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third chapter

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A/N: Harry and crew still aren't mine

Chapter 3:

"Mum I'm home" Hermione said as she walked through the front door of her house.

"Well how did things go" her mom asked?

"Things went fine mum" Hermione said, "by the way you were right about what you said yesterday."


Hermione came downstairs from her room carrying a letter from Sirius and his cousin Tonks. "Mum where are you" she asked?

"I'm in the kitchen dear" her mom replied.

"Do you have time to talk to me about something kind of important" she asked her mom?

"Of course I always have time to talk to my daughter. Now tell me what's on your mind" her mom replied.

"It's about boys mum" she said.

"Boys or a boy" her mom asked?

Blushing Hermione said "just one mum, you know who."

"Of course dear what about this one particular boy" her mom asked?

"Well I just got a letter from Sirius, you know his godfather, and him and his cousin Tonks have asked for my help in forming a matchmaking game for use at Hogwarts" she said.

"Sweetheart maybe I'm missing something but I don't see what the problem is" her mom said.

"Oh mum the problem is that the one they want me to play the game with is Harry and you know how I feel about him" she said.

"Ah so you're afraid that going on a pretend date with Harry might in someway affect your friendship. Am I right" her mom asked?

Hermione hung her head not wanting to look at her mom's face she was so ashamed. "Yes mum" is all she said.

"Now Hermione dear have you ever considered that maybe he feels the same way" her mom asked?

"Mum how can you say that how could he ever love or even care about e that way, I'm just a know it all bookworm? Bucktoothed bushyhaired plain as can be how could anyone like him ever even consider liking someone like me" she asked her mom?

"Has Harry ever done anything to make you assume that he sees you as a bucktoothed know it all bookworm" her mom asked?

"Well I guess not" Hermione said.

"And who is the one person always by his side" her mom asked?

"Me" she said.

"Who is the one person who he knows he can always turn to when he wants to talk, and listens when he does" her mom aked?

"Me" she said again.

"Did he turn his back on you when you had his broom taken away because you thought it was cursed to hurt him" her mom asked?

"No mum" she said.

"Now if you never let him know how you feel do you ever have a chance" her mom asked?

Hermione began to cry "no mum I'm just so scared. What if I tell him and he laughs at me how could I ever face him again? I would rather just be his friend than take a chance and lose him."

"Trust me dear from what you've told me about him I don't think that even if he doesn't have the same feelings for you he would ever do aything to hurt or humiliate you" her mom said.

End Flashback

"So did you tell him" her mom asked?

"No" she said smiling "he told me. He said he loves me mum he really loves me."

As the afternoon progressed Hermione began to tell her mom about what had happened on her date with Harry, leaving out a few minor details such as their trip to Godrick's home and the gifts she received there.

That night after her dad got home from work her and her mom told him about Harry.

"Now Hermione dear" said her dad "I'm not gonna tell you that you can't have a boyfriend I just want you to promise me that you will be careful and responsible. Having a relationship is a serious matter there are so many things that could happen that you can't let your guard down for a minute."

"Daddy honestly" Hermione said.

"Nothing sweetheart, I just remember what it was like to be young sometimes things happen that you don't plan on. Just promise me that if something does happen that you will take all the necessary precautions to be as safe as possible" her dad said.

"Ok dad I promise" said Hermione blushing.

Just then form outside the kitchen window they all heard a scratching and hooting owl.

"Hedgwig" Hermione yelled as she rushed to open the window to let the snow white owl in the window. "What did he send me girl."

Hedgwig hooted while holding out her leg for Hermione to remove the letter and hooted again as she flew out the window.

Hermione tore open the letter and started reading it at the kitchen table. "Oh goodie" she squealed "Harry says Sirius wants to train us to be animagi."

"Animagi what is an animagi" her parents asked confused?

"Oh sorry I forgot to explain, an animagi is a witch or wizard who can transform into an animal" she told her parents.

"Sounds like fun" her mom said.

"Yes it does" said her dad. "Tell me do you want to go back tomorrow and spen the rest of the summer training with Harry?"

"I would like that very much" she said.

"Ok then we'll make a deal with you. You can go back tomorrow, but only if you agree that you and Harry will both come back here for Christmas"her dad said. "Do we have a deal?"

"Ok dad I promise that I will come back and I'll try to get Harry to come too. I really want you both to get to know him" she said.

"Well that's settled then, lets go out for our final summer dinner together" her mom said.

