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training begins

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CHAPTER2: Training begins

The next morning Hermione woke up not immediately realizing where she was. All she knew was that there was a pair of arms wrapped tightly around her making her feel safe and warm. She turned her head slightly to see that the arms that held her belonged to Harry the boy that she had loved since that first day on the train when she had fixed his glasses.

Harry was contentedly watching her as she awoke, smiling and kissing her nose when she turned around to look at him.

"Morning sleepy head," said Harry "would you like some breakfast."

"Mmm sounds good" she said.

"K let me get up and I'll go see what I can get us to eat."

"No, I don't want you to leave" she said "I just want you to hold me."

As they were discussing how to get breakfast without getting up there was a light tapping at the door. "Are you guys awake" Tonks called through the door?

"No we're still asleep" they replied together.

"Well ok then I had breakfast for the two of ya but since you're not awake I'll see if Sirius and Remus want seconds" Tonks replied.

Harry squeezed out from behind Hermione and rushed to the door. "We're awake" he said "and we are really hungry."

Tonks began laughing "I thought it was strange that sleeping people would answer that they were sleeping without actually waking up first " she said.

Harry took the tray from Tonks and walked back to the couch where he and Hermione began to eat their breakfast. They both remained silent while eating until Harry asked a question "so does last night mean that we're a couple?"

"Well I seem to remember quite a bit of kissing last night" she said, "and I make it a habit to not snog people who are just my friends, so I guess we are unless you don't want to be a couple that is."

Harry said smirking "well I really don't have anything better to do so I guess I can be your boyfriend."

"Good" she said "cause otherwise I was gonna have to hurt you."

"So what do you want to do today" he asked.

She replied "unfortunately I have to get home. I told my mom that I would be back this morning."

"Oh" he said, "I'm gonna miss you."

Smiling she said "look at the bright side now that we are a couple my parents are gonna want to meet you so maybe Dumbledore or Sirius will let you stay for a couple of days at my house."

" I doubt it " he said sadly "Sirius already had to go against Dumbledore's orders just to let me be here."

"Oh" she said "well in that case I'll try to come back as soon as I can then." "Love you Harry" she said.

"Love you too, Mione" he said. He couldn't help it as a small tear escaped his eye as she walked out the door. After sitting in the quiet room for a while after she left Harry decided to go and see what the marauders were up to.

As Harry began to enter the living room he began to think about how lucky he was that even though he didn't have his parents he had their best friends who would do anything they could to help him.

"So " Sirius said, with a smirk. As Harry walked into the room Tonks said that you had quite an enjoyable evening.

Harry couldn't help but blush as he thought about the wonderful evening he had just spent with Hermione. "Yeah" he said "I do believe that it was the most pleasant night of my life."

"Well then I guess it's about time that we had us a serious talk" Sirius said.

Harry gulped as he thought about what Sirius wanted to talk about. "Uh" Harry said "sure, ok we can talk."

Sirius just smiled "don't worry you're not in any trouble or anything. It's just that you at that age now where things start to change and become different" Sirius said.

"What Sirius is trying to say" said Lupin "is that we feel its time that we talked to you about becoming an animangus, like Sirius and your dad were at your age."

"Really" Harry said not believing his luck first he found love and now being offered the chance to follow in his father and godfather's footsteps. "I'd love to" Harry replied, "but do you think maybe Mione could train to be one as well?"

After thinking for a few minutes, Sirius said "I suppose it is easier to learn if someone else is learning too. We'll get you started then when she returns we'll start her training."

"When do we start" Harry asked?

"We start this afternoon right after lunch" Remus said.

"I'm gonna go owl Mione let her know what's going on ok" Harry asked?

"Sure pup" said Sirius.

After Harry left to write Hermione Remus said "you know Sirius he is just as bad as James was with Lily."

"Yeah Remus your right but if anybody in this world deserves to be happy its Harry" Sirius said.

Meanwhile Harry had just sat at his desk to write Hermione.

Dearest love;

Guess what, after you left this morning Sirius and Remus asked if I wanted to train to be an animangus like my dad was. I told them I would love too but I wanted them to train you too. I hope that you want to. I just thought that this would give us an excuse to spend more time together. You've only been gone for a few hours and I already miss you. Love you lots and hope to see you soon.

Yours forever;


After rolling up the parchment Harry attached it to Hedwig's leg "take this to Mione" he said. Harry watched after she flew from the window as she became harder to see he sighed. After a few more minutes he went back downstairs to eat and then start his training.

After lunch Harry, and Sirius went into the sitting room where Sirius began explaining what was necessary to become an animangus. "First you need to physically train your body" Sirius said, "then focus your thoughts on trying to find your inner animal, you must become one with your animal."

"Why is physical training important" Harry asked?

"Well for two reasons" Sirius said "first learning how to change can be slightly painful, secondly your physical shape helps to determine what kind of animal you may become."

"So what kinds of training do, I need to do" Harry asked.

"Basic weight training and things like push ups and jumping jacks will help for starters" Sirius said. "I had a weight room set up in the attic so go on and get started."
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