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Dance to your heartbeat

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Ryan tries to make it to the dance

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I sigh and hand some old guy his decafe coffee. What's the point of that anyways? My step sister walks in wearing her dress for the dance. It's OH SO revealing. It practically has slut written all over it. Plus, it is so not her color.
"So, what do you think Ry?", she says inan attempted-nice voice.
I grit my teeth, "It'"
"Isn't it?", she smirks.
Yeah, slutty
"Erica, why are you asking his opinion?", the other evil spon walks into the room.
She's usually the only one that does.
"Well, Jessica, that's the only thing he's good at."
"How does my dress look?"
I look at Jessica's soft blue dress.
It's actually beautiful on her.
And, unlike her sister, her makeup doesn't clash.
I smile, "Actually...really good. It's a really clean look, which is unexpected, which makes it even better."
She smiles, "Thanks Ryan."
I nod at her.
"Maybe you'll be able to go to the dance later?", Jessica tries to cheer me up.
"Ha. Yeah."

A few hours laterI yawn.
I'm bored to death, no one is coming in.
My stepfather walks over to me, "I think you should go to that dance now."
"Huh?", I raise an eyebrow.
"Look, we're dead. Just be on your way at Midnight."
I nod, "Thanks, so much sir.", I smile.
"Just hurry back."
I nod.
I run to my room and put on dance appropriate cloths.
Pinstripped pants and a Black band shirt, with Purple Converse.

I am informed that the girls took the car, so I get to walk.
I run.

I enter the dance and realise its 10:30. My stepfather is such an ass. I see Brendon, surrounded by his friends. So, I don't go over. I decide to observe him from afar. I sigh and feel someone hug me from behind. I jump and see that it's Natalie.
"You made it!"
"Just until midnight..."
"Still! So...go talk to him."
"I can't."
"Why not, chiken!"
"Sweetie, we aren't five anymore...That no longer works-"
I gasp.
Brendon smiles, "So what are you chicken about?"
"Oh, n-nothing.", I stammer.
"OK? So...You're Natalie, right?"
She nods, "Yeah."
"well, Natalie, may I borrow your friend?"
She nods, "I have to catch up with Michael anyways."
She walks away.
"Wanna go outside? It's in here..."
I nod.
We go outside.
He frowns, "Can I ask you a question?"
I nod, curiously.
"Honest answer no matter what?"
I nod, "Sure."
"You ,don't like girls do you?"
I choke on my breath, "What makes you say-"
"You said you'd be honest!"
I sigh, "No...I don't. How'd you know?"
"Last year when Chelsey's shirt came up. You were the only guy Not drooling."
"Oh...I could've just not liked her..."
"You're cloths are always perfectly cordinated. And you give some guys this...look. Like, a a guy would look at a girl. Only its a boy."
I blush.
"OK....PLease don't tell anyone?"
He smiles, "You're secret's safe with long as...can you do me a favor?"
"Kiss me."
I blush even more, "U-uh..."
"I um. Well I don't really know the mechanics of kissing...I've never done it."
He smiles, "I can teach you."
I nod, nervously.
He smiles, "Close your eyes and just...move your lips with mine."
I nod and close my eyes.
I feel his lips press against mine.
My phone alarm goes off.
It's midnight.
I pull away, "Shit, I-I have to go."
"But, wait I-"
"I'm sorry.", my eyes water, "Bye."
I run to the coffee shop.

I realise that I lost my ipod.
I'm so mad.

I walk into the shop and gasp for breath, "Hey...sorry it took so long, I-"
"It's ok, just get to work."
I nod.
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