Grimauld Place London

"Hey Harry can you come down here for a minute?" Sirius yelled up the stairs.

"Be right down" Harry replied.

After Harry came down the stairs he went into the sitting room to see what Sirius wanted.

"Harry the reason I wanted you to come down is that I was talking to Remus and the idea occurred to us that maybe while we train you and Hermione we should see if we could train your other friends the Weaslys too" Sirius said.

"I'm sure that Ron and Ginny would love the opportunity to become Animagi" Harry replied.

"Good then why don't you use the fireplace and call them" Sirius said.

Harry walked over to the fireplace grabbed a pinch of floo powder through them into the fire and said "the Burrow."

As Harry's head came out of the fireplace there was a loud scream. "Oh Harry dear you startled me dear. What can I do for you" Mrs. Weasly asked?

"Are Ron and Ginny around Mrs. Weasly" Harry asked?

"They're upstairs dear let me get them for you. Ronald, Ginny can you come down here for a minute there is someone who would like to talk to you" Mrs. Weasly hollered up the stairs.

"Be right there mum" Ginny replied.

"Be down in a minute" Ron called as he began coming down the stairs.

As they entered the kitchen together they saw Harry's head in the fireplace. "Harry" they said together.

"Hey guys" Harry replied. "Me and Sirius were just wondering if you two would like to join me and Hermione in being trained as animagi."

Ginny replied "that sounds like fun can we mom?"

"That really does sound like fun" Ron said. Then after a moments thought he said "what do you mean train with you and Hermione?"

"Well uh me and Mione are kinda going out now" Harry replied..

"Your what" Ron shouted? "Since when and why didn't you tell me" Ron asked?

"Relax" Harry said "it only happened yesterday and besides I am telling you."

"That's great mate" Ron said. "Now all we have to do is find me a girlfriend."

"Hello"Ginny said "I need a boyfriend too thank you very much."

"Guys lets get back on track ok? When can they come and start training Mrs. Weasly" Harry asked?

"Well I suppose they can floo over right after breakfast tommorow" Mrs. Weasly said.

"Thanks Mrs. Weasly" Harry said. "See you tomorrow Ron, Ginny."

"Well Sirius Ron and Ginny said they'll be here in the morning, now if only Mione comes too all of us can train." said Harry.

"Well why don't we go and have a talk with her family and ask them in person" asked Sirius?

"Yeah that's a good idea" Harry replied.

Sirius and Harry side along apparated to in front of the Granger residence. Harry walked up the steps to the front door and nervously knocked, after a couple of minutes waiting a middle aged brown headed woman answered the door.

"Hello may I help you? she said?

"Yes Mrs. Granger my names Harry and this is my godfather Sirius Black" Harry said. "I'm a friend of Hermione and Sirius would like to speak to you and Mr. Granger for a minute if that's ok with you" Harry said.

"Friend you say, now Mr. Potter I think you can do better than that" she said.

"Well uh I guess I'm her boyfriend" he stammered in embarrassment.

"Come now Mr. Potter how do you really feel about my daughter" she asked?

"I love her ma'am, I love her with all my heart" Harry said with the most serious expression he could muster.

"I'm sorry for embarrassing you Harry I just wanted to know how you felt about my daughter and what your intentions were" Mrs. Granger said. "Why don't you two come in and have a seat and I'll go get Mr. Granger and Hermione and we can discuss what you wanted to talk about."

She left them setting in the living room and returned a few minutes laer with her husband and a very nervous looking Hermione.

When Hermione walked into the room and saw Harry sitting there her eyes lit up with happiness. "Harry" she said as she ran and threw her arms around him in a tight embrace "what are you doing here" she asked?

Harry replied after kissing her gently on the cheek "we came to talk to your parents about your training and to let you know that Ron and Ginny will be training with us. By the way I kinda let Ron know that we're dating."

"Oh no how did he react" Hermione asked?

"Don't worry Mione he was actually happy for us and said that he wants us to try and find a girl for him" Harry said.

"Harry I hate to break up such an important conversation but remember we are here for a reason" Sirius said.

"That's right" Harry said. "Mr. and Mrs. Granger as Hermione may or may not have told you Sirius has volunteered to train Hermione myself and a couple of our friends in a very complicated piece of magic that will alow us to become animagi. The training is very intense and takes a while so we would like your permission for Hermione to spend the summer at my godfathers house in London."

