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Chapter 14

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Phone call.

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Gerard’s POV

We made it back to my house, me feeling guilty about my incident at his house.

“Hey, it’s nine-thirty. Mind if I take a shower?” Frank asked, putting his guitar case down on the couch and taking his bookbag from me.

“Yeah, you can use my shampoo and stuff if you want. Don’t use the pink stuff; that’s Grandma’s,” I warned, receiving a laugh from Frank. I went and turned the shower on for him.

“You gonna take one when I’m done?”

“Do I need to?” I smelled my armpit dramatically. “Yeah, I think I will.” Frank let out a snort, which made me laugh, and with that he closed the door to start his shower. I flopped on the couch, closing my eyes. I heard Grandma walk in the room a few minutes later, and she bade me good morning.

“Hey, Grandma. Frank's in the shower; we just got back from his house. He got some clothes and stuff,” I said, not bothering to open my eyes.

“Oh, my! Is this his, too?” she gasped. I assumed she was looking at the guitar.

“What, the guitar?”

“Yes! You didn’t tell he could play the guitar! Such a beautiful instrument.”

“I didn’t know.” Such a beautiful musician, I couldn’t help but think.

“Well, I’m going to run to the grocery store; I’ll be back in about an hour. Please don’t—”

“I won’t do anything illegal or break anything, Grandma,” I laughed, finishing her sentence for her. She laughed as she closed the door behind her. I remained on the couch with my eyes closed for another ten or so minutes, until I heard the water stop running. My turn for a shower.

“Okay, Gerard,” Frank said after he’d dried off and gotten his clothes on. “Go for it.”

I walked past him, running my hand through his wet hair, messing it up as I walked by.

“I just combed that,” he whined, and I rolled my eyes.

“You sound like a girl,” I replied, smirking as I closed the door. “By the way, you used Grandma’s shampoo. I can smell it!”

I laughed as I heard him curse loudly from outside the door, and I kicked the water on. It grew hot immediately, and I stood in the shower for a minute, as if to let the running hot water wash away all of the day’s regrets.

Frank's POV

I had just gotten my hair completely dry when I heard the phone ring. “Gerard, phone!” I called to him, just to annoy him.

“Can you get it?” he called from the shower.

I picked it up, feeling weird since it wasn’t my phone. “Hullo?”

The person on the other end paused, and then said, “Gerard?”

“Uh, no. He’s in the shower.”

“Then who the hell… you aren’t Gerard’s… boyfriend or anything, are you?” The guy on the other end of the line emphasized ‘boyfriend’ threateningly, as if he were ready to shoot me in the face through the phone. Not a homophobe, was he? Wait, how can he be a homophobe if he was calling to talk to Gerard? Maybe Gerard had a boyfriend he didn’t tell me about? I felt my spirits drop a little, but tried to ignore it as I answered the guy.

“Um, no, I’m not. Listen, who is this, and I’ll have Gerard call you back later.”

I could tell by the long pause made by the dude on the other end that he didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t Gerard’s boyfriend, but he slowly said, “Good, better not be. This is Mikey.”

Mikey! As in, Gerard’s brother! “You just tell Gerard I called,” Mikey continued. “I don’t give a shit if he wants to talk to me or not, you just better make sure he calls me back. Got that?”

Just then, I heard the water shut off, and Gerard came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. He looked over at me, as if to ask who it was, and I shot him a pleading look.

“Listen, Mikey?” I said into the phone, trying to inform Gerard who it was. Gerard’s eyes widened and he started frantically shaking his head no. God, he really didn’t want to talk to his brother at all, did he? “I’ll have Gerard call you back, okay? He’ll be out in a few minutes,” I said, and without even a ‘thanks’, or a ‘bye’, Mikey hung up the phone.

“That was your brother,” I told Gerard needlessly. “He wants you to call him back. He didn’t sound very happy.”

“He never does,” he replied, and trudged back to his room to find some clothes. It seemed to take him forever to put something on and walk back out again.

Gerard’s POV


“Mikey? What the hell did you want?” I asked, watching Frank go to my room so I could have some privacy.

