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please reply

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Hey everyone, i hope you are all liking my story so far and i just wanted to know if anyone would be able to help me find something.

so a while ago i was going to see elliot minor i think it was, in glasgow and me and my friend were walking behind this girl on our way there.
She was wearing a my chem hoodie and it had all five of their pictures on the back of it and it was the most gorgeous thing i had ever seen in my life.

i have been looking for this hoodie since i saw it and it is impossible to find. if i had known how hard it was to get i would have asked her where she got it but unfortunately i didnt and it has left me in this predicament.

this is where all you lovely readers come in.... i would really love to know if anyone knows where i can get such a beautiful hoodie and if anybody has one or has any ideas please let me know and i would be so so grateful.

let me know asap
Xoxo Stazzia
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