer as awell.

"Woh, you okay Gee?" Frank asked as he caught Gerard and helped him to stand up straight, sort of.

"Yeah, I'm okay Frankie. I'm sleepy. Can we sleep now?" Gerard asked him, attemping to pull-off a puppy-dog look.

"Jeesh Gee, you are no good at that look." Frank commented, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah I know."

"But yes, we can. You gotta be quiet though. Mom might not be in bed yet. So shhhh..." Frank said, putting a spare finger to his lips.

"Hehee. You look hot when you do that." Gerard giggled

"What? Like this?" He did it again, making Gerard giggle even more.

"Okay, now we have to be quiet okay?" Gerard nodded his head in responce. Frank unlocked the front door and helped Gerard up the stairs and into his bedroom. Frank lead Gerard to his bed and sat him down.

"Ummm, Frankie? Can you help me get my shirt off?" Gerard asked after a failed attempt of trying to take his top off. Frank walked over to him and Gerard lifted his arms up.

"Exactly how many drinks did you have Gee?" Frank asked as he pulled Gerards shirt up and over his head.

"I donno. I lost track at around 10 or something." Gerard said, struggling to remember.

"Wait? You had more than 10 and you had only been there for a couple of hours? Gerard that's stupid!" Frank said, his words dripping in horror.

"It's not that bad..."

"Yes it is Gerard! That many drinks in a short period of time! It's a fucking miricle you don't have alochol poisioning!"

" 'm sorry Frankie..." Gerard said, trailing off, his eyes glued to the floor. A sence of dejavu hit Frank in the face when he saw Gerard staring at the floor the same way he did on his first day of school.

"No. I'm sorry Gerard. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. It was wrong for me to do that." Frank said sitting down next to Gerard and put an arm around him and pulled him in close.

"It's okay Frankie. I'm...I'm..." Gerard stared into Franks eyes. "I'm lucky to have you." Gerard whispered. Gerard cupped Franks cheek in on hand and pulled his face closer to his own till their foreheads and noses were touching. The tension between them grew as they breathed down the front of each others necks. Very slowly, Gerard pressed his lips against Franks, giving him a soft loving kiss. Gerard pulled away slightly and stared Frank directly in the eyes.

"So, does this mean that we're..."

"Together?" Frank finished

"Yeah. Are we?" Gerard asked, unsure of they're situation.

"Well, I know I want us to be, but do you?" Frank asked.

"Can I do something before I decide?"

"Sure." Frank went to get up and give Gerard some time to think when he was suddenly pulled down by his wrist and his lips were connected focefully to Gerards. Next thing Frank new, his shirt was being pulled up.

"Mhhmm...Gerard...wait..." Frank said push Gerard softly away.

"I-I'm sorry." Gerard appoligised innocently.

"Nah it's okay. You just doing it a little...wrong-ish."


"It's a little more like this..." Frank pushed Gerard down lightly so he was lying down and stradled him. He then lightly ran his fingers up Gerard sides, causing him to slighlty shiver.

"And like thisss..." Frank hissed him Gerard's ear before latching his lips onto Gerard's neck and behan to suck.

"Oh fucckkk..." Gerard moaned.

"So Gerard, do youo want to be my boyfriend?" Frank asked seductively.

"Hells yeah..." Gerard breathed. Frank kissed Gerard on the lips and was suddenly rolled over, causing him and Gerard to swap places, Gerard now on top.

"Oh Gerard, so you like dominance?"

"Hmm, I think I do." Gerard said with a smirk on his face. They were soon interrupted by a knock on Franks door.

"Frank honey? Who are you talking to?"

"I'm on the phone mom!"

"Well, can you keep it down please honey? I have work in the morning!"

"Okay mom! Sorry!" Frank called back to his mom.

"Dude, so close!" Gerard said in a quiet giggle.

"You're telling me! Come on, lets go to sleep yeah?"

"Okaayyyy." Gerard said very child-like as he climbed under the covers next to Frank. He lied on his on his back and Frank cuddled into him. ''Hey Frankie?"


"Thank you."

"For what?" Frank asked curiously.

"Saving my life."

"What are you talking about this time Gee?"

"Well, tonight, I was gonna walk around the streets drunk as shit, and well, hopfully get hit by a car or something..."

"No! No! I'm so glade I came and got you then! Y-You could have s-stumbled onto the road and-and get...." Frank broke off at the mere thought of Gerard being hit by a car or truck.

"Oh no Frank, please don't cry." Gerard pleaded as he wiped tears off of Franks face.

"I'm sorry Gee, it's just imagining you d-dead..." Frank choked out.

"Oh Frank, please, stop crying. Please?" Gerard still pleaded as tears began to form in his own eyes.

"Ok, I'm alright Gee."

"Ok hun. Lets try and sleep now yeah?"

"Mhum." Frank wrapped an arm around Gerard tighly, not wanting to ever let go of him, no matter how much his breathe reaked of alcohol.

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