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Chapter 1

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The fight for the ticket begins

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Courtney strolled back into the lunch room with a slightly smug grin on her face and sat down next to Beau who was still eating her lunch. Beau looked up and smiled at her friend who had returned.

"About our plans tonight Beau"

Beau's grimaced as she forgot all about tonight with Courtney. She needed to think of an excuse fast.

"Uh, well..about that I dont think-"

"I can't make it" Courtney said, intterupting Beau who was still stuttering.

"Oh" she said, trying to hide her smile, "That's cool, I was just about to say the same thing"

They carried on eating their lunch and making small talk before the bell rang, signalling they had to leave for class.


As they headed towards Art together they saw Lydia on the way. She noticed them too and waved, walking towards them both.

"Hey guys!"

"Uh, hi Lydia"

"We should totally sit together" she said, inviting herself onto the table the two of them sat at.

After the teacher gave them some work to do and left for a staff meeting the noise level increased and everyone was bustling around in the classroom.

Lydia watched the two of them as they joked around together like nothing had happened, as if they werent going to stab eachother in the back at 6PM that night. She decided to see how much they would lie to eachothers face for the tickets.

"So guys, you still sure none of you want the tickets?"

Both of the girls' heads shot up straight away and they chuckled nervously.

"No, I mean yes, Im sure..." Beau said.

"Yeah, there not a big, uh, big deal anyway" Courtney said, joining in.

Lydia raised her eyebrow and gave them both a suggestive look, "Whatever"

The two girls exhaled heavily and went back to their painting as Lydia just scowled and headed over to the sink to rinse her brushes. She was desperatley trying to catch them out before tonight had even started, she just wanted them to start fighting. The truth was Lydia was a little bit jealous of them, they were best friends who were always there for eachother and she didn't have someone like that.

"So, whats everyone's plans for tonight?" Lydia asked as she sat herself back down at the table.

Courtney shifted in her seat, "Not much, just going somewhere with my mom"

"Oh, right" Lydia nodded, "Beau, what about you?"

"Same" she said as she scuttled away from the table and into the cupboard at the back.

As soon as she was out of ear shot Courtney threw her brush down on the table.

"What the fuck Lydia?" she hissed, "Are you trying to drop me in it or something?"

"Im having some fun Courtney, get used to it if you want the tickets"


Finally the end of Art arrived, which meant it was the end of the day and the two girls ditched Lydia as fast as they could.

"Wow, that was weird" Beau said as they walked out of school together.

"Yeah very" Courtney said as an akward silence grew between them both.

"Well, um, cya" she muttered as they parted ways.

As they both walked home down seperate paths they felt guilty, although slighty relieved about what had happened that day. Courtney was glad she hadn't been caught out by Beau and vice versa.


The time flew by and 6PM finally rolled around. Courtney told her mom she was going to a friends house and if Beau called, she wasn't available.

"Lydia, it's me"

"Yeah Im on my way now, see you soon"

She flipped her cell down and put it back in her bag as she carried on walking to Lydia's house.


"Beau, would you like something to drink?" Lydia asked as they headed into her kitchen.

"No thanks Lydia, not to be rude or anything but I was hoping I could just get the ticket and go"

She laughed as she opened the fridge and ignored Beau, pouring them both a glass of Pepsi, "Well I thought we could chat for a little bit"

Beau felt a little uneasy and she looked around the room, "You do have the ticket don't you?"

Lydia looked confused and then caught on. She chuckled and nodded, leaving the room to get it.

After a few minutes she returned and threw it down so it landed in the middle of the table. Once Beau was satisfied Lydia pulled out a chair to sit down.


Courtney turned the corner to walk up Lydia's drive and through her front yard. She squinted her eyes to see in front of her as a familiar object came into view. Courtney growled as her thoughts were confirmed and she sprinted the rest of the way up the path and banged hard on the door.

Lydia greeted her warmly as Courtney ignored that.

"Where is she?" she panted angrily.

"What? Where is who?" Lydia replied, trying to hide her smirk.

"Dont fuck with me Lydia I know that's her bike" she said pointing to it lying on the ground.

"Lydia, who is shouting?"

Beau's voice came from behind as she emerged in the doorway, expression changing from worried to shocked to angry within less than a minute.

"What are you doing here Courtney?" she asked, stepping closer to her.

Courtney moved in further, "I was going to ask you the same thing"

The two girls stared eachother out before Lydia broke the silence, "Now we all know who we can trust, are you girls ready to fight for this?" she asked, holding the ticket up.
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