"Well Harry we have already discussed the matter with Hermione and while we do not completely understand what exactly an animagi is we had agreed to let her go over in the morning under the condition that both of you come here for the Christmas holiday and give us the opportunity to get to know our daughters boyfriend better. But since you and your godfather came all this way I guess we can let her go tonight if you agree to visit on Christmas" her mom said.

"Really I can go tonight" Hermione squealed as she hugged and kissed both of her parents. Then she ran up stairs to get her trunk that she already had fully packed and ready to go.

"Well Harry do we have a deal" Mr. Granger asked?

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger it will be my pleasure to spend the holidays here with the family of the girl I love" harry said, and then almost too low to be heard whispered "and hopefully one day I'm going to marry."

Mrs. Granger gasped holding her hand over her mouth she asked "you really do love her don't you?"

"Yes Mrs. Granger I do" Harry said.

"Well Harry when the time comes we will be proud to welcome you into our family. All we ask is that you just not rush into anything faster than what your ready for" Mr. Granger said.

"Thank you sir I promise I will always show your daughter all the love and respect that she deserves" Harry said.

"Of that young man I have no doubt. I may not know you very well but in the short time I have seen you with my daughter it's clear that you love each other with all of your hearts and nothing will or should keep you apart" her dad said as he extended his hand for Harry to shake.

"Harry reached and took Mr. Granger's hand and in that moment an understanding was reached between a young man and the father of the love of his life.

"Uh could someone help me this trunk is heavy" Hermione said from the middle of the stairs.

"Harry why don't you go help your girlfriend with her trunk" Sirius asked trying hard not to laugh.

"Here Mione let me help you" Harry said as he grabbed one end of the trunk and lifted.

"Bye mum bye dad I promise I'll write and maybe I'll be able to stop back in before I return to school" Hermione said

"That's right" Mr. Granger said "hold on and I'll get the money for your books and supplies." He started to walk away to get his wallet when Harry stopped him with a nervous voice.

He said "uhm Mr. Granger if you don't mind I would like to pay for Hermione supplies and whatever else she would like to get . You see when my parents died they left a rather substantial sum of money for me in Gringotts and with all of the interest accrued over the past almost fourteen years I'm afraid I'll never be able to spend it all. Besides money doesn't make me happy she does and making her happy will make me even happier."

"Well Harry if you don't mind us asking how much money do you have" her parents asked?

Harry said "Ihaveclosetoabilliongalleonsnotincludingpropertyandinvestmentsthebankhasmadeforme" as quickly as he could.

"What was that" everyone asked "we couldn't understand a word you just said."

Harry took a deep breath and repeated "I have close to a billion galleons not including property and investments the bank has made for me."

"Well I suppose if its ok with Hermione then you may buy her books for her. Is it ok with you dear" her father asked?

"Yes daddy if it's what makes Harry happy then he can buy my books for me" Hermione said blushing.

With a wave of wand Sirius made Hermione trunk dissapear then he turned to parents and said " I promise that I will take good care of your daughter this summer, and I'll even try to make my godson behave" he added in an obviously teasing way. With that he grabbed each of them by an elbow and apparated back to Grimauld Place.

After they arrived Hermione asked "uh Sirius where is my trunk and which room am I staying in?"

"Well that's a small problem with Harry staying here Dumbledore insisted on upping security here and well we ran out of rooms" Sirius said embarrassedly.

"There's no place for me to stay" Hermione said as she started to cry.

"No Mione" Harry said "you take my room and I'll sleep in the living room."

"If you could both be quiet for a minute and let me finish explaining things. Yes we ran out of rooms, but I believe that both of you can be trusted and tomorrow there will be two other people staying. So Harry we enlarged your room and put four twin beds in, two on each side of the room, there's even a removable dividing wall that can be put up if you want it" Sirius said.

"That's fine with me if its ok with you Mione" Harry said.

"Of course it's fine I love you and you love me and I know that nothing will happen until we want it to" Hermione said.

"Oh just one more thing you two" Sirius said "in this house as well as most pureblood wizarding houses magic is undetectable, so feel free to practice your spells whenever you want to and don't worry about the underage wizarding laws here. Or for that matter any of the houses that you own Harry, which by the way we need to go visit sometime this summer before school starts it's only a little while until you graduate and you need to pick which house you want to live in."

"Sirius I'm gonna go help Mione get settled in, see you in a bit" Harry said.

"Don't do anything I wouldnt do pup" Sirius said.

"And what exactly wouldn't you do Padfoot" Harry replied from halfway up the stairs.

