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Coffee makes me sick.

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Ryan goes to school the following Monday, avoiding Brendon.

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I Put my blue sunglasses on and cover up my face with as much of my hair as possible. Natalie rolls her eyes.
"What happened?"
"I. Kissed. Him."
"OmG! Fopr real? Why didn't you tell me and why are you trying to hide your face?"
"I have to pull away and leave. He probably thinks I'm the biggest douche in the world."
"Why'd you leave?"
"It was midnight..."
"Oh. Damn!"
"Yeah, and somehow I lost my ipod.", I frown.
"No way!"
"Yeah... So my life sucks now. I had a musicless morning. It was terrible."
"I'm sorry sweetie. So...I think you should ditch the sunglasses and go talk to him."
"Not no, But HELL no!"
"Why not? If you explain, I'm sure he'll understand..."
"Or, he'll pretend it didn't happen. Or he'll tell everyone I'm gay to get back at me for ditching."
She rolls her eyes, "Well I gotta get to class....Good luck avoiding him in all but one of your classes."
I bite my lip and walk to first block.
He's already in there, sitting in his seat.
He looks up at me and blushes.
I blush as well and go to my seat.
I pull my knees up to my chest and stare at him through my sunglasses.
He looks back at me with a frown.
I bite my lip.
He picks up his stuff and sits in the empty seat beside me.
"Ryan, about the dance-"
"I-I know... You want to forget it all happened right? I wont tell anyone, but I can't forget about it.", my eyes start to water.
"Ryan, I-"
I pick up my bag and swiftly walk out of the room.
He follows me.
I start to run.
He catches up and grabs my arm.
"Ryan...I never said I wanted to forget! And, I needed to give you your ipod, but I forgot it at home... wanna skip school with me?"
"Sk-skip school?"
He smiles, "Its healthy every now and then..."
"But, I have to get into a good college so I don't work at the coffee shop for the rest of my life!"
"You can miss one day dude..."
"B-but. I wouldn't have an excuse and-"
"Do you trust me?"
"I... well I've been invisible to you for forever so...I dunno yet..."
"That's fair. I appreciate the honesty. MOst people would just say that they did."
I smile, "That's me. Cursed with honesty."
He grins, "Good, I'm sick of liars. So, skip with me?"
I nod.
Unfortunatly, I'd probably hop off a cliff if this boy said it'd be ok.
We walk to his house.
"YOur parents home?"
"Nah, out of town, as usual."
"Wait.", my heart beats faster, "Only we'll be there?"
He nods, with a smile.
Clearly, he doesn't notice my nerves going insane.

We walk into his ginormous living room.
He chuckles and leads me to his room.
I expect it to be a horrible mess, but its actually quite clean.
We sit on his bed.
"So...when are you coming out?", he asks me.
"I dunno. Never? Probably the last day I'm at my stepdad's house.
"Do you mind me asking...what happened to your mom?"
"She was poisoned."
"Oh, I'm very sorry..."
I shrug, "It'll be ok."
"So...Here's your ipod.", he pulls it out of his pocket.
I gasp, "You said you left it here..."
"I wanted to tak to you alone...I figured you would for your ipod..."

I bite my lip, "You just said how much you appreciated my honesty-"
"I'm sorry ok? I just need to talk to you."
"OK. Talk."
"Why'd you just leave?"
"It was midnight. I had to go back to the shop..."
"I could've driven you or something..."
"Oh. So...what now?"
"why do you mean?"
"We kissed. Where does that leave us."
"Well, you kinda left suddenly so I think we should redo.", he smirks.
I smile, "O-ok..."
We lean close to each other and press our lips against each other. I close my eyes as our lips move together rythmicly. HIs hand touches the back of my neck. I wrap my arms tightly against his neck and he gentley pushes me. I lay on my back and he climbs ontop of me as we kiss. His cell phone rings.
He jumps and answers it, "HI mom. Yeah. OK. BYe."
He frowns, "They'll be back later today..."
"So..shall we continue?"
I blush and nod.

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