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I don't belive in a thing called love

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Ryan is completely heartbroken. (Patrick stump comes in)

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I text my aunt and tell her I'm not feeling well. She picks me up.
In the car, I burst into tears.
Unable to explain, she takes me to the hospital.
The doctors say that I'm fine, just upset. A nurse asks to talk to me alone.
My aunt hestitates, but lets her in the end.
The nurse smiles at me, "Alright, honey...I'm Samantha... Do you want to talk abut it?"
I shake my head, "It doesn't matter."
She hugs me, "Sweetie...It is important...just tell me."
"I...You have to swear not to breathe a word to anyone, not even my aunt..."
"She smiles, "Alright honey.."
"I'm gay."
I can tell that it took her by suprise, but she keeps her cool.
"That's why you're upset?"
"NOt exactly...Its heartbreak...I...I really like this guy. A lot. And...I have for forever and he's really popular, but he's always been nice to me, and... no one but my friend Natalie is nice to me. M=my stepdad is a total douche and My mom's dead...That woman that was in here isn't really my aunt, just my mom's best friend. And I am going to be dead for calling her, but that isn't the point. I really like him... I went to the school dance, even though I hate crowds. BUt I went because, he said it'd be cool if I went... Then we ended up kissing and I had to leave at midnight because I had to go back to the coffee shop and work. I lost my ipod and he had it so he convinced me to skip school yesterday. I have had perfect attendance at school forever! And I ruined that for him. And then, he decides to ignore me today and tell me to leave him alone.", I wipe my eyes, "He wants me to forget abut it..."

She frowns, "That's alot to deal with honey..."
I nod.
"Maybe you should talk to your aunt about it..."
"Why not?"
"She wouldn't get it. No one does."

The nurse lets my aunt back in, "He's heartbroken."
I gasp, "YOU swore you wouildn't-"
"I swore not to tell her that other thing..."
I blush.

Aunt Marie frowns at me, "What girl broke your heart?"
I cross my arms, "I don't want to talk about it."
"YOU need to. I'm here for you Rye..."
I hold back more tears, "No you aren't. If you were, I wouldn't slave away at school and the coffee shop for nothing! I wouldn't have to hide who I am every fucking day!"
She stops in mystepfather's driveway.
I get up and lean back into the car, "I'M GAY!"
I run up to the porch.

Since I "screwed up" and didn't feel well at school, I have to clean the house.
I hate cleaning toilets.
My step-family are disgusting slobs.
My room is always perfectly clean, It looks like ten tornadoes go through their rooms a day.
Have I mentioned I HATE THEM?
With a passion.

After cleaning the ENTIRE house, I decide to go outside and walk in the dark.
Why not, it isn't as if I'm missing any quality time with my family...

I walk past Natalie's house and watch her through the window, playing Guitar Hero.
I smile and continue to walk.
I bite my lip as his house approaches.
He's taking out the trash.
He should be in that garbage bag
I start to walk quickly, hoping he doesn't see me.
I glare over at him, "What?"
I walk over to him, "What the fuck do you want?"
"In school to day, I was out of line-"
"YOu sure were! What the hell did I do to deserve that?"
"I'm sorry its just...I'm popular and If anyone knew I was bi..."
I glare at him.
"Popularity isn't everything."
I walk off as he tries to say more.
I wipe my eyes, after I'm out of sight.

I go to first block and try to stay strong. I will not let him distroy me...right?
He smiles at me, "Hey Rye!"
"Fuck off.", I snap.
I sit in my usual seat.
He takes the seat beside it.
"Will you back off?"
"No. I appologised. That makes it ok."
If I go down, You're coming with me.
I turn pale as everyone stares over at us and begins laughing, at me.
I glare at him, "I hate you."
I haven't meant those words towards anyone outside of my house, until now.
"You heard me."
"Settle down now class...", the teacher says hesitantly.
I copy down my notes as a teardrop smudges my name.

IN the hallway, people point and laugh.
Natalie frowns and hugs me, "I'm so sorry..."
"I need more than sorry."
In PE, the rest of the boys run infront of me, half dressed.
"Bet you want this, huh?", Chad says.
"Nah, he wants meee!", Mike yells, naked.
I sigh and bang my head on my locker again and again.
Someone yanks me away from the locker, "Ya know that can give you a concusion and you coi\uld potentially die."
"That's whereI was aiming..."
"Let me see your forehead."
I look up at him.
He's kinda chubby, but cute.
And sweet.
He has glasses too.
"You cut up your forehead a little..I'll get you to the nurse."
"what, You're not gonna ask me if my fagitus is contagious?"
"Ryan, I'm not like that. And don't use the word fag, it's degrading."
I nod and he helps me to the nurse.

"You cut that up pretty bad...", the nurse says as she cleans the cuts.
I frown, "I wan't thinking..."
"Well obviously..."
The boy with glasses smiles, "I'll do that so you can go to the next sick kid..."
She smiles, "Thanks..."
He puts neosporin on my forehead with a smile, "So...Does it hurt?"
"A lot..."
"What have we learned?"
"NOt to be gay and fall for the wrong person."
"YOu hitting your head isn't a factor of your sexuality. That was aggrevation. I suggest you find something less painful..."
I nod, "I guess you're right...So... you know my name... what's yours?"
"HOW do you know my name? I'm nobody."
"Actually, You a\have the highest average in the school. I have second highest and I envy you completely. I've beeen working hard to beat you, and you ease through."
"What ever. I do not ease. YOU should see how I live..."
"Well, maybe not ease, but It gets annoying. I get a 99, you get a 100."
"I'm sorry..."
"Anyways, I'm Patrick....Stump."
I smile at him and pull him into a hug, "Thanks for being the only guy giving me a break."
"It's nothing.", he smiles.
I think Patrick and I are going to be great friends.

The next day at school, I introduce Natalie and Patrick.
"So, thanks for taking care of him yesterday, he's hopeless."
"I am not hopeless."
Patrick chuckles, "It's fine... Everyone was so mean to you.. I hated it. There's nothing wrong with being gay or bi."
Natalie raises an eyebrow, " are...?"
I elbow her, "You can't just ask people that..."
"I just did."
Patrick blushes, "W-well I'm gay."
My heart soars, and I have no idea why.
He smiles because I obviously got a strange look on my face.
"So... shall we go to the library now?", Natalie asks.
Patrick and I nod, "Yeah."
I smile.
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