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Mania's One Thing But Depression's Another

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Mikey is manic depressive and Frank is trying his best to take care of him but how long can he keep Mikey alive without help [one-shot]

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Disclaimer: I know that this is in no way what Mikey is like and i dont own any of My chem unfortunately. This is mainly to express something that was on my mind and it has no resemblance to Mikey's character at all.


Frank's POV

Mikey was in a great mood today, thankfully.
He stood proudly outside the school gates with an eager looking grin spread across his adorable, pale face, his hazel eyes glittering brightly behind his glasses in the frosty sunlight.

“Frankie!” he exclaimed. I smiled back at him as he ran towards me, throwing his skinny arms around my waist.

I loved him when he was like this. I couldn’t understand why anyone would consider this mood to be ‘dangerous’ but I don’t think he did either and that’s probably why it was so dangerous to him.
We walked into the grey building of the school, Mikey bouncing along and babbling constantly about anything that came to mind; music, movies, school, the sky, the weather, anything.

The smile was still fixed firmly to his face, I adored that smile, it told me that at least for the moment, everything was okay.

We both had math together first and luckily enough, I sat right next to him.
“We will be starting off with the equations form last lesson…” Mrs Simpson, our math teacher, began. Mikey began talking at that moment and for the rest of the lesson, his constant whispers and giggles filled my ear.

That was, until he got sent out to ‘calm himself down’ as he had fallen into an uncontrollable fit of laughter and when he was told to be quiet, only increased the pitch and volume of his giggles. He came back with a smirk a few minutes later and continued to feed me jokes for the remainder of the class.

“Frankie?! We should do something…something fun. Camping!” he babbled excitedly on our way to biology.
I was used to Mikey’s outrageous and completely spontaneous when he was in this mood.
“We could go and buy a tent and food and more stuff and we could go tonight cause I have that new credit card!” he muttered, almost incoherently to me.

I knew how to handle Mikey and I knew that if I agreed to his idea, he would most likely do just what he had said without so much as a second thought.
“Mikey, honey we are in school. We will talk about it later” he will be over the idea by the end of the day and I just had to stall it until then.

He sighed but carried on suggesting activities. At the rate he was talking, I only managed to catch a few which included bungee jumping tonight, rock climbing in an hour and going to Spain to see the Misfits at the weekend. I rolled my eyes and smiled happily at him. I had to make sure however, that none of his ideas were carried out, I had to be with him all the time and take care of him. If I didn’t, nobody else would and I feared what would happen if nobody was there looking out for him.

We finished up the rest of the day and stopped at a few shops on the way home- Mikey’s decision -where he put his new credit card to an extremely expensive use. He bought almost everything in sight, ignoring my many protests. He didn’t even buy anything he needed but I had known all along that giving him a credit card had been a mistake. Then again, his parents had no idea of the way Mikey did things, they just thought his mood swings were ‘Mikey just being a moody teenager’ and yet again so did the school, once he had gotten the courage to finally try and tell them there was something wrong with him.

It had really upset him to nobody believed him but I knew he was telling the truth and he knew too, but none of us could fix it by ourselves. I tried my best to keep him from doing the stupid things but if he was depressed, it made him harder to reach as he never wanted anybody’s help and refused to talk to anyone properly.
So we left the shop with various bags of useless items and we headed home. He laced his fingers through mine as we strolled through the street, swinging my hand and singing as he went. I hugged him goodbye outside his house and he placed a soft kiss on my cheek before skipping off down the path.

It would get worse later.

Around eleven, my cell phone started buzzing and Mikey’s name lit up on the screen. I knew what was coming. This was the most difficult part of caring for him.

“Hey Mikes. You okay?”
All I heard were Mikey’s soft sobs distantly in the phone.
“Why won’t they just listen to me?” he cried.
“It’s okay baby, I’m gonna come over okay?”
“No! It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m gonna sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow” he mumbled before hanging up the phone and leaving me to my thoughts.
He was lying, his mood had dropped more dramatically than I had expected, just like it always did and every time it did, every battle to keep him alive was harder than the last.

