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"What do you want to eat, Raj?"

"You know what I want." Raja licked her lips teasingly.


"Well, there's nothing else I can eat, Sonny. I'm a carnivore for fucks sake," she shrugged, "I can't go all veggie on these fools."

Sonny slapped his hand against his forehead, claiming her to be unbearable. "and they say you're so innocent."

"I gotta keep a low pro, bro." Raja crossed her arms over one another and stunted a pose. sonny just shook his head. "Don't ever do that in public...ever!"

"Is there something else you're craving besides human flesh?"

"Sex?" Sonny's eyes went wide at his companion, but she just flashed a grin. "Only kidding, boy. I'd like a milkshake from the diner though."

"I guess," Sonny muttered as he started the engine to his beaten up cadillac, "but maybe that sex idea would have saved me three bucks."

Raja looked at him glaring, "Not on your life, Moore."

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