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"Holy shit... What the fuck happened?" I gasped, approaching Joe in a daze, my eyes locked on the menacing flames that ate away at the art block.
"Their what fucking happened." Joe snarled, jabbing his finger at three of the footballers I had seen sat with the blonde girls on my first day here, they were all looking at their feet, one of them was crying, and one of them had a large black smudge across his face.
"What?" I breathed, unable to tare my eyes away from the burning building for more than three seconds.
"These geniouses thought it would be funny to mess around with the kiln." Said Joe coldly and my attention snapped fully to him.
"They what?" I snarled, turning my gaze to three lads, giving them death glares as they blushed.
"Yep, they filled it with petrol would you believe? Their lucky they didnt get killed." Joe said pointedly at them. I stormed towards the three boys, ready to hit every single one of them but I stopped myself just in time - I was a teacher now and I couldnt jeapordise my whole lifes career for three idiots.
"What the hell do you think you were doing! Filling a kiln with petrol - What the fuck were you doing in there anyway!" I shouted, slamming my hands on my hips and glaring down at them as the one started sobbing, one gave a weird noise somewhere between a choke and a whimper, and the middle one looked at me with frightened eyes.
"We were dared to do it sir, we didnt know it would set fire." He said quietly. I was stunned for a second, wondering if they could actually be that stupid.
"How could you not know it would set on fire!? Its a KILN for christs sake! What did you expect it to do!" I yelled, making them tremble.
"We're sorry sir..." One of them mumbled and I stared at them for a second longer, trying to control my anger. I didnt realise I had become so attached to the art block until I saw it in flames.
"Just be grateful your not dead." I snarled before turning away, pulling my leather jacket around me tighter and standing beside Joe who kept throwing death glares at the footballers. The fire department had arrived and were fighting back the flames, my heart ached as I thought about all the amazing work that would be lost to the fire, all those students who had spent so much time and energy on their art coursework - and now all of it would be nothing more than a mass of ash.
"I hope those kids enjoy their time in prison, cos' I'll be making sure they get a long time in there." Joe spat.
"I hope they hate every second of it." I responded and he laughed hollowly. The fire took a while to be put out but I stayed and watched until the very end. I had to answer the fire crews and the police's questions, but I couldnt give them much since I hadnt been here.
I took great pleasure in watching the footballers disappearing in a cop car.

The next day all my lessons were held in different classrooms in the main school building. The school had already arranged for the art block to be repaired and men were out there now assessing the damage and the work that would have to be done. I had come to school early to check on the building and had felt such anger it almost made me be physically sick. The whole thing was a smoky black and you could still smell the burnt art materials, making your lungs ache and your stomach churn. It was still standing thank god, and considering what could of happened it wasnt too bad, but one look inside confirmed my fears that none of the work had been salvaged. I had spent a good hour going through the ash and burnt furniture, I found scraps of paper where you could just make out the side of a face, or the colour of chalk pastels but that was all.
All of the students who took art were devestated when the news was told in an emergency assembly that morning. The three culprits were in prison and awaiting trial, but that did little to raise the kids spirits. I knew how they felt, I was as attached to their art work as they were and I couldnt imagine the dissapointment they must be feeling.
It also made the deadline for the oldest students coursework feel so much tighter as they now had to start from scratch. To add salt to the wound they could do very little until next week as all the art materials had been ruined and they now had nothing but coloured pencils to work with, even they I had had to beg from all the Maths teachers who used them for colouring in graphs.
All through that days lessons all I heard were death threats being muttered under peoples breath for the idiots sitting in jail, and I had to agree with every single one of them. I didnt know what to suggest to make anyone feel any better, it was only my first year at this damn school and already so much seemed to be going wrong.

