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Harry's Memories

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Some loose ends to tie up after the final battle...

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A/N: Sorry, but next chapter will be a rant instead... this somehow ended up being more of a transitional chapter...

Chapter 4: Harry's Memories

When Harry regained consciousness, he felt he was sitting in a comfy chintz armchair.

'What's this?' he pondered to himself as he became more and more alert. Lifting his head and looking around, he was back in Courtroom Ten. His anger started to boil again until he noticed how much different this situation was from the previous time he had been in there.

The crowd looked upon him with a mix of grief, awe and remorse. Harry saw in the lower stands the people looking most remorseful of all, mainly the Order of the Phoenix. The Weasleys had trouble in looking him in the eye, and Hermione was in tears, along with Mrs. Weasley and Ginny. His professors mainly had their heads bowed in shame while daring to make eye contact at him. His classmates and other members of the D.A. were also oozing with remorse.

Standing aloof from the Order were Snape, Neville and Luna. Harry's features softened a little when he made eye contact with them; he knew they believed in him, and sincerely hoped they hadn't suffered too much trouble on his behalf. He'd have to find a good way to thank them for their loyalty.

"Mister Potter," a voice rang out from the Wizengamot. Harry looked up to see Madame Bones, looking somber at such a miscarriage of justice that had been made. Harry actually found it in his heart to understand her position; she hadn't been among the throngs of people screaming for his blood nearly a year before, so she was okay in his book.

"What happened?" he asked, his voice a little strained. Also observing the Wizengamot, he saw that Fudge and Umbridge were absent ('Thank Merlin for that!' he thought).

"After you killed Voldemort and about half of his Death Eaters," and some shuddering and disgust resonated throughout the courtroom at their mention, "You were moved to St. Mungo's, where you were healed and cleaned."

Harry ran his hand over his face and could tell that his hair had been cut and the little stubble he had had been shaved. Looking down at his robes, he could see they were not the dingy gray ones worn by Azkaban prisoners, but freshly pressed and cleaned black ones with silver trimmings.

"Anyway, Mr. Potter," Madame Bones continued, "The purpose of this /trial/, for lack of a better name, is to clarify what happened at Riddle Manor. You have your wand, and we were hoping that you could show us your memories of the battle, thus dispelling the rumors currently running rampant at the moment. That is, if you know the spell."

Harry nodded, and pointing the wand to his forehead, he summoned a tiny ball of light with his memory of the battle. The sphere expanded and grew until it grew twenty feet in diameter, floating above him. This spell was designed to make it so anyone could see it clearly from wherever they were standing.

Starting it from where he re-entered the room and took the sword, he continued it through to where he fainted. The crowd watched awed, wondering how he possibly could have learned that. However, Harry could tell they cared more about Voldemort's demise than how it was carried out.

"Who was that man with the silver hand?" Madame Bones asked.

"Peter Pettigrew," Harry ground out, ignoring the gasps from everyone in the room, "who is finally dead... because of the fight at Riddle Manor.

"There's something else I think you should see, Madam Bones," Harry suggested, "a lot of other things regarding what I've been through over the years at Hogwarts, including why Pettigrew didn't die all those years ago. Events which were misconstrued in the... testimony by my /friends/."

Here he shot an extremely dirty look at the people he was referring to, causing them all to quail and flinch.

Madam Bones, who had taken an interest in Harry's Patronus two years before at his hearing, wanted to hear this for herself. Glancing at the Hogwarts students and staff and/or Order members, she responded "Please, by all means, show us."

A small smirk formed on Harry's face as he launched into the exploits of his first year, culminating in Quirrell's fiery demise.

As he ended that, Madam Bones asked, "What happened to Quirrell?"

"Voldemort left him to die," Harry said plainly, causing some people to shudder. That out of the way, he continued through his second year, finishing with the accusation against Lucius Malfoy for planting the diary among Ginny's textbooks.

As that memory ended, Ginny started to cry even harder, ashamed of her own stupidity and insensitivity for both the diary and for Harry's unjust incarceration. Harry glared at her before turning to Madam Bones, saying, "I heard earlier on that year that Lucius Malfoy has a hidden chamber hidden under his drawing room floor in his manor, which is undoubtedly stockpiled with Dark objects and artifacts. Someone ought to look into that."

"Where did you hear this?" Madame Bones asked, interested in more reasons to remove Lucius Malfoy from wizarding society.

Ron and Hermione's eyes widened, fearing something that would get that in trouble with Snape, but Harry thought for a moment before saying in a slightly cryptic manner, "Let's just say that his son, Draco, should be more careful who he talks to in the future."

