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Chapter 2

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Round one- who wins it?

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"Okay so we all know that every game has rules" Lydia said as she paced back and forth in her kitchen.

The two girls who were sitting opposite eachother, staring one another out simply nodded, either one not daring to look away.

"And rules are not to be broken, right?" she asked, glancing at them both.

Again they just nodded.


She stopped pacing and pulled out a chair, turning it backwards and sitting on it so her chin was resting on the front. Courtney broke away first, looking at Lydia wondering why an akward silence had grown between them all.

"So what exactly are these rules?" she asked.

Lydia grinned, "Glad to see someone is keen to start" she pulled her chair closer to the table, "Rule number one, you must follow each task correctly or your out of the game, Rule two, no trying to find loopholes or making excuses and Rule number three, its every man for themselves, so no considering the others feelings"

Beau scoffed and glanced at Courtney, "Consider her feelings after she betrayed me?"

"Hey! You came here too so your just as wrong"

"I can't believe I ever trusted you, I always knew you would let me down!"

"Well I can't believe that I trusted-"

Lydia slammed her fist on the table, "Shut up! Rule number four, no arguing out of game time"

They both fell silent but carried on glaring at eachother while Lydia grinned between them, feeling great from the power she had over them. One ticket could cause life long best friends to be at eachothers throats like they were- and it would only get worse from here.

"Now that we have the rules established, let the games begin"


Saturday morning, 6AM, Streetcred Record store

"I didn't know your dad owned a record store" Beau said as she walked in and looked around and the newly decorated walls.

"He owns a few of them actually, he works in the music business- that's how I got the tickets"

She nodded and carried on looking around just as Courtney arrived, running in and leaning on the counter trying to catch her breath.

Lydia tutted, "Late Courtney- not a good start"

"" she managed to gasp out.

"Never mind that, we have to get this over with before the store opens, so come on gather round"

They both stepped up to the cash register and waited to hear what Lydia had to say. She was looking through her handbag when she pulled out two pieces of folded paper and handed one each to the two girls. They looked at them- their eyes darting down the list wondering what it was for.

"I don't understand- what do we do?"

Lydia rolled her eyes, "I have hidden the CD's on your list in various places around the store- first one to bring me the most wins this round"

They both shrugged, "Sounds easy enough" said Courtney.

"Well off you go then both of you, you have five minutes and Im counting already"


Courtney's POV

I had the list in my shaking hand as I was running around this building I had never been in, looking for CD's I had never heard of. I could hear Beau in the aisle on my right, running up and down rummaging through the shelves.

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

I had no idea what this meant but I decided to be logical and look through them alphabetically. As I nervously sorted through them I looked up only to meet Beaus gaze. We stared eachother out for a moment before jumping back to our task at the sound of Lydia's shrill voice telling us we had three minutes left.

I found the CD under a pile of Iron Maiden and stuck it in my jacket pocket. The next CD on the list I had seen on my way in the store.

Light into Dark

I ran towards the entrance and made a sharp turn, running past Beau and pushing into her at the same time.

"Fuck you Courtney" I heard her shout from behind me.

I just flipped her off and kept running, finally seeing the CD and grabbing it, taking another look at my list. Lydia screamed that we had a minute left and by that time I was looking for my last CD.

London Boys

I had no clue where to find it, or who it was by so I started running round frantically checking any aisle I came across. I thought how ridiculous I must of looked but at that moment in time I couldn't care less. Sure, they were only tickets but it was now a case of beating Beau just to prove to myself I could. Even though deep down she was still my best friend I needed to win her at this one thing, plus she betrayed me and she needed to be taught a lesson.

As I was running past the register I saw it lying under a pack of headphones. I also saw Beau staring at it too. She looked at me then back at the CD and we both started running for it, coincidentally grabbing hold of it at the same time.

"Give it to me, I got it first"

She pulled even harder, "No I did, just let go"

None of us budged so Lydia stepped in and took it from us.

"CD's on the counter-now"

I spilled my four CD's onto the top as did Beau, she had managed to get a bonus one. I kicked myself for letting her win- again.

"Okay, good" Lydia said as she checked the cases, opening and closing them quickly.

"Ohh, Beau, you silly thing"

She opened two of the cases revealing they were empty. Beau's face said it all as I grinned.

"Well done Courtney- first round goes to you"

I smiled and thanked Lydia, smiling at Beau as well just to piss her off.

Strange cut off point I know. Im not in the mood to write so be lucky you got this.

D x
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