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Patrick Spends the night

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I sit with Patrick in the backseat so he doesn't have to be alone. He hands me one of his earphones and we listen to Prince.
"You like Prince?", I ask.
He blushes,"Yeah I'l change it if you want..."
"NO, I its fine, Prince is's just odd that you like him too."
"It is...", He smiles.
We pull up to my aunts house and I grab Patrick's bag.
He raises an eyebrow, "I can get that..."
"I got it."
"Seriously...It's mine an-"
"I'm just being nice Pat.."
He groans, "Don't call me that."
"I just did.", I tease him.
"Seriously though I can get that..."
"WHy not?"
"It's called niceness."
He rolls his eyes, "Fine."
I smile.
We walk into my room and i put his bag beside my bed. I sit on the bed.
Patrick looks lost.
"You can sit down..."
He sits beside me.
"So, what was wrong earlier?"
"NOthing...", His face turns a little red.
"It's not important..."
I frown, "It is to me."
He smiles, "Relaly?"
I nod, "Yeah. Of course..."
"BOYS PIZZA!", mu aunt calls.

After eating pizza, we put in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Patrick and I lay on the floor watching it. I catch my eyes moving away from the movie and towards Patrick more than once.
After about an hour my aunt annopunces that she is going to bed.
"And please clean up your messes before you go to bed..."
"Yes ma'am.", we say watching the movie.
My eyes move from the movie again.
The light from the tv leaves a glare on Patrick's glasses. His beautiful green eyes are loked onto the movie. He has a slight smile on his face.
I smile.
I look back at the tv, sneaking glances.
After the movie he yawns.
"Wanna go to bed?"
"Kinda...", he yawns again.
"We can watch teh other movie tomorow.", I smile.
He nods.
We pick up our stuff andgo to my room.
"I am not making you sleep on the floor, and I hate it, so you wanna share my bed?"
Am I blushing? WHY am I blushing?
He smiles, "OK..."
I change into my pj botoms and lay down. He lays besde me. I blush even more. I begin to get a bit aggrevated with my unexplainable blushing.
He hugs me, "Good night Ryro..."
"Good night, Patrick...", I smile.

In the morning Patrick and I eat some cereal.
"Good morning Boys.", my aunt yawns from the coffee machine.
"Good morning.", we chorus.

"HOw late did you two stay up?"
"About... 2am.", Patrrick answers.
"Wow. HOw did you two wake up before me then?"
I shrug, "Weird huh?"
"OK wel I have to go to work...will you two be ok until I'm back?"
We nod.

Patrick and i do the dishes. He washes, I rinse.
He hums something I've never heard.
"What's that?"
He blushes, "Nothing....something dumb that I made up..."
"I doubt its dumb..."
"You wanna hear the words?", he blushes.
He blushes and clears his throat,"Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman.
Maybe he won't find out what I know: you were the last good thing about this part of town.
When I wake up,
I'm willing to take my chances on the hope you hate him more than you notice I wrote this for you.
You need him. I could be him...
I could be an accident but I'm still trying.
That's more than I can say for him.
Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman.
Maybe he won't find out what I know: you were the last good thing about this part of town..."
My jaw drops.
"YOU have such an amazing...beautiful voice."
He blushes, "Th-thanks..."
"And I really like the words... They seem kinda personal..."
I fossible, he blushes MORE, "Uh um no...j-I-er no..."
We finish the dishes and watch Edward Scissorhands.

My aunt comes home hiding something in her jacket.
"What are you doing?"
She smiles, "Close your eyes."
I close my eyes and she puts something fluffy in my hands.
I open my eyes and see a blaick kitten with blue eyes.
"AWE!", I hug my aunt, "Is it mine?"
"Yes,she is."
Patrick smiles and pets her.
"What are you going to name her?"
I smile, "Thank you I've always wanted a cat!"
She smiles, "I know honey. So Patrick are you staying tonight too?"
"May I?"
She nods, "Of course."
I whisper in Patrick's ear, "YOu should let her hear that song..."
He blushes and shakes his head.
I shrug, "OK..."
At dinner, I can't pay attention to my food.
It's veggie burgers, and they're really good. BUt Patrick is far more interesting.
"Ryan, honey you aren'ty you not like them?"
"I do like it I'm jsut a slow eater..."
"Really? The way you ate that pizza last night wasn't slow.", Patrick jokes.
"I'm just not that hungry..."
I'm running out of excuses
I manage to avoid looking at Patrick long enough to eat.
I take a shower and smile.
At last, now I can think.
Now, what the fuck is my deal?
Patrick is my friend...

My attractive friend

Just my friend. He wouldn't want anymore than that anyways.

Why not? He is gay too...

No. He doesn't wantme.

I frown, unable to stop the arguementin my head.

Patrick and I go to bed eariler tonight.
I hug him.
We say goodnight and I close my eyes.

Patrick smiles at me.
I blush and smile back.
He puts my hand in his.
I smile and move closer to him.
"Will you be my boyufriend?"
I grin and nod, "Yes!"
He presses his lips against mine-

"Ryan! RYAN!", Patrick shakes me awake, "Huh?"
"Dude, you're mumblingin your sleep..."
That was a dream. WHY?!?
"Sorry...", we go back to bed.
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