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Never again

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Ryan feels heartbroken

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I walk through the school hallways. I walk over to Natalies locker, with a grin.
She looks over at me, "Why'd you go home yesterday, were you sick?"
My grin widens, "Nope."
"I skipped."
"Mr. Perfectattendancesincedaycare say what?"
I nod.
"How. Why."
"You'll totally forgive me when I tell you why."
"Then tell me,cause I'm in shock."
"Well....guess who I made out with yesterday?"
"Ohmygod! Are you for real??"
"I'm tired..."
"wow. I'm so happy for you!", she pulls me into a tight hug.

The bell rings and I skip to first block.

I sit beside Brendon.
"Hey!", I smile.
"Um...I'm saving that seat for someone Ryan.", he says in what sounds like a cold voice.
I go to my usual seat in the back.
I frown and copy down the notes on the board.

At lunch I walk up to Brendon.
He sighs and pulls me aside.
"Look, will you just leaveme alone?"
"what? But-"
"And keep your mouth shut about what happened? PLease?"
I am speechless.
I just nod.
He walks away, pulling out my heart more the further he goes.
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