“Who was that?”


“You know who I’m talking about.” I couldn’t see him over the phone, but I was sure he was glaring at me. “That boy that answered while you were in the shower.”

“That’s none of your business,” I snapped. Damn if I was going to let Mikey ruin my life again.

“God, Gerard. Why do you have to be such a fag? Why couldn’t I have had a normal big brother?”

“Shut the hell up; I can’t help who I am! Did you only call to yell at me more?” I heard Frank bump around in my room, and I lowered my voice so I wouldn’t make him uncomfortable if he heard anything.

“If I yell at you, it’s because you deserve it! I’m going to make you normal if it’s the last thing I do! Maybe I’ll even get Bert on whoever’s over there now, just like I did with your little seventh grade boyfriend.”

That got me. I flipped out, yelling, “What I do is none of your business! He was helping me, Mikey. I trusted you! And you told Mom and Dad, knowing how they are with homosexuals. Hell, you even asked Bert to get rid of my boyfriend, because you’re nothing but a shitty homophobe! He was helping me, and now it’s halfway your fault he’s gone.”

“It is, and I’m glad I did it!” he yelled back. “I’m glad I told Bert to do it, because then at least you wouldn’t be a fag! But I’m glad you’re not normal, because now you don’t live with us anymore! I’m glad we dumped you at Grandma’s and left you in Jersey. I’m glad, Gerard.”

I was about to start roaring over the phone, but I held back. “So am I. Go to hell,” was the last thing I said before throwing the phone across the room. God, I wanted alcohol. I sank back down to the couch, feeling lightheaded. Mikey had taken it too far this time: he didn’t have the right to bash me, my old boyfriend, or Frank.

Not hearing any more discussion, Frank opened my bedroom door and peeked out. “You okay, Gee?”

“Yeah, sure. I’m fine,” I replied, closing my eyes again. I heard him walk towards me, and he stopped in front of me, remaining standing.

“Gee,’ he started quietly. I opened one eye, looking at him. He had something in his hand. My eye focusing, I saw what he was holding, and both of my eyes flew open in horror.

He was holding the picture I drew of him in art class on Friday.

“You drew this?” he asked. I tried to snatch the paper away from him, my face burning with embarrassment, but he wouldn’t let me have it.

“Holy shit! Where did you find that?” I tried to hide my face, since I was sure it was bright red. I didn’t need today to get any worse.

“No, it’s good! You just forgot one thing, though.” I didn’t even want to know.

“I’m sorry, Frank. I know you’re not gay! I was just bored, I swear!” my sentences were all jumbled together; I was mortified.

He paused. “My lip ring.”

“Your… lip ring?” I glanced up.

He touched my arm, pulling me into a standing position, and drew me closer into a hug. I was about to open my mouth to ask what he was doing, but he said something before I could.

“Yeah, my lip ring,” he told me. I blinked at him, surprised he wasn’t uncomfortable in any way.


His grip tightened around my waist, and I tightened mine around his shoulders as a reaction. What he said next made my blood freeze over.

“I love you, Gerard.”

I stood there, speechless. Finally, someone who feels the same way about me as I did for them! I was overjoyed; I had everything I could have ever wanted in my arms right at that very moment. This made up for everything Mikey had said to me minutes ago; hell, this made up for everything bad that’d ever happened to me in my life.

“Oh, God, I shouldn’t have said that,” he said, quickly pulling away, thinking that my sudden silence was a bad thing. I quickly turned him back around desperately so that he faced me again.

As if in slow motion, he wrapped his arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around his waist. He slowly pressed his lips to mine, reaching them only by standing on tiptoe. His ice-cold metal lip ring softly pushed against my lower lip, and after about a minute I pulled away slowly, thankful that I had brushed my teeth in the shower so the smell of alcohol didn’t linger on my breath. Frank took the moment to blush, giggling a little.

I swear to God, I had never felt that good in my life, and if it weren’t for Grandma walking in right then with groceries, I would have had Frankie all to myself again. No way was I going to let anything or anyone hurt him; he was mine now.
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