The last class of the day was held in an empty science room, I had been warned by the science teacher that if anything was moved, broken, touched or so much as breathed on then he would hunt me down and make me clean the entire school with a one bristled tooth brush. Talk about being sympathetic.
This class were all the eldest students, and the very class the three football fucktards had been in. Strangely their precious girlfriends didnt arrive, but I didnt have time to think about it since my attention was quickly brought full throttle to the slumped figure at the back of the room.
I hadnt even seen him walk in. His long fringe was covering one eye and he was sucking lightly on his lip ring, his arms - like usual, were wrapped tightly around himself as if he thought he would fall apart if he dared let go. He was staring down at the table he was sat at, seemingly in a world of his own. I waited for all the other students to enter the room before talking to them briefly about the fire and how I was just as angry as they were. No one said a word, the looks of anger and dissapointment said it all. I handed out paper and put the coloured pencils at the front of the room, telling them to just draw whatever for now.
Once everyone was at work I walked over to Franks desk, he was drawing lightly on the paper with a red pencil, but he stopped when he saw me approaching.
"Hey Frank, how you feeling?" I asked brightly, I noticed the look of fear but decided to ignore it. I knew by shrinking back or trying to look harmless would only make things worse. For now, I would just act normal.
"I'm okay." He mumbled, barely moving his lips.
"Yeah? You werent in for a while, the school wondered if you were seriously ill." I said folding my arms as he looked back down at his paper, continuing to draw.
"I just had a fever." He said quietly, not meeting my gaze. I watched him draw for a moment, struggling to see what it was. He was drawing so lightly the red came out as a faint pink, the lines barely visible. But after a moment I realised they were cracks, starting in the top left hand corner and spreading out across and down the page. He worked slowly, each line being carefully drawn, each point made sharp and sudden. I didnt see why he would want to draw it, but I figured it was probably symbolic to him and that I probably didnt want to know why.
"So, I came to your house yesterday. Did your dad tell you?" I asked, trying to sound casual still. He began sucking on his lip ring again, shrugging slightly.
"No. But I knew you were there." He said, his voice a little smoother now, less frightened. I had never heard him speak without his voice wobbling before. It made me feel more confident, maybe he was starting to trust me?
"Ah. Well, I went to make sure you're okay, you dad seemed... Serious." I said lamely, Frank looked up at me with confused eyes and even I wondered where I was going with this.
"Um... I guess so." He mumbled. I sighed and ran a hand through my shoulder length hair, placing my free hand on my hip.
"Listen. I just want to let you know that if you need to talk to someone about anything, no matter what it is, you can always speak to me." I said genuinly and I saw pink flood Franks cheeks. He wrapped his arms around himself again and leaned back in his chair.
"What makes you say that?" He asked, his eyes darting around the room as if to make sure no one was listening. I remained casual, not wanting to let on that I knew anything.
"Nothing. Its just some times I see people and I get the feeling they have no one to talk to, and I think thats unfair." I said gently. Frank looked down at the floor for a moment before whispering something so quietly I couldnt hear it.
"What was that?" I asked. He looked up at me slowly.
"I said - who do you talk to?" He repeated. I was surprised for a second, before answering, knowing the answer straight away.
"My brother. Mikey. We're like best friends, we've always been there for eachother." I said quietly, unable to stop myself from smiling slightly.
"Who's older, you or him?" He asked.
"Me. By three years. Its not a lot, but its enough to make me always feel the need to protect him. From when we were kids and I had to check for monsters under the bed, to now when I make sure he's not being beat up by his girlfriend." I laughed, not quite sure why I was sharing this with him. But to my delight Frank laughed too, only for a second but it was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard.
"Sounds like you care about him..." Frank whispered and I nodded.
"I do. He's my little brother, it'd be wrong if I didnt." I said quietly and Frank nodded, smiling a little. "But anyway, I just wanted to let you know you can talk to me okay?" I added.
"Well... Yeah, thanks." He said and I could tell by the tone of his voice that he didnt trust me.
"Whatever it is. I'll listen, and if I can I'll help you. It doesnt matter what it is, I'll believe you." I said genuinly, and Frank looked up at me, his lips slightly parted I could tell he was slightly surprised by my words but eventually he just nodded and I smiled a little before walking away.
I felt good, like the ice had been broken slightly, and it could only go uphill from now on. I promised myself I would help him. No kid deserves to be abused in anyway and now I was pretty damn certain Frank was in an abusive household...
I was going to make it stop. I didnt know when, and I didnt know how. But I would.

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