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The dating game

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Harry Potter has problems girl problems.

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A/N: I do not own Harry Potter ain't never quite got that luckyh

Chapter 1: Girl Problems

Harry sat alone on his bed at 4 Privet Drive a look of confusion and worry on his face. On his lap he has what appears at first glance to be a simple mirror, but little is how it first appears in the world of witches and wizards. Harry picked the mirror off of his lap and looking into it clearly and loudly said "Sirius I need to speak to you."

After a moments wait a face appeard in the mirror "yeah pup" Sirius said.

Harry said " I need to talk to you in person, I know that Dumbledore doesn't want me to leave here yet but this is important."

Sirius said " I hate to go against Dumbledores wishes but you are my godson so give me half an hour and then I will come and get you for the summer."

"Thank you Sirius" Harry said "I'll be waiting for you."

Exactly half an hour later the silence is broken by three loud cracks, in the hallway, and then a crash coming from downstairs. Harry flung open the door to see not only his godfather Sirius Black but also his parents other oldest friend Remus Lupin standing there with bemused looks on their faces.

"I thought I heard three people apparate in" Harry said slightly confused.

"You did" Sirius said "we brought my cousin Nymphadora too and well she's kind of accident prone, and she apperated right on the edge of the steps and crached through the table at the bottom."

"Oh my God is she ok" Harry asked.

"Yah I'm good" said a feminine voice coming up the stairs. The person attached to the voice was one of the funniest looking people Harry had ever seen before. She stood about 5'6" had spiked bubblegum pink hair, the palest blue eyes he had ever seen and was wearing a robe made of so many shades of red that it husrt his head trying to count them

"Hello Nymphadora " Harry said "my name is Harry it's a pleasure to met you"

"The pleasure is all mine" she said as she glared at both Sirius and Remus " just one thing though."

"Yeah" said Harry.

"Call me Tonks" she said as Sirius and Remus Burt into laughter.

They all helped Harry finish packing all of his things and then they temporarily connected the fireplace to the floo network and head to Sirius's home, located at 12 Grimauld Place. After they arrived Sirius and Remus took harry into the living room so he could talk to them while Tonks made tea in the kitchen.

"What is it pup" asked Sirius?

"Well its girls" admitted Harry as he began to blush.

"Girls in general or specific girls" asked Remus with a serious look on his face.

"The second one" Harry said with his head down.

"Now pup theres nothing to be ashamed of " said Sirius "you/ve reached that age where curiosity is only natural."

"Well here's my problem" Harry said "last year I really liked Cho Chang. But when I saw Hermione at the Yule Ball with Viktor I had this feeling in my stomache that I've never felt before. Then there's Ginny she's smrt and funny and I enjoy her company but I don't know what to do about being more than friends with any of them."

Remus and Sirius both just sat there with their mouths agape for a few minutes, obviously trying to figure out what advice to give Harry when Sirius had an idea. "Tonks can you come in here for a minute please" he said .

Tonks came out of the kitchen carrying a tray with the tea pot and glasses on it and made it all the way into the living room before she accidently dropped the tray when she was rying to ser it on the table.

After the mess was cleaned up Sirius began to tell tonks what Harry had said and asked her for her input. After thinking things over for a few minutes silently she had an idea. "What we need to do is have the three girls come over and play a little game. A game I like to call the dating game" she said.

Tonks then proceded to explain to the boys how the game would work. She said "first we have the girls come over and have Harry here ask them each some questions, then we allow Harry to escort each of the ladies out on a short discretely supervised date, finally hopefully Harry will be able to make up his mind as to which one of the three he really fancies as more than a friend if any of them".

"Tonks are you sure this is gonna work" Harry said.

"Of course im sure" she said "well mostly sure, uhm I guess pretty sure, well hey at least it couldn't hurt right."

"Well I'm not really sure" said Harry "but I'm willing to give it a shot I guess.

The next three days were spent fixing up the house to make room not only for the game to be played but also for a place to be made for the dates. After all the preperations had been made Harry sent an invitation to all three girls inviting them to come and visit him.

The following day day shortly after breakfast the girls arrived first Hermione and Ginny arrived together, then a little later a very sad looking Cho arrived.

Tonks sat the three girls down and explained to them that what they were gonna do is test out a possible Hogwarts adating service (little did they know that they were the actual dates).

Tonks said "ok heres how it works first Harry will ask each of you the same questions, then he will escort each of you to one of several specially modified rooms for a little mini date, which date you go on is entirely up to you.

After lunch they began the game. Cho being the oldest was contestant number one, Hermione was contestant number 2 and finally ginny was number 3.

Harry asked the first question "What would you consider a perfect date."

Cho said "dinner and dancing."

Hermione said "just spending time curled up with the one I love."

Upon hearing Hermione's response Harry got a warm content feeling in his stomach at the thought of curling up in front of a warm fire with Hermione.

Ginny said "dinner and dancing."

"Ok" Harry said "question 2. What do you consider to be the most important thing in a boyfriend."

Ginny answered first this time she said"he has to be adventurous."

Cho said " he has to be gorgeous."

Hermione blushed when she said "all that matters to me is that he loves me."

