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Oh Dear...

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“Oh my God, Frank! Mia is going to FLIP OUT!” She exclaimed. Frank stared at her in horror. “W-Who’s Mia?” Gerard stuttered

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As Gerard walked around the corner, he saw Lynd-z waiting for him in front of his old high school. He came to a complete stand still, staring at her features. He remained like that until she saw him and began to walk over to him, causing him to return to normal.

“Hey Gerard.” She said, giving him a hug.

“Oh, hey Lynd-z.” Gerard said, shyly returning the hug.

“You ready to go?” she asked him.

“Yeah. Can I make a phone call first?”

“Yeah sure.”

Gerard reached into his pocket and pulled his phone out. He scrolled down a list of names and stopped when he got to Frank’s number and pressed the call button. He waited a couple of seconds before Frank answered.

“Hey Gee. What’s up?”

“Hey Frank. I was just letting you know that I may not be at school again tomorrow.”

“Oh. How come?” Frank asked, sounding disappointed.

“Well, I’m kinda going to”

“Party? W-With who?”

“Umm, well, remember how I told you about Lynd-z?” Gerard asked nervously

“Please, Gerard, don’t tell me you’re going out with her.” Frank whispered quietly.

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing. Do you remember me telling you about her?”


“Well, I’m going with her to this party.”




“Hello? Frank?”

Frank threw his phone against the wall and watched it fall to the floor in pieces as tears streamed down his face. He had felt betrayed.

‘What does it mean when someone say’s ‘I Love You’, then leaves you to love another?’

“No...” Frank whispered, his head began to spin.

‘Do you get revenge?’

The words from his dream spin around his head. Frank’s head shot up and he stared at his laptop sitting on his bed. Frank ran to it and clicked on one of his contacts on his msn menu.

Frankie the Pansy: Hey Jamie. U noe where the party at?

Pimp J@mie fuck da coppas drink up babyyy!!!: fuck yea. U interested 4 a changed Pansy boy?

Frankie the Pansy: where is it?

Pimp J@mie fuck da coppas drink up babyyy!!!: ok ok chill man I’ll tell ya where its happening.


Gerard and Lynd-z arrived at a huge house where music was blaring from the speakers and people were hanging out on the veranda with drinks in their hands. Gerard looked around at how many people were there. This was the most amount of people that he has ever been around in his entire life.

“Come on in!” Lynd-z called out to him.

They walked insider where there were dozens of people dancing and almost just as many on couches making out with each other. Gerard started to feel uncomfortable and accidently bumped into the back of Lynd-z.

“Relax Gee! Here! Have a drink!” She yelled over the music, handing Gerard a paper cup with some drink in it, which he started to drink slowly.

Not even an hour passed when Frank arrived at the party. After staring at the size of the house, he finally decided to go in and look for Gerard. The music that was thumping from the speakers was already starting to give Frank a headache so he decided to look for Gerard and get out of there asap.

An hour after arriving and Gerard had already had 5 drinks and was starting to feel more confident and was starting to talk to Lynd-z more freely. He had tripped over a couple of times so Lynd-z led him outside and sat Gerard down on the grass.

“Have you ever drunken alcohol before Gerard?” Lynd-z asked him

“Nope! Not once. My first drink and Im loving it” Gerard replied, swaying side to side.

“Oh! Careful there cowboy!” Lynd-z said, holding him up as he started to fall back.

“Do you know Frankie?” Gerard slurred out.

“I don’t think so.”

“He goes to Bellville High. Like me.” Gerard said, pointing to himself.

“Really. Nice to know.”

“He was the only one to talk to me. And do wanna know something?” Gerard whispered with a smile on his face.

“Tell me.” She said leaning in for him to whisper in her ear.

“We kissed.” He whispered into her ear. Lynd-z leaned back with a shocked expression on her face, her eyes widening in horror as Gerard nodded.

“H-Have you ever kissed another g-guy before?” Lynd-z asked him. Gerard’s only response was a slight shake of his head.

“Gerard!” frank called out as he saw Gerard and Lynd-z sitting on the grass closely together. Lynd-z turned around to face Frank with an angry expression upon her face.

“Oh, hey Frank.” Gerard said quietly.

“Wait, this is the Frank that kissed you?” Lynd-z asked in shock. Yet again, the only response from Gerard was a simple nod. A wide smile crept onto Lynd-z’s face as the situation was now playing to her advantage.

“Oh my God, Frank! Mia is going to FLIP OUT!” She exclaimed. Frank stared at her in horror.

“W-Who’s Mia?” Gerard stuttered. Lynd-z continued to stare at Frank, who was shaking his head, a signal for her not to say anything to Gerard.

“Mia, Gerard, is Frank’s girlfriend.”

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