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Living Fairytales

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What happens when Neil buys a new mirror.

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Chapter 1: The New Mirror

"Oh my god! It's perfect!!!"

"Neil you already have amirror! Actually you have 5 or 6... Why do you need this one as well?"

"Because Theresa, it's perfect, like me!"

Theresa sighs and rolls her eyes, "Ok but how are you going to pay for it and how do you plan on getting it home?"

Neil looks at the mirror, which is humongous and has an elaborate golden frame around it. "It's only..."Neil looks at the price tag "750 dollars! That's easily covered."

"Really? What's wrong with it for it to be so cheap?" Theresa asks.

"Nothing is wrong with it Theresa, it's just never suited anyone the way it does me!"

"Ok... that still doesn't answer how you expect to get this humongous thing home. I'm not Herry you know!" Theresa exclaimed.

"Herry! That's it! I'll call Herry, he can come and pick us up and carry it to his truck and then to my room where it'll look fabulous because reflecting me all the time is fabulous..." Neil continued to ramble as Theresa examined the mirror.

'Something about this mirror doesn't seem right,' Theresa thought to herself.

Meanwhile Neil, in between rambling about himself and his reflection, went to the counter to inform the shop owner that he wanted to purchase the mirror. When Theresa looked up from her momentary thoughts, Neil is heading towards her with the store owner.

"Do you need the mirror delivered?" the store owner asks.

"No, my friend will be able to carry it," Neil said easily.

The store owner looked at Theresa, confused.

"Oh not her!" Neil said as if it was completely obvious that Theresa wasn't going to be carrying the mirror. "My other friend is meeting us here. Duh!"

"So you rang Herry then?"Theresa asked.

"No, but he's at the mall with Odie and they will eventually walk past."

"You mean you expect me to wait here until Herry and Odie just happen to walk past?"

"I'm lucky, remember? They could walk past anytime now!"

"Ergh...I'll just ring and see where they are so we know what time they'll come by at least."

As Theresa made to pull out her PMR, who just happens to walk past but...

"HERRY! ODIE!" Neil exclaims.


Herry and Odie had been shopping in many stores; however, the only thing they had actually bought was food, which Herry was eating with great enthusiasm. This had caused Odie to lose concentration of where they were walking to as he was too amused by Herry. All of a sudden he looks up to notice that they were in a part of the mall they usually avoided.

"Whoa, this part of the mall definitely hasn't got what we are looking for!" Odie states, causing Herry to look up form his meal.

"Huh? How'd we get here?"Herry asks, confused.

"You were too busy eating and distracting me. That's how we got here. Neither one of us were paying attention to where we were walking to," Odie explains.

"So? We just turn around and head back to where we came from," Herry suggests.

"Obviously, there's no way Iam walking any further into this part of the mall. Lets go," Odie says.

As they turn and head back in the direction they came from they pass a mirror store. As they pass it they hear their names being called by a very familiar voice. They stop and look around as soon as they hear it.

"Oh no, you've got to be kidding! He doesn't want us to go in there does he?" Odie asks.

"Yep c'mon we can't just ignore him. We better find out what he wants," Herry says, making sure Odie wasn't about to abandon him.

They walk into the mirror store and find Neil and Theresa standing next to the biggest mirror in the shop.

"Hey guys," Theresa says, sounding bored.

"Hey, hello I'm the one that needs your attention!" Neil exclaims, drawing Herry and Odie's attention from Theresa.

"Why? Why did you want us to come in here?" Odie asks.

"Oh not you, just Herry. Ineed someone with muscles!" Neil explains to Odie.

"What?" Herry asks, as he hadn't completely listened to what Neil said.

"I need you to carry this mirror," Neil explains as he points to the mirror, "to your truck and then when we get home to my room."

"Why?" Odie asks.

"'Cause he just bought it!"Theresa exclaims, hoping they would move on.

"Right..." Herry says as he heads to the mirror and picks it up without a problem.

Herry picked the mirror up carefully, not wanting Neil to start whining. They get enough of that already. They all start to walk towards the car park and Herry's truck.


When they got home Herry carried the mirror to Neil's bedroom and placed it randomly on the floor. As he made his way out of Neil's room he was stopped by Neil.

"You can't go yet; it's not in the perfect position for me to check my outfit!"

"Does it matter as long as you can look in it?" Herry asks before beginning to head for the door again.

"Herry, please, I know where I want to put it," Neil pleads.

"Ok I'll move it just as long as you know where you want it."

"Great let's try here," Neil says, pointing to the corner of his room.

4 hours later...

"No that's not it either!" Neil exclaims while thinking of the next spot to try the mirror.

"C'mon how important is it for this mirror to be in a certain spot!?" Herry asks, tired of the situation he got himself into.

"Very, I have to be able to see myself perfectly."

"Whatever! This is the last time I'm moving it!" Herry explains.

"Ok... A little to the left then and it'll be perfect!"

"Why?" Herry asks, slightly confused

"Because when I wake up in the morning the first thing I'll see is me!" Neil explains with joy.

The mirror was placed in line with Neil's bed, up against the wall leaving space between the bed and the mirror. Neil sat on his bed and began lying down and sitting up like he would in the morning.

"Oh this is perfect, you can go now Herry."

"Thanks, it's about time!" Herry walks out of Neil's room and is heading towards the kitchen before going to watch TV or a movie when he bumps into Jay.

"Hey what took you so long?"

"Neil wanted the mirror in the perfect position!" Herry explains, sounding annoyed

"Ok... I don't want to know where that is!"

Herry and Jay made a pit stop at the kitchen before walking into the lounge to find the other 4 waiting, about to start a movie.

They start to watch one of the movies Archie and Atlanta rented.


When they had finished watching all of the movies, Neil still hadn't come out of his room, which they all figured was because of his 'beauty sleep'. Theresa was the last one up and is getting a drink of water before heading to bed.

As she is heading upstairs afaint glow catches her eye. When she has a proper look she can see that the glow is coming from Neil's room.

'That's odd,' she thinks to herself.

She wanders over to Neil's room and slowly and quietly opens the door. Not to her surprise Neil is fast asleep with his eye mask on. What surprises her is that the glow, which is twice as bright as light in the hallway, is coming from his new mirror...
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