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Now you're sorry?

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Brendon tries to make Ryan forgive him. Ryan doesn't want to crumble.

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I walk through the hallway with Natalie and Patrick. Patrick almost trips. After he catches his balance, we laugh. We stop at his lopcker so he can get out his homework that he should have done at home.
We sit at a lunch table and Patrick quickly completes his homework.
Brendon sits beside me, "Hey."
I roll my eyes, "GO away."
"But, why?"
"Because. If someone kissed you, then wanted you to leave them alone, then tried jto be cool with them again, then exposed their sexuality when they weren't ready, Would you want them bothering you?"
"I...suppose not..but I can make it up to you..."
"No. You can't."
"Why not? Its not as if there's someone else."
"Oh? Why is it so unlikely for me to find someone?"
"Because, Look at me, and try to find someone better."
"It wasn't hard."
"Yeah. I already found someone, and they actually know how to kiss."
OH no... Why am I lying?
"Oh yeah? Then who is he?"
"This guy."
"Yeah this guy you made up!"
"No. He isn't made up. I just don't have to answer all of your stupid questions."
"Whatever!", he storms off.
I put my head down on the table.
"YOu lied.", Natalie says.
"I know..", I whine.
"He'll find out...", Patrick frowns.
I nod, "I know..."
"So what are you gonna do?"
"I don't know..."
I sigh.

I walk into my stepfather's house and see my aunt.
"Um hi?"
My stepdad's face is red.
"Look, he is staying here and you can't change that."
"Try me. He's old enough to say that he's unhappy here and he can live with me."
"No. He's staying here now leave."
"Um...What?", I ask confused.
"Angela thinks you are unhappy here-"
"SHe's right."
"I hate it here. Completely. You treat me horribley and make me work at the stupid coffee shop for almost no money. OF COURSE I'M UNHAPPY!"
"And what's this nonsence about you being gay that the girls are going on about."
"The truth. I'm gay."
"No, you like that Nicole girl-"
"Her name.IS Natalie. You've never gotten that right and no. I don't like her at all. She has a boyfriend, named Michael, who she is quite hapy with."
"You can't leave."
"Why not?"
"Because, I'll expell you."
My heart sinks.
I'm not fond of the school, but then that's no more Patrick and Natalie.
"Yes. Now go up to your room and write me 75 pages about how being gay is wrong."
"I can't do that."
"Why not?"
"Because its not wrong.", I look up at my aunt, "Help me pack my things?"
I'd still be able to see Natalie and Patrick, even if we don't share a school.
She nods with a smile.

I walk into her house and smiles, "Thanks and. I'm sorry about what I said. It was wrong..."
"I understand.", she smiles, "And I'll let you see your friends, I promise."

I call Patrick, "Hey..."
"Hey Rye, my mom needs my phone, IM me?"
I log into my IM.

PaTrIck: Hey sory about that, what's up? You called me from a weird #

Ryro: My aunt's number. I don't live with them anymore... And no longer go to school with you and Nat =/

PaTrIcK: That kinda sucks... My mom'd let me transfer schools maybe... ANd hey, no more Brendon bulshit, right?

Ryro: I guess... And I hope you can. That'd be awesome. But I can't take Nat from Michael....

PaTrIcK: Understandable SMiles So, How does it feel to be away from there?

Ryro: Unimaginable. Seriously.

PaTrIcK: I bet. so what's your aunt like?

Ryro: Awesome. AND she doesn't think that there's anything wrong with gays.

PaTrIcK: Clever woman. soooo I'm VERY happy for you. So, no more banging your head on the locker?

Ryro: Nope. XD

PaTrIcK: cool. In case I can't transfer with you... be careful

Ryro: Be careful?

PaTrIcK: Ya know... with guys... I don't want someone to hurt you.

Ryro: Awe. Thanks. I will.

PaTrIcK: Ok... good.

Ryro: You ok?

PaTrIcK: I'm... ok...

Ryro: Paaaaaat...

PaTrIcK: Don't call me that. I'm fine... I'm gonna the dishes...

Ryro: Ok....bye

PaTrIcK: later

I frown.
What's wrong with Patrick?
My walks in, "So, how do you like your room?"
I hug her, "It's perfect. Thank you. SO much."
She smiles, "Anytime sweetie. I've wanted to get you from there for so long.."
"I've wanted to be away for so long."
"So, what kind of food do yo like?"
"I'm a vegetarian, so No meat. I love cheese pizza though."
She smiles, "How's cheese pizza sound for dinner?"
"Awesome. Do you think my friend could come over? Since it's a weekend..."
SHe nods, "OF course."
I call Patrick again.
"Hey...", he says sounding depressed.
"YOu ok?"
"Ok...can you spend the night? My aunt says its cool..."
"Let me ask one minute..."
I wait in silence, humming to the song stuck in my head, "Beat It".
"OK my mom says its fine but she wants to meet your aunt."
I can hear a smile in his voice, "Cool, I'll get my cloths ready."

We get out of the car at Patrick's house.
"Before we go in there I have a question."
"Do you like Patrick?"
I feel myself blush, "No."
Why does that feel like a lie?
She smiles, "Somebnody's blushing"
"I-I am not."
Did I just stutter?
She smiles and knocks on the door.
Patrick opens it, "Hey!"
He lets us in and I follow him up to his room, while my aunt and his mother talk.
"Hey, You wanna pick a movie to bring?"
He points to his shelf, "Those are my movies...You can pick a couple while I finish getting ready."
I nod, "OK."
I look through his movies and pick out The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands.
He smiles seeing what I picked, "I love those."
"I've never seen them."
I nod.
"Damn... I'm almost done packing my junk..."
He puts his toothbrush into a plastic bag and puts in in his bag of cloths.
"Ok I think I'mn finished....Um Do you have food that isn't meat?"
I smile, "Yeah. I'm a vegetarian."
He smiles, "Cool."
We go downstairs.
"You boys ready?", my aunt asks.
"Yes.", we smile.
Patrick's mom hugs him, "Call me if you need anything and be good for Miss Angela."
Patrick rolls his eyes, "I will mom..."
"So, can I have a hug from you Ryan?"
I nod and hug Patrick's mom.
She says goodbye and we leave.
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