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Chapter six....

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][A/N:Okay so before I start this whole chapter is going to be in Gerard's Pov.But no worries everyone is coming out.

The party blasted off with Dance,Dance by fall out boy.Kristine was right almost the whole school was here.And as for the adults also.Looked over and saw Mikey talking to Caro,hey this was even a shooker for me.He was laughing I think I never have seen him this happy in his life ever.And I mean I've known forever since he's my brother y'know.They were both giggling when suddenly they both went to the dance floor and started dancing.It looked like Caro made him happy,and if she makes him happy then I'am happy.
I looked over towards Ray ohh him and Kristine were getting kinky.Nah I'am just kidding but they were making out.And Bob he seemed to interacte with another boy.If you didn't know Bob nor this guy he was talking to,you'll think their old best friends reuniting and having a good time.It seemed everyone was having a great time but me.
I slipped back into reality,when I saw two fingers being snapped at my face.
Oh it was just Frank.
"Do you want to dance?"
"awww frankie you've never asked me this,...hells yeah,"
We both started dancing along with the crowd of people in dance floor.
Two hours later
It was around 8:oo p.m.
Frank and I were still inside the party,and there were more people than when it started.
Frank and I stared into each other's eyes.And tipped noses and our lips crashed into each others.We didn't care anymore would people would think of us.We kept making out for what it seemed internity.
"Gerard Arthur Way,let's go,"I head my mother's voice.
She grabbed me by the hand hard,and pulled me away from Frank. You see my mom's really realigious and she detists gay people.She says it's a sin to be kissing or dancing with another men.
She saw me with such disguist in her face,while everyone in the party stopped what they were doing to see what was happening.Some looked at me and Frank with 'awww' faces,saying that they approved of us being a couple.And others looked with disguist faces,just as my own mother's.
"No,I'am not going anywhere,"
"Gerard,you know that in the help of god we could get through this,you don't have to be this way,"
"But I'am,"
"No,..your just confused,"
"Mom,I'am gay,that's What I'am,"
"What you've become,"
"WHAT I'AM !"I screamed.
"I won't have a gay son,"
"Then don't have a son,"I said with tears spilling out of my eyes.
"Mom,I'am inlove with Frank,I've always been," I grabbed Frank's hand with mine.
And we left out the door.
Normal pov.
Mikey started to go after his brother,but his mother through daggers with her eyes to Mikey.Telling him if he went that,their would be consequences.

a/n;okay that's all for now.Leave me a comment to tell me what you think.
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