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Chapter 5

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Dance, Dance And these are the lives you'd love to lead.... Let the party begin.

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][A/N;This chapter is not going to be anyone's pov.

The four other guys,-Gerard,Mikey,Bob and Frank arrived at Ray's house.Dressed in casual clothes,as for Ray also.They all left for Kristine's house.
Kristine came out the door dressed as Cleopatra,with her page-boy wig and white and golden dress that went up to just a little to her knees.a/n:here's the cleopatra dress wore contacts that brought out her fushioned eyes that contained blue and brown.
"Oh Hi you guys must be Ray's friends,"She smiled at them as she greeted them inside her house.
"Oh,shit,I forgot to mention to you guys that this was a costume party.But don't worry I have some costumes that well fit you guys perfectly,"
The four of them followed her to her room,that had white walls and band posters all over her bedroom.
"Dude you like iron Madien,"Mikey said with a beam of happiness in his eyes.That another person shared the same passion of music taste as him.
"psshh,I love them,"
She got out four costumes.She handed Mikey a pirate costume ---->[* got a ------>,Bob got a King costume -----> got an Italian costume---> last but not least Ray got Mark Anthony Cleopatra's husband,she smiled at she handed it to Ray ,Ray knew very well why she gave him this costume.And the though of it just made hime have butterflies in his stomatch.A/n:I couldn't find it sorry.His costume containe a white men gown that showed off his legs,and that gown showed off half of his chest.He looked very attractive.

"My,oh my all of you look so dashing,"Kristine said as she looked each one from head to toe.
"Since we're new here my parents invitied every single kid,so you guys might be seeing people from school,"
All six of them went downstairs,suddenly Mikey bumped into someone.It was a girl,Mikey stared at her in such amazment.She obviosusly was stunning to him.She had long black hair with layers that had different colors in them.Beautiful dark brown eyes and pretty thin lips.Mikey had never seen someone like her in school,and that just made hime like her even more.The girl wore a looked stunning.
"Oh this is my best friend Caro,she moved here with me recently,"
"Sorry I bumped into you,I'am such a cluts at times,"She similed sweetly at him.
"Oh no it was my bad,"Mikey said slightly blushing.
"haha I berly realized you both are wearing pirate costumes,it seems like you two should stick together for tonight,"Kristine said giggling.
Caro just laughed along with Kristine,as dide the guys.
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