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Lets take it slow...

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"Thanks Frank. It feels good to know that someone thinks that I'm amazing. And not a freak like the rest of the world does…” Gerard said trailing off. “I'm not the rest of the world.” Fr...

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What did we just do? I barely know Frank and I let him jerk me off. What was I thinking? What if he was just horny? Did he use me? I doubt he really loves me. I mean, I love him. I just don’t want to be hurt again. Maybe he did just use me. He probably did…

Gerard continued to have mental conversations with himself as he lay next to Frank. He felt as if he had been used again. Although he rather enjoyed it, and he wanted to kick himself for thinking like this. Frank wasn’t like that…was he?

Oh God what did I do to him? Frank thought to himself. Sure, he loved the taste of Gerard, but he felt like he went too fast. He didn’t even know if Gerard was gay or not. Frank then began to feel sick in his stomach.

“G-Gerard…” Frank whispered.

“What is it Frank?”

“I-I'm sorry…” Frank said as a single tear slid down his cheek.

“S-Sorry? For what?” Gerard asked.

“I'm sorry for doing that to you. I shouldn’t have…”

“Shhh, it’s okay. But…I think, maybe we should just be friends for now.” Gerard suggested.

“Yes totally. We barley know each other. And then I go and do something stupid like that…” Frank trailed off.

“No Frank. It’s not stupid. You were just…eager. When was the last time you had a…partner?” Gerard asked him.

“Umm…” Frank thought. When was the last time he had a boyfriend? “I think, like, last year or something. I can’t remember.”

“Well, there’s why you were so eager. Besides, I never had a girlfriend. So you’re the first person to do anything to me…” Gerard trailed off, feeling himself go red from embarrassment about his virginity.

“Awww! I'm you're first intermit! I feel special!” Frank beamed, giving Gerard a quick peck on the lips.

“Frank, please. Remember, friends?” Gerard reminded Frank.

“Oh yeah. I'm sorry.” Frank said sinking back a bit.

“It’s okay! I just need to get my thought’s sorted out that’s all. Then, maybe, we could be…more.” Gerard told him.

“I understand. I know exactly what you're going through…”

“What do you…”

“Let’s go to the mall yeah?” Frank said, cutting Gerard off.

“Umm…yeah, sure.” Gerard said, watching Frank bounce up off the bed and started getting his shoes on.

“Come on slow poke!” Frank teased and pulled Gerard off the bed.


“Ahh! The mall. How I love thee.” Frank dramatised. Gerard simple stood next to Frank with his hands in his pockets.

“What’s up Gee?” Frank asked, turning to face him

“Oh, nothing Frank. It’s just that, cause I was always alone, I never really been to a mall befo…”

“Say what?! You never been to a mall before?” Frank asked, putting a hand over his heart and acting shocked.

“Yeah. I guess I am.” Gerard said, keeping his eyes on his shoes.

“Well, looks like I'm going to have to show you around.” Frank said, grabbing Gerard by his wrist and dragging him towards one store after another. After leaving each store, Frank had another new item. So far, he had 2 new pair of skinnies, a Misfits shirt, a Black Flag shirt, at least 5 albums and 3 sticks of eyeliner. Gerard on the other hand, left with nothing each time. When Frank pulled Gerard to the next store, Gerard looked up at the sign.

“‘Hot Topic?’” Gerard asked.

“Best store in the whole world!” Frank exclaimed, pulling Gerard in behind him. As soon as Gerard was in the store, his eyes grew immensely at the items within the store.

“Wow…” Gerard said, lost for words.

“I know.” Frank said, heading towards a large pile of shirts. Gerard began to wonder around the store. He walked up to another pile of shirts and began to go through them. He found a couple of ‘Iron Maiden’ shirts and a Ziggy Stardust shirt that he felt he had to have. He picked it up, making sure it was the right size and an Iron Maiden shirt and continued to look around.

“So you do know how to shop!” said Frank, popping up behind Gerard unexpectedly.

“Oh go continue doing what you do.” Gerard said, turning to a basket full of belt buckles. He picked up a Bat one he liked and walked to the make-up section. He found some white face powder, red and black eyeliner and black eye mascara. He took all his items and payed for them at the counter beside Frank.

“Wanna go and get some coffee?” Frank asked Gerard as they walked out of ‘Hot Topic’ with their bags.

“Yes please! I'm dying for one!” Gerard said.

“Hope you like Starbucks.” Frank said as they walked into the closest Starbucks cafe.

“Hell Yeah…” Gerard sighed as the smell of Starbucks coffee filled his lunges. They walked over to the counter and ordered their coffee’s separately. They took a seat and relaxed for a bit. They sat in silence and got up when they heard their order’s being called out.

“One Iced-Mocha with soy-milk and whipped cream and one Vanilla Late!”

The two boys got their drinks and walked out. Frank led Gerard to the food court and sat down.

“Hey Gerard.”

“Yeah Frank?” Gerard said, looking up from his Late.

“Why didn’t you make any friends at your old school?” Frank asked, curious about Gerard.

“I…I really don’t know Frank. Even in kindy, none of the kids really talked to me. Even if we were in groups, none of them would talk to me. So, I learnt to keep to myself and I’ve been like that ever since.”

“I wonder why none of the kids would talk to you. You’re amazing. I don’t see how they could see that.” Frank said.

“There’s nothing amazing about me Frank. I'm plain.”

“No you're not! You can sing words that are floating around in your head and make them sound incredible. That’s not plain. That’s talent.” Frank said, trying to boost Gerard’s self-esteem.

“Thanks Frank. It feels good to know that someone thinks that I'm amazing. And not a freak like the rest of the world does…” Gerard said trailing off.

“I'm not the rest of the world.” Frank said quietly. Before Gerard could say anything else, Frank got up and took Gerard by the hand, leading him to the bus stop.

“Let’s go. I've had enough of the mall for now.”

“Okay. Let’s go back to my place.” Gerard said as they sat down on a vacant seat, Frank’s hand still entwined with Gerard’s.

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