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Time to dance

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Ryan more than anything to be with Brendon. He gets stuck at the coffe shop the night of the dance.

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I sigh and help Natalie hang up her MAD club signs. MAD is a club she made, it stands for Make a difference. NO difference is ever made. The popular kids beat up and ridicule the others of us.
I happen to be at the very bottom.
Natalie smiles at me, "So, you going to the dance?"
"No, I have to work."
"What? THat's so lame!"
"Welcome to my life..."
"You should be able to go!"
"I don't want to anyways..."
"Why not? You know Brendon will be there."
"He's not into guys and don't say that so loud!", I whisper.
She rolls her eyes, "You really need to come out."
"No thanks..."

I sigh and put on my apron. I start the coffee makers and frown.
He walks in and smiles, "Hey."
I feel myself blush, "Uh...hey."
"You have to work tonight?"
I nod.
"That blows..."
"Yeah, well I don't dance anyways..."
"You should try to weasle out of'd be awesome..."
"Why? So I could just kinda stand ther akwardly? I'd rather stay here...", I lie.
In fact, Ilove to dance.
He shrugs, "I'm gonna be bored out of my mind. It'd kinda be cool if you came...somebody with brainscells to hangout with."
I shrug, "I'll try..."
He smiles, "Cool, well I gotta go..."
"Ok...", I smile.
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