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Torn Between Two

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When your favourite band is coming to town and you need tickets, how far would you go to get them?

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Beau- Pronounced "Bow"

"Aw come on Beau don't be too upset, I bet they will play here next tour. Plus there's always a chance we can still get some tickets before the show"

Courtney linked arms with her best friend as they walked into the doors of their school and towards the lockers. Beau opened the door to hers and took out some books, slamming it shut again.

"But I want tickets to this show. And if it is sold out, I doubt anybody is going to sell up"

They both sighed heavily and made there way to homeroom. The teacher was late as usual so they carried on their conversation.

"Well I dunno, maybe someone has bought some to re-sell on ebay" Courtney said, putting a piece of gum in her mouth.

Beau took a piece too, "I wish I could live in your head, it always seems so positive"

Courtney laughed, "Just don't give up okay, we will try our best to get tickets"

A shrill voice crept towards them and they turned around to be faced with the class president, Lydia Gardener. She had long blonde hair and wore bright pink lip gloss with press on nails.

"Did I hear someone say tickets?"

The two girls nodded, "Yeah why?"

She looked at their band shirts and squealed, "It wouldn't happen to be these tickets?" she asked holding up two card rectangles.

My Chemical Romance
House of Blues
15th February 2009
General Admission

Courtney and Beau looked at eachother with wide eyes.

"How much for them?"

"Sorry, I only have one spare, the other is for my cousin"

Their stomachs sunk and they frowned at Lydia. She probably got their hopes up on purpose, they had a feeling she hated them.

"So..." she said, breaking the silence, "Like, which one of you wants it?"

Courtney rolled her eyes and looked at Beau who opened her mouth to speak.

"As much as it pains me to say this, if we both can't go then keep the ticket Lydia"


She shrugged and made her way back to her desk and put the tickets slowly inside, keeping eye contact with Beau all the while. When she closed the lid she smiled a sickly sweet smile at her and turned to talk to her friends.

"You okay?" Courtney asked as Beau turned back round.

"Yeah" she said, glancing back at Lydia's desk, "Im awesome"


Finally it was lunch time and Beau and Courtney were coming out of math, "Hey Beau you not coming for lunch?" she asked as they walked past the school fountain.

"Uh, yeah Im just gunna grab something from my locker" she lied, "I'll catch you up"

They went there seperate ways and once Beau made sure Courtney was out of sight she ran down the corridor to the classroom she had been in that morning. She jiggled the handle and smiled to herself when the door swung open.

"Okay so if that's my desk" she said to herself as she counted the rows, "Then Lydia's desk should be..."

"Second from the right"

Beau spun round quick as she heard a familiar voice. Lydia was standing in front of the now closed door with a ticket in her hand.

"I know you to well Beau" she said, walking towards her, "Your smart however, and I like that"

Lydia sat down on the desk opposite Beau and crossed her legs, "So you want the ticket that bad you would go without your best friend?"

Beau just nodded and looked at the floor.

"Come to my house tonight at 6 and the ticket is yours"

"Really?" Beau looked up at Lydia who nodded her head.

"And you wont tell Courtney that Im getting the ticket"

Lydia grinned at Beau and put the ticket in her purse, "Don't worry Beau, I wont say a word"


Courtney waved from the lunch table as Beau set her tray down and joined her.

"Hey sorry I took so long, I ran into Mr.Peters and he was asking me about my Art project"

"It's fine" Courtney said smiling at Beau.

She spotted Lydia walking out of the lunch hall and quickly finished the food she had in her mouth, "Im just going to the bathroom, be back in a jiffy"

Beau nodded and carried on eating as Courtney jogged out of the lunch room and into the corridor.

"Hey Lydia!" Courtney called as she slowed down.

Lydia turned around and spotted Courtney beckoning her. She walked over and wondered if she had found out about Beau asking for the ticket.

"Yeah, whats up?"

"The ticket. I'll take it"

Lydia thought about dropping Beau in it but then decided against it. She could have much more fun playing the two off eachother.

Let's see if there still best friends by the 15th February.

"Fine. Be at my house tonight for 6pm and it's yours"

Courtney smiled, "And Beau-"

"I wont say a word" Lydia said as she grinned and turned on her heel, walking triumphantly down the hall.

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