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Dance Dance

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There's this dance atschool...

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Along with being head of the schoolboard, my stepfather also wns a coffee shop. He has two daughters. My real parents are gone.
My father is in federal prison for murdering my uncle.
My mother is...well she passed away. A while after marrying my sleezeball stepdad. The otopsy found some odd poison.
It was something that my step fatehr put into her drink.
I was seven then, and couldn't read what it said. But it was in a purple bottle.
Ever since then, I've kept the house clean and bascially ran his coffee shop.
Oh, and as if it isn't obvious, I'm gay.
Stepdad is homophbic.
So I have to pretend to have interest in girls.
It isn't easy.
My best friend, Natalie is a girl.
Everyone thinks I like her.

I straighten up the tables and make fresh coffee.
Coffee Cup is the name of the shop.
For all the work I do, I don't get much money.

Brendon walks in arm in arm with his girlfriend.
I sigh.
He wakls up to the register.
"Hey dude."
"Can I get two mocha lattes with whipped cream?"
"Yeah, one sec."
I quickly make them with extra chocolate and cream.
"There ya go..."
"Anything else?"
"NO, I'm good."
"alright your total is 6.54"
He pulls out 17 dollars.
"Keep the change."
I smile, "Thanks."
He winks and walks away.
Was that a wink?!?
Even if it was, that was a girlfriend with him.
I sigh and help the next customer.

Brendon's girlfriend walks over to me, "Hey loser, I need another latte."
I nod and start making it.
"So you gng to the dance with that ugly girl?"
I sigh, handing her her latte, "No, I am not and she isn't ugly, she just doesn't cover up her face."
Brendon frowns at her and I think I hear, "Be nice..."
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