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It's Only the Beginning

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‘What does it mean when someone say’s ‘I Love You’, then leaves you to love another?’

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‘What does it mean when someone say’s ‘I Love You’, then leaves you to love another?’

“Who are you?”

‘What do you do when they don’t even tell you that there is someone else?’

“W-What are you talking about?”

‘Do you get revenge? Or do you try your best to forget them and continue living life…’

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about!”

‘Even though every minute spent with him, to you was more precious than life itself?’

“STOP!!!!!” Frank screamed as he sat up in his bed, which was now drenched in sweat. His heart was pounding in his throat as the words he heard were revolving in his head.

‘What does it mean when someone say’s ‘I Love You’, then leave you to love another?’

“Ahh, fuck.” Frank moaned as he got out of bed and walked over to his mirror. His reflection revealed his face covered in beads of sweat. He went to the bathroom and ran the cold water and cupped it in his hands, bringing it to his face.

“Fucking hell.” Frank muttered as he walked over to his laptop. Looking at the time, he only realised it was 3.30 and his mom will be arriving home from work any minute. Frank opened up MSN and his Myspace and logged on. He scrolled down his contacts and found that Gerard was on.

Frankie the Pansy: Hey G. Srry I got off when the bus went past my house. I waz jst tired I guess.

Deadly Chemical: It’s ok Frank. Just let me noe nxt time.

Frankie the Pansy: Srry again. Wat u doin?

Deadly Chemical: I jst got off the fone wiv sum1.

Frankie the Pansy: Really? Who?

Deadly Chemical: 1 of Mikey’s friends. Her name is Lynd-z. She gave me her Myspace. She’s pretty.

Frankie the Pansy: Good to noe rolls eyes

Deadly Chemical: Wow, I never realized how nice u were Frank.

Frankie the Pansy: Ok time 2 cut the crap.

Deadly Chemical: Wat’s the matta Frank?

Frankie the Pansy: had a bad dream. Dnt wanna talk about it.

Deadly Chemical: Sure u dnt wanna talk bout it?

Frankie the Pansy: 100%

Deadly Chemical: Haz it got 2 do wiv me?

Frankie the Pansy: …

Deadly Chemical: I take that az a ‘yes’

Frankie the Pansy: I'm going. C u 2moz.

Deadly Chemical: Awww…Alrite. Bye! Xx

Frank logged off MSN and quickly checked his Myspace. While he was on, he thought to himself that he might check this ‘Lynd-z” chick. When he clicked on her from Gerard’s friends list, he soon as he saw her picture, he hated her with a passion.


Deadly Chemical: Hey Lynz, srry bout that.

Butchered and loving it: ‘s ok. Who u talkin 2?

Deadly Chemical: my friend Frank. he’s in a bit of a bad mood.

Butchered and loving it: oh really? How come?

Deadly Chemical: idk. I think he’s just tired. We had a pretty rough day.

Butchered and loving it: rough eh? Lol

Deadly Chemical: wat exactly r u implying there missy?

Butchered and loving it: u noe perfectly well ;)

Deadly Chemical: I'm not gay.

Butchered and loving it: dnt wrry. I’ll keep ur secret. Btw, gay guys makin out iz hot.

Deadly Chemical: change of subject time.

Butchered and loving it: ok. Wanna come 2 a party?

Deadly Chemical: when?

Butchered and loving it: now.

Gerard looked over at his clock, which read 6.30. He guesses he could go out for a while. But what about Frank?

Deadly Chemical: sure. Y not.

Butchered and loving it: brilliant. Meet me infront of Newark high ok. U noe where that is yea?

Deadly Chemical: yes.

Butchered and loving it: meet me there in 15. Bye babe. xx

Gerard stared at the screen. This was the first time a girl called him ‘babe’ and he loved it. Maybe he wasn’t gay after all. He got up and got out a clean pair of pants and changed into them and left for the high school.
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