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Some kind of Cinderella

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Ryan Ross is a nobody. Highschool is his nightmare and to top it all off, he's in love, with a boy.

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I scribble down the answers to my Advanced calculus homework. I finish and check it twice. I'm sure all answers are right. I put it away ans look at the clock with a sigh. I have 45 more minutes in this class. Mrs. Brewer walks over to me with an angry expression on her face.
"Mr. Ross, where is your homework?"
"In my bag..."
"Is it finished?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Let me see."
I sigh and pukk out my homework.
This is an everyday drill.
"How is every answer right?"
I shrug, "I know how to do it."
"Or, you cheated!", she hisses.
"I didn't cheat! I just know how to do it!"
"Alright, prove it."
"I'll write a problem and have the answer, you solve it."
The class groans.
"Come on Brewer, He's just a nerd!"
"Silence!", she snaps.
She scribbles a problem on the board.
I solve it and find no solution.
"Wrong! It is 832."
"No, there's no solution."

I roll my eyes and look over at him.
He bites his perfect lip as hisforhead crincles in conusion.
I'd kill to help him with his homework.
Then he looks around to make sure the teacher is busy.
He answers a text message.
"Brendon Urie what are you doing?", Mrs, Brewer walks over to him.
Oh no, he's about to get into trouble!
I wad up a piece of paper and throw it across the room.
She watches it and her nostrils flare.
Noone tells.

After class he catches up with me.
I look over at him, "Yeah?"
"No problem..."
"Why'd you do that though? It's not like I'm your friend..."
"I know that you're close to being kicked out of baseball though.."
"Overheard my dad talking..."
"Oh yeah...He's ahead of the school board right?"
"That must be awesome."
"Actually the opposite..."
"Really? Thanks though, I owe you one."
Translation: I'll forget this by tomorow.
"Ok, I gotta go to fourth.."
"A'ight.", He hold out his fist.
I think he's about to hit me so I wince.
"Dude? Knuckles?"
He grabs my wrist and balls up my fist.
He hits mine to his.
He chuckles, "Later..."

I walk home and bury my face into my pillow.
Today I actually talked to him, that's cool.
My stepfather walks in, "Hurry up I have some work for you!"
I sigh and get my apron ready.
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