"That's a very good point on second thought don't do anything that I would do" Sirius said as he burst out laughing.

Harry just shook his head as continued up the stairs and entered his room.

"Hey Harry can I talk to you for a minute" Hermione asked nervously?

"Sure Mione what's the matter" Harry asked concernedly.

"You don't have to buy my books and things my family has money they can afford my school things" Hermione said as she started to cry.

"Mione is that what you thought, that I believed your parents couldn't afford to pay for your schooling" Harry asked? Hermione just nodded not looking him in the face. "No sweetie it's not that at all, I know your family has enough money to afford what you need, I just wanted to get you comfortable with the idea of spending my money" Harry said.

"Why would you want me to be comfortable spending your money if you didn't think my family needed your help" she asked?

"Because Mione I was kinda hoping that one day it would be your money too" Harry said while blushing. "Mione I love you and when this war is over or even sooner if you want it I'm gonna marry you if you let me that is."

"Oh Harry of course I'll let you when the time is right I'll gladly be your wife. But I don't want you to marry me just because it's what I want, but because it's what we both want" Hermione said as she reached up to stroke his cheek.

"I love you Mione" he whispered as he leant in to kiss her. He folded her in his arms as she opened her mouth to allow his tongue access. They both began to moan as the kiss got deeper and passions began to rise. Reluctantly Harry pulled away as hands began to roam.

"Sorry about that Mione I guess I got a bit carried away there" Harry said.

"It's ok love" she said "I enjoyed everything that happened but im glad we stopped when we did I'm not ready for that yet, but the kissing is wonderful its just too soon for the next step. I hope your not mad that I'm not ready."

"No I'm not mad that's why I stopped I'm not ready yet either" Harry replied.

"Let's make a pact that when one of us is ready that we let the other know, but also that they don't pressure the other. Agreed" she asked?

"Agreed my love, only when we are both ready will we take that next step, until then we need to respect each others limits" Harry replied.

Harry and Hermione spent the rest of the evening setting there things up in the room, snogging, talking to Sirius, Remus, and Tonks, snogging, practicing spells for school and of course snogging. Late that night they fell asleep talking on Harry's bed Hermione curled up into his chest, him with his arms wrapped around her back.

Harry woke up first in the morning. He looked down at Hermione and smiled at the feel of her wrapped in his arms. "Morning"he said as he placed a light kiss on her forehead.

"Mmm morning" Hermione replied "did you sleep well?"

"Absolutely babe" he replied "how about you?"

"I slept really well it feels really nice being held by you all night" she replied with a smile..

"Well let's get up and go eat before the others get here, then we can get started on our training" Harry said.

"Ok lets go" she replied.

After taking showers and changing their clothes they headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. When they walked through the door they saw some people that they expected as well as a few that they did not expect to see. Sirius, Remus And Tonks were sitting there eating as expected. There were however several other people whom Harry assumed must be the security detail assigned by Dumbledore to watch over him.

"Morning Harry" Sirius said "Professor Dumbledore flooed this morning said that he needs to talk to you today. I told him he could stop by after breakfast I hope thats ok."

"That's fine Sirius as long as he doesn't want me to go back to the Dursley's for the rest of the summer" Harry replied.

"I don't think that's what it is about Harry" Sirius said.

For a while conversation ceased while people ate their breakfast. After everyone was done eating Professor Dumbledore stepped out of the fireplace accompanied by Professor McGonnal and Ron and Ginny Weasley.

"Good to see you Harry, Hermione" Professor Dumbledore said. "I thought that Minerva and myself should help your friends with their luggage since we were coming here anyways. I was wondering Harry might I have a word with you in private please" he asked?

"Of course professor" Harry replied..

"What I wanted to talk to you about Harry is that I need to tell you something that may upset you. It's the reason why Voldermort has been determined to kill you since you were a baby." Dumbledore said.

"Ok professor tell me what you have too and I promise to try and not react to badly" Harry said.

"Thank you Harry I appreciate your maturity in being willing to listen. Just a little over fifteen years ago there was a prophecy given in regards to Lord Voldermort and his downfall." Dumbledore said.

"How do you know this professor" Harry asked?

"Because Harry the prophecy was made to me" said. Dumbeldore.

"What did it say professor" Harry asked?

"Well Harry it said that a child of immense power would be born at the end of July who would challenge the dark lord and restore order to the world of magic. That through a great loss his power would be revealed, and that he would bear the mark of war on his brow" Dumbeldore replied.