"Very well," Madame Bones concluded. "Continue with your third year."

Harry commenced with that, and with some deliberation, he showed the one time he snuck into Hogsmeade before Christmas and overheard the conversation between Fudge, Hagrid, McGonagall and Flitwick. He continued it just up to when he and Hermione hurried back to the Hospital Wing after their past selves vanished with the Time Turner.

As that ended, everyone was deliberating among themselves about Sirius Black's innocence. Madame Bones looked more disgusted at the thought of yet another innocent man condemned to Azkaban.

As Harry looked around, he saw Snape's sour face in the crowd; he obviously didn't like having been shown as an enraged fool. Getting up, he turned and faced the Hogwarts Potions Master.

"Professor Snape," he said aloud, causing all murmurs to cease, "I'm sorry if the memory of what happened in the Shrieking Shack embarrassed you, but if I had skipped over the confrontation, it would have been hard to explain how and why your unconscious form suddenly ended up on the floor."

Snape's scowl softened as he thought this over. Although a small part of the dark man didn't want to admit it, he was starting to have some kind of respect for Harry more and more. The son of his late rival didn't spread rumors of his worst memories, he trusted the professor that once endeavored to make his school life a living hell, he fought honorable alongside Snape in the battle at Riddle Manor... why not trust Harry on this?

Elaborating, Harry continued, "I won't pretend to know all the misery that you went through when you and Sirius were students, but-"

"Actually, Potter," Snape said smoothly and neutrally, cutting across. "The incident in the Shack wasn't the only reason I loathed him. It was for a far more serious reason..."

Harry's ears perked at this. Snape explained, "You recall that conversation you overheard with Fudge in the Three Broomsticks? About a spy tipping off Dumbledore, who in turn alerted your parents?"

Harry nodded, although a small part of his brain was telling him the answer which then followed.

"I was that spy."

Those four words nearly made Harry collapse with shock. Snape, the man who loathed his father and was disrespectful towards his mother (or at least from the memory in the Pensieve where he was publicly bullied), help his parents?

The rest of the crowd seemed to share similar feelings.

"When I found out that Riddle had targeted you and your family," Snape went on, "I went straight to Dumbledore. It cost me my position as a spy, my reputation among those who loyally served Riddle, and nearly my life, but I did it nonetheless.

"When your godfather was later framed, I thought he had nullified my sacrifice. The result of that incident with him and Pettigrew made it harder later on for me to worm my way back into families who had served Riddle, to collect information for Dumbledore to use. Of course Voldemort suspected me, ever since you and your parents went into hiding, which is why I had to follow Quirrell so carefully during your first year."

Harry took this all in, mouth slightly agape. He closed it as he thought of how Snape had nearly sacrificed himself for two people he loathed on varying degrees.

Looking down a little, Harry said calmly, "I understand. Thanks for at least making the effort, I suppose."

It was Snape's turn to be shocked. A Potter was thanking him?

Perhaps some things weren't so absolute after all.

Unable to articulate a response, Snape only nodded.

"An interesting revelation," Madame Bones' voice boomed. "I shall make a note of it and arrange for Professor Severus Snape to be awarded the Order of Merlin for his efforts against Voldemort, with the Class yet to be decided. In the meantime, Mr. Potter, please continue."

"Yes, Madame," Harry said, returning to the chair and sitting down while starting to show what happened during his fourth year. At the same time, Snape was being thankful for the fact that Potter didn't show his spat in the Hospital Wing after Black escaped.

The twists and turns were followed, until it drew close to his duel with Voldemort. Harry looked away as Cedric Diggory crumpled from the Killing Curse and Voldemort was reborn. He continued it through the duel, to the confession of Barty Crouch Jr. under Veritaserum (which made the Wizengamot in particular look incensed), up to Fudge's act of denial in the Hospital Wing (just to discredit the idiotic politician even more out of spite). After that, he stopped it at the memory of him giving the Weasley twins the thousand Galleons that should have been Cedric's.

As that ended, Cedric's tearful parents in the crowd gazed at him, contemplating the young man's nobility. The Weasleys, on the other hand, wore varying degrees of shock (except for the twins, their heads bowed in shame).

"By the way," Harry asked Madame Bones, "Whatever happened to Ludo Bagman?"

Madame Bones shook her head (although rather stiffly, because of how Bagman's excessive gambling brought more shame to the Ministry, not to mention his own department in particular). "We have heard nothing from him since the end of the Triwizard Tournament."