Harry smiled upon hering her answer and once again pictured himself curled up with Hermione in his arms and the thought occured to him what could be better than this.

Tonks noticed Harry's reaction to each of Hermione's answers and the answer to her seemed to be painfully obvious which he should choose.

Tonks said " ok thats enough questions it's time to move onto the dates."

The girls drew numbers to see who went first. Cho was the lucky one who got to go first.

She selected for their date a room that was made into a large restaraunt with a floor for dancing. She ordered the food for both of them chinese chicken and mushrooms. After they ate she drug him out onto the dance floor where he proceded to make a complete full out of himself, after their date was over cho leaned into Harry to kiss him. He obliged preparing to give her a peck on the lips but she had other intentions, she grabbed him by his neck and proceded to force her tongue into his mouth.

Harry was appalled at how she forced the kiss to that extent like they were already dating and snogging was a common event for them.

After a short break it was Ginny's turn she chose a room that closely resembled a muggle game room, where they proceded to spend the next hour and a half eating pizza and playing games. As the date was nearing an end Harry thought that he should probably give her a kiss, what started as an innocent peck quickly became a snog much more enjoyable than the kiss from Cho, but Harry thought that something still wasn't right about it after a minute or two Harry pulled away to see a completely out of breath Ginny beaming at him with love, he wished that he could return the look but unfortuntely he couldn't even though he wasn't sure why.

Finally Hermione's turn came she would have enjoyed a fancy dinner and dancing or even pizza and games, but she was convinced that even if this was for real that Harry wouldn't possibly feel the same way she did (she honestly truly loved him with every ounce of her being). So she was convinced to just have a quite snack with Harry in a room that resembled their beloved Gryffindor common room complete with roaring fireplace.

Harry said "so Mione what do you want to do for our date."

She answered "just sit and talk in front of the fire."

So as the date progressed they began talking about everything and nothing, just emjoying being with each other. She began to cry because what she really wanted to do was be held by the man she loved but thought that there was no chance.

"Whats wrong Mione" Harry asked, concerned that he had done something wrong.

"Nothing" she said as she continued to cry.

Harry not knowing what else to do pulled her into his arms and held her until she stopped crying.

"Harry" she said "there is something I need to tell you."

She started to tell him her deepest secret but all she could do was look into his eyes and cry because she was convinced that he did not love her.

Looking into her eyes filled with tears Harry realized something something that he actually new all along but didn't really understand until that moment, looking into her eyes he saw the love that he had searched his whole life for and he realized that he loved her more than life itself.

She said " I'm sorry but I have to go" and got up and ran to the door tears streaming down her cheeks.

As she was opening the door he called out to her " I love you Mione."

She gasped "you do" hardly believing what she had heard.

"Yes Mione" he said "I love you and want to spend my life with you."

She ran back to the couch threw herself into his arms and said "I love you too Harry I always have."

Harry began to gently kiss her first on the cheeks to dry her tears then her lips, her eyes quick pecks filled with love. she wanted more she guided her lips back to hisgently running her tongue across his bottom lip pleading begging him to open his mouth s her tongue could dance with his. He opened his mouth and allowed her tongue access. As they gently yet passionately began to deepen the kiss Harry realized what was missing when he kissed Cho and Ginny, with them there was only lust while Hermione willingly gave him the love that he needed and graciously acepted his in return. Slowly they broke apart neither willing to end the kiss entirely .

What neither of them realized was that while they kissed they were enveloped in a brilliant white light. As there lips finally seperated they looked around in amazement for they were no longer in the room at Grimauld place they were in a chamber with a huge four poster bed complete with canopy, red and gold colorings adorned everything in the room. Even their clothes were different he had on robes of the fines silk a crimson in color so deep it almost looked like blood, and upon his right ring fing he now wore a ring made of the purest gold with the letter G in diamonds and rubies .

She wore a dress of the softest satin a gold color so bright she shone like the sun, upon her brow she wore a diamond tiara that was so beautiful it hurt to look at it for too long.

"Where are we Harry" Hermione asked?

"I'm not sure Mione but somehow this feels like home"

"Thats because this is your home" said a mans voice.

"Who are you" Harry asked.

"How very rude of me" said the voice as a being faded into existence " allow me to introduce myself my name is Godric, and you Harry are y heir. All that I had id now yours. For nearly 1000 yers now my spirit has watched over this house until the day when you would be united with your true love. Through that door is a library that contains every book ever written, on that desk rests my diary it will explain to you how to come and go from this place at will. After we are done talking I will transport you both back to where you came from. After that I must pass on for my purpose is now accomplished. Tell Dumbledore that I said to turn the swords over to their rightful owners."

After Godric was done speaking there was a brilliant flash of light and then darkness.

Three hours after Harry nd Hermione went into the room tonks decided to check on them to make sure they were ok. She openeed the door and peeked inside only to gasp at what she saw, there asleep on the couch dressed in raiment finer then anything she had ever seen, were the two young lovers holding each other tight without a care in the world. Silently she conjured a light blanket and proceeded to cover them up without waking them. Slowly she walked back out of the room, as she was leaving she heard something that surprized her Harry said" thank you Tonks" Tonks only smiled and shut the door.
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