I must have fallen asleep at some point as I woke to my alarm the next morning; the annoying bleep, bleep, bleep of it ringing through my head. Flashes of Mikey’s state came back to me and I sprang to my feet, quickly running for a shower before getting dressed and grabbing some breakfast on my way out.

He was nowhere to be seen outside school but on days like these, I didn’t expect him to be waiting for me with a smile. I didn’t really expect anything. I went straight towards my chemistry class and prayed he would be there.

I waited five minutes into the lesson before making an excuse about a stomach ache and going in search for Mikey. I knew he would be in school cause he always did try his hardest to carry out the motions of a normal day but never quite succeeded and usually ended up in the toilets. There was no way he would walk in late to a class so there was no chance of him returning to chemistry now that he was late. I checked the first bathroom with no luck, then quickened my pace to the second bathroom at the other side of the school, praying he was okay. There was no sign of him there either and I started to panic.

I pulled out my phone to call him and dialled the number quickly with shaky fingers.
“Hello….” his distant voice barely made it audible as he answered after a few rings.
“Mikey? Baby where are you?”
“s’too late. Too late. I’m sorry. I cant do it if nobody helps me. Maybe they will believe me when I’m gone.”
Oh god. What has he done?

“Mikey? Please I’m begging you. What’s happened? Where are you?” I babbled, now panicking.
“Staff toilets………they wouldn’t find me there. I’m sorry Frankie” he hung up.

My phone slid out of my hand in horror, crashing to the floor and the sound echoing through the empty hall. I had to snap out of it.
I ran as fast as my feet would take me to the staff toilets and burst through the door, calling for Mikey.
There was only one cubicle that was shut and I listened closely to hear faint whimpers coming from it, confirming my suspicions.
I pushed the door open carefully, freezing in horror at what I saw.
Mikey’s deathly pale, limp body was curled up on the linoleum floor, crimson liquid surrounded him and was still steadily pouring from him. He was shaking so violently I was afraid to touch him.
His head slowly turned towards me, the most painful look of fear etched into his eyes.
“Frankie….y…you…cant…s…save me. I…I…love….you” he stuttered, before shutting his eyes and curling his body tighter, shivering uncontrollably.
I pulled my shirt off instantly, pressing it to the wounds on his arms that were the source of the blood. It soaked through within a few seconds. Something was telling me to give up but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. we had come this far and I couldn’t give up now.

Tears were freely flowing down my cheeks as I tried to save him. His body became almost frozen as he suddenly stopped shivering and shaking and was deadly still. His expression was somewhat peaceful and a small hint of that beautiful smile shone through.

I had lost him.

After everything that had happened, I had lost him. I hadn’t been enough to get him through this and nobody had listened to him. They had all stood and judged him before knowing the problem, afraid to hear it because they didn’t know how to deal with it and instead only listening to what they wanted to hear.

It had inevitably killed him.

I hugged his cold body close to me, somehow wanting to share my warmth with him, as if it would bring him back or help him in someway.
Something in his hand caught my eye. I had been to panicked before to notice it but as I pulled the small crumpled object from his hand, the tears brimming in my eyes began to spill down my cheeks and I cuddled my face into his soft hair.

It was a photo of us.

There was a small, bloodstained note that lay with it and I opened it up to see his messy handwriting quickly scrawled on the paper.

I know you will feel like you could have done more. Baby you did all you could and I love you more than you will ever know for believing in me and that’s all you could have done. I don’t know how to explain how I feel, I am so consumed by the sorrow and hopelessness that I find this my only option out. I cant live like this, I don’t want to live in a constant battle to stay alive and I hope you understand that I am happier this way. Keep the picture, it’s yours forever, just like I am.
I love you with all my heart.
Mikey xo


A/N: i wrote this in detention the other day so i thought i would post it up for you cause it was something that kinda was nagging at me. review and let me know your thoughts on it. i'm not that keen on it to be honest but please let me know whether you want me to keep it or not :)
xoxo Stazzia
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