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Ryan doesn't want to hide the way he feels, but doesn't want to ruin his frienship with Patrick.

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I finish my shower and walk to my room. I hear Patrick talking to someone. I asume he's on the phone with his mother, but I see a girl sitting on my bed. I raise an eyebrow.
Who the hell is that?
She stands up and pushes her black bangs behind her ear, "Hey! I'm your aunts god daughter..."
"Oh, Trinity, right?"
She nods with a smile, "And your Ryan."
I nod, and pull her into a hug, "I should've recognized you.."
She shrugs, "Your boyfriend Patrick is really nice."
"Boyfriend?", We ask.
"Oh, sorry I just knew that you were gay...I shouldn't have asumed that, Sorry."
"It's ok.", I say blushing with a smile.
Patrick is blushing too.
I grin.
"Y-yeah it's ok.", Patrick stammers.
She smiles, "Really, my bad..."
We shrug.
"So, I hear you don't have a school anymore..."
I nod, "Yeah..."
"Well, mine's not to far from here, and it's pretty cool... I actually like it there... So you can go there."
"Really? Cool I'll ask my aunt."
"Cool, well I have to go I just came to visit but I wanted to wait for you..."
"Alright, cool..."
We hug and she leaves.

"Kinda funny how she thought we were going out, right?", Patrick mumbles.
I nod, "Yeah.."
He looks up at me, "Not like you'd ever want me...", he fakes a lie.
I raise an eyebrow, "What's wrong with you?"
"I'm a loser...and I'm fat."
I frown, "No you aren't... You're not anorexic but you aren't fat."
He lets out a dark chuckle, "Whatever. You only say that because we're friends. You know I'm fat..."
"No. YOu aren't.", I start to get angry, "And even if you fucking were I don't judge by apearance! You're an amazing person! You're sweet and funny. You helped me and were there for me when no one else was! You're smart! And it's not as if you look terrible!"
Patrick looks down, biting his lip.
He sighs and looks up at me, "Really?"
I nod, "Really..."
"Don't apologise...", I hug him, "P-Patrick?"
"Yes Ryro?"
"I... Ya know how I like that guy..?"
He nods with a frown, "Yeah..."
" know him...very well."
His frown grows, "Its Pete?"
"NO! It's....", I breathe in nervously, "Y-you."
His eyes widen, "R-really?"
I nod, blushing, "Please don't let that stop us from being friends..."
"what?", he laughs, "How could it? Especially when...", He blushes, "I-I feel the same..."
I smile, "R-really?"
He grins and pulls me into a hug, "For so long....I paid attention to more than your grades..."
I smile and kiss his cheek, "I should've told you earlier but I didn't know how..."
"Same here...I was kinda exited about you hitting your head...I had an excuse to talk to you..."
"I'm glad I did that now too... But you cudda just talked to me..."
"I didn't know how..."
I smile, "So...that song-"
"Is yeah...about you kinda...", He bites his lip, "Lame right?"
"So uh...wango owitme?"
"Do you..wanna... B-be my boyfriend?", he blushes deeply.
I nod and wrap my arms around his neck, "Of course.",I press my lips against his.

I think this is the end idk yet...
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