"Are you sure that it refers to me professor" Harry asked."Yes Harry unfortunately we are quite sure. You see there were actually two possibilities you or Neville Long bottom. When the two of you were born only a day apart we performed a test that measures magical potential. You see Harry every wizard and witch has potential power that can be measured on a scale from one to ten. Just to give an example the four founders were nines, and I myself am an eight, the only registered ten in wizarding history was Merlin himself. Now Harry when we tested Neville we got an average reading of a six, which means that Neville has the potential to be an above average wizard if he focuses himself and gains some confidence." Dumbledore day that we bound your powers her powers became dormant. There may be a chance that by unbinding your powers that her powers may also become active again, if that happens then it may not be possible for her to stay with her family until she learns to control her abilities" Dumbledore explained.

"What about myself professor" Harry asked?

"Well Harry that's where we have a problem, the device we use to register a young wizard or witches power was created by Merlin himself using himself as the top level for measurement." Dumbledore continued.

"What are you not telling me professor" Harry asked starting to get worried?

"Well Harry when we measured your power even as a newborn you far surpassed Merlin, that's why when Voldermort attacked you his curse rebounded and destroyed his body" Dumbledore explained.

"But I don't feel that powerful professor" Harry said.

"Well Harry the reason for that is the reason that you are likely to get upset, you see after your parents died I was afraid that you would not be able to controll your powers since you were going to be living with muggles so I had to bound your powers until you were better able to handle them." Dumbledore explained.

"Professor why didn't you tell me this before, for that matter why are you telling me now" Harry asked?

"I didn't tell you before because until after your experience last year I did not think that you would be able to cope with your increased abilities. I realize now that if I would have unbound your powers after you came to Hogwarts then right now Voldermort would likely be gone for good. As to why I'm telling you now, it's because you have a choice to make" he explained.

"What choice professor" Harry asked?

"The choice of where you want to live. If I unbind your powers you will no longer be able to stay with the Dursley's until such time as you can completely control your powers" Dumbledore said.

"That's fine I don't ever want to live with them again" Harry said.

"Please let me finish before you decide anything Harry, this decision may be harder than you think" Dumbledore explained.

"I'm sorry professor, I can't see why the decision would be hard but I'll let you finish before I decide"Harry responded.

"Thank you Harry, the reason that your decision may be hard is that it not only affects you" Dumbledore explained.

"I don't understand professor, how can my decision of where to live affect anyone else" Harry asked?

"The reason Harry is that there was another child born that has a situation similar to your own. Even though she was only an eight there was a concern because she was a muggleborn. So after she was born we monitored her to make sure that her full power did not manifest itself, interestingly, enough

"Professor are you talking about Hermione" Harry asked?

"Yes Harry I'm afraid that I am" he replied.

"So if I want to get away from the Dursley's by having my power unbound I run the chance of causing the woman I love to have to leave her family right" Harry asked?

"I'm sorry Harry but that is right that's why I asked you to let me finish before you gave me a response, perhaps you should even discuss this with Ms. Granger before you make a decision" Dumbledore said. "And now to a happy note I have something for you and ms. Granger" Dumbledore said as he pulled two golden badges with a large p in the middle out of his pocket.

"Your making us prefect's professor" Harry asked?

"Yes Harry ms. Granger because she is the best student in her year, and you because of the amount of respect that the majority of the students have for you" Dumbledore explained.

"Thanks professor this means a lot to me and probably even more to Mione" harry replied.

"Harry I hate to leave suddenly like this but I need to get back to school I have a lot of business to take care of before the school year starts again" Dumbledore said.

"But professor it's only the middle of July" Harry exclaimed!

"I know Harry but running a school is a year round job" Dumbledore said with a sigh.

When I reach a decision I'll send hedwig with a letter ok professor" Harry asked.

Dumbledore only nodded as he walked into the kitchen and flooed back to Hogwarts.

When Harry returned to the kitchen it was clear to Hermione that something was wrong by the look on his face. "What's wrong love" she asked?

"Just something that I need to discuss with you sometime soon" Harry said.

"Do you want to talk now" she asked?

"No it can wait till this evening, then we can talk in private luv" he said with a mischievous grin. "For now how about we all get started with our training" Harry asked?

"Sounds good" Ron said.

"I'm ready" Ginny replied.

"Can't wait" Hermione said.

"Ok Sirius we're all ready" Harry said.

"Good take them all upstairs and we'll get started" Sirius said.
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