With that, Harry continued through his fifth year, which had been his worst. He decided to start it with Fudge's attempt to expel him from Hogwarts. He continued it through a series of events: Umbridge's cruelty and sadism... the activities of the D.A.... the night where Mr. Weasley was attacked and bitten by the snake... the interview for the Quibbler... Fudge's second attempt to get him expelled (complete with Fudge and Umbridge being knocked flat to humiliate the pair in front of the courtroom's occupants)... the Weasley twins' fireworks and swamp pranks (to humiliate Umbridge even more)... the chandelier incident he witnessed between McGonagall and Peeves ("Whoops, sorry, don't know how that memory came up")... the Astronomy O.W.L. exam where Umbridge and her minions attacked Hagrid and McGonagall... the scene in the office Umbridge confessed to the dementors and attempted the Cruciatus Curse before Hermione tricked her into going into the forest...

"Please wait a moment, Mr. Potter," Madame Bones ordered, though Harry sensed a little venom in her voice. Harry stopped the memories, and the sphere went dark. Her face growing a little red, she asked, "Are you telling us, through your memories, that Ms. Umbridge subjected you to a Blood Quill on several occasions, sent the dementors after you without Ministry authorization in an attempt to silence you, attacked two of your teachers one night (thus disrupting an O.W.L. examination), and attempted the Cruciatus Curse on you?"

"Yes, Madame," Harry answered respectfully, wondering why she had stated the obvious.

"Nevermind, Mr. Potter," she continued, "I wanted to make sure I had all my facts straight before I brought her up on charges for her various forms of assault."

A grin momentarily appeared on Harry's face against his own volition; his respect for Madame Bones couldn't stop growing.

That grin vanished when he was asked to show what happened at the Ministry that night. With a heavy heart, he continued it through to when Sirius got blasted through the veil, causing gasps from the audience. It ended as Lupin tried to hold him back.

Looking up at Madame Bones, Harry asked her, "What's with that veil and archway?"

With a somber face lingered for a moment before Madame Bones answered, "That veil, created centuries ago, was originally used for executions, which continued until the Dementor's Kiss was legalized as the ultimate penalty. Since then, it has stood in the Death Room, where people from the Department of Mysteries study it and the mysteries it involves."

"So there's no way to get him back?" Harry asked with some disappointment in his voice.

"I'm afraid not, Mr. Potter," she said with a hint of remorse.

Madame Bones looked down as Harry nodded, accepting her answer. She then got up and announced, "Before any more is shown, I would like to hereby clear Sirius Black of all charges made against him, for both the murder of Peter Pettigrew and the murder of the twelve innocent Muggle bystanders who were caught in that deadly confrontation nearly 15 years ago. As compensation for his unjust incarceration, I hereby put six million Galleons on the Black Estate - half a million Galleons for each year he spent there. It is to be divided between his heir, Harry James Potter-" Harry's eyes widened "-and Nymphadora Tonks, his cousin and last living relative."

There were murmurs in the crowd as Harry felt his eyes widen. They went wider when Madame Bones gave him an additional half a million Galleons for his own unjust incarceration.

"Is there anything else you would like to add, Mr. Potter?"

Harry nodded grimly. "Oh yes," he said, "I would like to add how my experiences seem to contradict some testimonies from nearly a year ago..."

With that, he replayed how he had been Stunned the day of the crime, caught by Aurors, accused of successful and attempted Unforgivable Curses on Percy, forced to endure the mockery of a trial... and the whole time, those people who betrayed him couldn't even face up to their own actions.

'How pathetic,' Harry thought. As that ended, he told Madam Bones and the Wizengamot, "Now, I don't know about the rest of the you, but I'd say that testimony wasn't too accurate..."

If looks could kill, all of those people in particular shown as liars would have already been dead and buried.

Once again addressing Madam Bones, Harry said, "There's one other thing I think you should know..."

But before he could continue, Fudge and Umbridge burst in, blustering and rambling respectively, protesting the trial and demanding that Harry be locked away again.

Harry only grinned so mischievously that it would have made his father proud.

The two worst politicians in the Wizarding world were about to get what was coming to them... including things that most people never knew about them.

'This is going to be fun,' Harry thought with much anticipation, getting up out of his seat and drawing his wand.

(End of Chapter 4.)

A/N: So, that clears everything up, right? And you'll find out next chapter what other skeletons Fudge and Umbridge have in their closet(s)... ;)

Note about Snape being the spy who alerted Dumbledore about the Potters' safety: It makes sense, right?

NEXT CHAPTER is part one of the rant you've all been waiting for... ;)
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