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Prince Charming

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Ryan and Patrick talk. Thanks for all of the reviews, can you guys rate it too?

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I rub my palms together nervously as I sit on my bed. Patrick is sitting infront of me talking to his mom on the phone.
"We don't have school tomorow mom, it's a teacher work day...Yeah? Well I was kinda wondering if I could...yeah...can I? Thanks mom."
He smiles, "She said I could stay tonight too."
I smile back, "Awesome."
"So...Before asswhole told the world...who all knew that you were gay?", he asks curiously.
"Me, Natalie, and him."
"Really? Wow..."
"Does anybody know about you?"
"My mom knows, my dad ignores it, and then my ex knows...and You and Nat..."
"Your ex?"
He blushes, "Yeah, you know that guy Pete that I talk to sometimes? We used to be bestfriends... Then I told him how I felt about him...and he kissed me...a few weeks later he broke up with me for this hoe named Ashlee..."
I nod, "That sucks. Alot."
He nods, "SO now we somewhat talk...."
I nod, "That sucks... I kinda know how you feel...even though i don't think Brendon was even my boyfriend..."
He shrugs, "He still hurt you...bastard."
"I'll be ok..."
He smiles, "I know. But he still shouldn't have hurtyou, OH YEAH! I forgot to tell you, my mom said after the semestr, which is in like a week, I can transfer with you! But... What school?"
"I'm not sure yet..."
My phone goes off.
I have a text from Nat.
"Howzit goin?"
"U like him."
"Don't u lie to me."
"Im not."
"I can see it in ur eyes. U like him."
"You look at him the way u looked @ Brndn, only more so."
"K then."
"I gtta go 2 wrk by"

Patrick raises an eyebrow, "Who was that?"
"And, I wasn't reading over your shoulder, I swear, But i saw her say you like him. Who's him?"
"Fine...but If he hurts you, I'll hurt him."
I don't mean to, but I laugh. Loudly.
"Why would you hurt yourself-",I cover up my mouth.
"N-nothing I GOTTA GO SHOWER!"
I run to the bathroom, leaving poor Patrick confused.

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